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Food in a sentence

1. It has food in it.
3. I ate my food anyway.
4. It had so much food.
5. No food in the house.
6. I had to get my food.
7. A day of food, if that.

8. And it is often food.
9. Same with his dog food.
10. We can enjoy our food.
11. Still no food or water.
12. Flax is not a new food.
13. The rat stole some food.
14. I have tasted the food.
15. Well, not me, the food.
16. Food and water was not.
17. And such is the food of.
18. But first he needed food.
19. In return for food, he.
20. Those that use food to.
21. She gave me a food tray.
22. Katie picked at her food.
23. He only cared about food.
24. Have you any food here?
25. Al the food he could eat.
26. But the food is so fresh.
27. The food is the problem.
28. Then the food was served.
29. God provided food for all.
30. He gave it food and water.
31. I thought it was the food.
32. I scented food in the air.
33. But there were many food.
34. She cooked his food, and.
35. Food was low, we all had.
36. Is that food I smell?
37. Not that there was no food.
38. Part of the food had been.
39. And the food smelled awe-.
40. They need food and shelter.
41. But this food is different.
42. Well get food for Mary.
43. She didn't care about food.
44. The food was just fabulous.
45. Firstly, the need for food.
46. The food is on the table.
47. Each food item had a white.
48. The man has taste in food.
49. They wouldn't need our food.
50. The food eaten was fantastic.
51. Ruth looked up from her food.
52. He then asked for some food.
53. Food is one thing but wine.
54. Solid food is in the pantry.
55. As long as the food lasts.
56. Add food coloring and mix.
57. Share food and mead with him.
58. These we depend on for food.
59. We had no money and no food.
60. Her food was left untouched.
61. I don't have a favorite food.
62. You have enough food for.
63. You said you’d have food.
64. Food may be hoarded or stolen.
66. Food isn’t worth the risk.
67. Use the food look-up tool at.
68. The plates had simple food -.
69. There would be food and drink.
70. And some food, she said.
71. The crab is considered a food.
72. Food supplies us with calories.
73. Right now he needed some food.
74. But the mind is not mere food.
75. There was quite a bit of food.
76. I get it, kids love fast food.
77. We have food, power and most.
78. We sent out for the best food.
79. There's plenty of tasty food.
80. Food, water and rest were of.
81. Give only the amount of food.
82. I'll go get some food for you.
83. Maybe they think we’re food.
84. Heather wolfed down her food.
85. Load for any food that you eat.
86. A few of these types of food.
87. Ugh, I hope they have food.
88. Remarkably, the food was good.
89. You need a bed and some food.
90. Food for thought for me as well.
91. But when food and water began.
92. Have a greater variety of food.
93. He could not hold food in his.
94. Dad, if it's food, I'll eat it.
95. There is always food in Madra.
96. And with food, there is water!.
97. Food Bank of the Southern Tier.
98. This happens because the food.
99. The early bum catches the food.
100. For the food on my plate,.

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