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Food in a sentence

It has food in it.
I ate my food anyway.
It had so much food.
No food in the house.
A day of food, if that.
And it is often food.

I had to get my food.
Same with his dog food.
Flax is not a new food.
Well, not me, the food.
We can enjoy our food.
I have tasted the food.
Still no food or water.
The rat stole some food.
She gave me a food tray.
Food and water was not.
In return for food, he.
Katie picked at her food.
Those that use food to.
And such is the food of.
But first he needed food.
But the food is so fresh.
Then the food was served.
He only cared about food.
Al the food he could eat.
The food is the problem.
Have you any food here?
Is that food I smell?
She cooked his food, and.
I thought it was the food.
Food was low, we all had.
He gave it food and water.
God provided food for all.
I scented food in the air.
Check your food containers.
Food should digest better.
But there were many food.
There’s food and drinks.
Firstly, the need for food.

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