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    1. "I still have a hard time forgetting that you are an electric ghost that has forced Tdeshi's dead body back to life

    2. the absolute void and the essential necessity of beginning, and forgetting for a

    3. I washed feebly, forgetting to shampoo my hair, and when I returned to the cell I sat on my mattress and picked idly at my food

    4. the object and pulled it out, forgetting to put the clothes he had

    5. Christmas day with and not forgetting the cats and dogs who

    6. ‘Yes … I keep forgetting that he is nearly a man now

    7. and so it is that I remain, forgotten, forgetting my purpose, my once ago lover

    8. forgetting that they hang on a chain around our necks

    9. this forgetting, but the doors revolve,

    10. ‘Where’s Joris?’ he asked suddenly, forgetting all about what he just saw

    11. The bird took its time, chattering and fluffing up its crest and giving me a no-nonsense inspection, cocking its head from side to side until it fell into consultation with the mirror - not forgetting some whistles and curses for good measure

    12. She was in danger of just losing herself in it and forgetting to lead the conversation in the direction she needed it to go

    13. “You’re forgetting we could be running under diagnostics in a tin shed in Scranton

    14. It would have to be in the geometry, probably something like forgetting to convert degrees to radians in the distant scene composer

    15. ’ I replied completely forgetting that she hasn’t a clue what has been going on since I last saw her

    16. 'You're forgetting that it may have been one of his

    17. chair and apparently forgetting the interruption

    18. " he rushed his answer, forgetting that the next day was Sunday

    19. "Seems to me that you’re forgetting the best part of the story

    20. He mumbled some kind of thanks and stumbled away, almost forgetting the height of this bridge

    21. “Yes, Patty, a renewal it is, and if you have a little patience with me and give me a little time, I think I will be able to heal myself, step by step—not ignoring my body or my business, but definitely never again forgetting about that which is the most important of all—our friendship

    22. Who would understand? Who would listen? Somehow she knew that despite forgetting most of what the strange boy had said, he would understand her

    23. Reia interjected, “Y'all aren't forgetting the fricking name plate on the Lorien itself---Elhehrim Starship, Lorien?! They are, or at least really were a real people---starships don't just spring into existence by themselves! And how do you explain that the Lorien was the same service class vessel as those used around the time this 'legendary' mission was supposed to have taken place?”


    25. ‘What did they draw?’ said Alice, quite forgetting her promise

    26. Kurt was surprised by the question, forgetting it was a loose end

    27. Cupid, father, please forgive me for forgetting my duty

    28. He kicked himself for forgetting about the keys

    29. Then we have Marx, whose main claim to fame was to dictate the end of history by asserting that man is the product of his machines and not vice versa, conveniently forgetting that any system that purports to explain everything, in reality explains nothing

    30. ” Forgetting his earlier prudence, he pushed

    31. I had every intention of forgetting everything about the case, and planned on telling Jocko

    32. I must say that forgetting afterwards to put the gas setting back to five or six was not advisable

    33. And forgetting to load a ballistic round and firing the rifle grenade with a full metal jacket was inviting disaster and a severe fatherly talk

    34. Apparently forgetting his disgruntlement, Maldynado sidled up and smiled at the sack

    35. ” Larocka clanked her hand against the face shield of her helmet, as if trying to wipe her eyes or nose but forgetting about the barrier

    36. Of course, Fred was forgetting one thing

    37. It had been a long and profitable friendship, but with the election only weeks away and all the excitement of the last several days, he was forgetting people’s names

    38. The trees still sang to me and I drifted in their music and felt I was forgetting something

    39. What was I forgetting?

    40. She pressed her lips tight, forgetting the show, and her hips moved in little circles against my hand

    41. Keinalone found herself distracted by it sometimes to the point of forgetting where she was

    42. She looked up quickly, momentarily forgetting her discomfiture

    43. This forgetting has cost us very dearly indeed, not just in terms of enormous amounts of money but much more seriously in terms of the enormous amounts of pain and suffering we have generated and continue to generate for ourselves

    44. The moral? Don’t look back at what was, because memory, in the face of difficulty, is usually biased toward clinging onto that part of the past good, at the expense of forgetting the bad

    45. “Fuck man! Fuck!” I yelled out, forgetting that I was still in a church

    46. I am always forgetting things; I am such a scatter brain sometimes – it’s part of my charm

    47. they would drive off, forgetting the madness of the weekend

    48. One of the older members reads the Abnegation manifesto, which is a short paragraph about forgetting the self and the dangers of self-involvement

    49. “I keep forgetting how little information we provided you with

    50. He picks at a muffin, pinching small pieces off and sometimes eating them, sometimes forgetting to

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