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    1. Nancy lost her footing and had to grab the desk to steady herself

    2. Then he lost his footing and rolled down an embankment

    3. had lost his footing and fallen from the cliff-side path

    4. She gasped in relief at her lost footing so quickly checked by his instant reflex, and lingered without struggle in his arms perhaps longer than really necessary to regain her balance

    5. Spelman personally by wire, offering his parents' lodges in Tahoe as a retreat to himself and Kaitlyn as they regained their footing

    6. lost his footing, and fell backwards to the floor

    7. lost his footing a couple of times, rolling in the dirt, and dodging back and forth

    8. Meanwhile, his feet flailed around, desperately searching the cliff’s face for anything to regain his footing

    9. Indeed, as Tetloan attacked, his footing was all wrong, his poise sloppy, and his balance awkward

    10. When the law does not enforce the performance of contracts, it puts all borrowers nearly upon the same footing with bankrupts, or people of doubtful credit, in better regulated countries

    11. upon the same footing with an ordinary workman, seems perfectly well founded

    12. where all men met on equal footing, regardless of their

    13. It was put upon the same footing with gold and silver mines, which, without a special clause in the charter, were never supposed to be comprehended in the general grant of the lands, though mines of lead, copper, tin, and coal were, as things of smaller consequence

    14. By this time they were all on a friendly footing

    15. It would only hinder any part of what would naturally go to it from being turned away by the tax into a less natural direction, and would leave the competition between foreign and domestic industry, after the tax, as nearly as possible upon the same footing as before it

    16. In order to put domestic upon the same footing with foreign industry, therefore, it becomes necessary, they think, to lay some duty upon every foreign commodity, equal to this enhancement of the price of the home commodities with which it can come into competition

    17. In 1700, the prohibition of importing bone lace into England was taken oft; upon condition that the importation of English woollens into Flanders should be put on the same footing as before

    18. If he does, he will lose his footing and fail at his task

    19. By this treaty, the crown of Portugal becomes bound to admit the English woollens upon the same footing as before the prohibition; that is, not to raise the duties which had been paid before that time

    20. In order to put Great Britain upon a footing of equality with her own colonies, which the law has hitherto supposed to be subject and subordinate, it seems necessary, upon the scheme of taxing them by parliamentary requisition, that parliament should have some means of rendering its requisitions immediately effectual, in case the colony assemblies should attempt to evade or reject them; and what those means are, it is not very easy to conceive, and it has not yet been explained

    21. “He must have missed his footing when he landed on this side

    22. Chris completely lost what footing he had and fell into the new gap that was forming beneath him as the rock fell away

    23. Sebastian stumbled back, losing his footing and nearly overturning the dresser before he yanked his head up to look at Russell

    24. In 1722, this company petitioned the parliament to be allowed to divide their immense capital of more than thirty-three millions eight hundred thousand pounds, the whole of which had been lent to government, into two equal parts; the one half, or upwards of £16,900,000, to be put upon the same footing with other government annuities, and not to be subject to the debts contracted, or losses incurred, by the directors of the company, in the prosecution of their mercantile projects ; the other half to remain as before, a trading stock, and to be subject to those debts and losses

    25. The relief as it clicked into place made him let go of his footing; just an easing of tension

    26. Rosie took me to task calling me insensitive but I eventually made her see my point of view and she persuaded Mabel which put us on a better footing once more but I don’t think she will ever forgive me for what I said

    27. And, as they were continually been thrown together, because of their mutual interests, then having to find a new footing as friends

    28. The pints flowed - the host was footing the bill - and much to Jack's surprise, he began to feel the life creep back into him

    29. Frank caught her and they both had to struggle to keep their footing

    30. They struggled to keep their footing as they fought to hold on

    31. especially as he was footing the eight grand bill

    32. She moved with such fluid ease Jean nearly lost her footing

    33. Josh wasn’t as fast to rise this time, and when he finally regained his footing, he shook his head

    34. Colonel Roosevelt, after working incessantly to place the navy on a war footing, raised the regiment of cowboys for scouting in Cuba

    35. Sandra stood up, slipped on a patch of oil, lost her footing, her leg slipping under the bottom wire of the fence, her jeans snagging on the barbs

    36. Constant practice in the field with every corps on a war footing, the commissariat working with the line, can give the desired result

    37. Placing parent and child on an equal footing will inevitably work against the parent who must otherwise come down to the level of a child; who, unseasoned, is often unable to render sound judgments or make the right decisions at the right time

    38. Twice he nearly lost his footing, only to recover and stagger on

    39. She could picture him now, as though it had only been yester—moon, turning to say goodbye, his body swaying from side to side as he tried to keep his footing

    40. The South Africans were never on the war footing and bothered by their own war as much as Rhodesia was and the two groups did not always see eye to eye

    41. Corporations footing the bill should be allowed (some) input into areas directly affecting a company‘s performance; for example, suggested coursework compatible with a company‘s business requirements or communicating effectively

    42. His caustic remarks provoked a number of (unformed) thoughts in my mind including but not limited to 1) the boundaries separating treasonous statements from free speech 2) plausible grounds calling for his immediate dismissal 3) the appalling lack of character and common sense conspicuously absent among (so-called) Intellectuals and (dis-engaging) parents (refer to John Walker Lindh) who casually dismiss the questionable attitudes and positions adopted by their children while routinely footing the bill for their college tuitions and 4) more recently, a former relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves (John Rocker) who was sentenced by the court of public opinion to perform community service after making unsavory remarks to a newspaper reporter about Gays and African Americans inconsistent with the (civic) requirements of social and politically correct conventions

    43. Betts scrabbled across the boat, loosing her footing as she was hit by the struggling men

    44. As he gained footing

    45. ‘Help me, Tommy, help me,’ she shouted, but every time Tommy tried to get closer to her to pull her out, he lost his own footing

    46. Beth battled just to keep her footing, making little headway towards the door, but the luggage bay opened, diverting attention down the side of the bus, allowing the bottleneck to clear

    47. His deliverance succeeded in wrong footing some members of the Assembly

    48. He was watching his footing - one mistake and he would be freefalling to the valley below, without a parachute

    49. He had lost his footing and slid down a very steep embankment and out into the open without finding a sturdy enough branch to arrest his fall

    50. The fisherman slowly regained his footing and looked

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    Synonyms for "footing"

    foothold footing basis ground terms

    "footing" definitions

    status with respect to the relations between people or groups

    a relation that provides the foundation for something

    a place providing support for the foot in standing or climbing