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Format in a sentence

1. One was a large format.
2. Look at the format online.
3. It has the following format :.
4. Now we'll add a FORMAT statement.
5. In non-fiction, keep the format.
6. I then compile that in a format.
7. The format of a URL is as follows:.

8. In condensed form, that format is.
9. It is also in a more concise format.
10. This format is similar to the WEEKW.
11. This format differs from the $N8601B.
12. Decide on the format of your chapters.
13. With this format, nothing is centred.
14. Population in a graduate school format.
15. This format differs from the $N8601BA.
16. This should be the format for your diet.
17. Another consideration is program format.
18. For theatre the format is as follows :-.
19. Choose Format -> Conditional Formatting.
20. Figure 15-7 The DNS Header section format.
21. The general format is .
22. Figure 7-9 shows the format of the ATM cell.
23. This format is available as of SAS version 9.
24. Let's add the missing format to our SGPLOT:.
25. In this revised format, it would be a great.
26. The format of the meeting was pretty simple.
27. Figure 15-8 The DNS Question section format.
28. Figure 12-8 shows the format of the SMT PDU.
29. Figure 6-4 shows the general MAC frame format.
30. The format of the ebook is also very important.
31. The book is laid out in a step by step format.
32. This format was the forerunner of the modern.
33. Format that number as a date (Format->Cells-.
34. Figure 12-7 shows the format of the token frame.
35. Don't we just need to add a FORMAT statement?
36. Figure 14-1 illustrates the ICMP message format.
37. Will use 2-digit year if format width is 5 or 6.
38. This format will write a maximum of 3 characters.
39. The program followed a news magazine-like format.
40. Figure 12-6 shows the format of a FDDI data frame.
41. A simple if statement has the following format :.
42. Using the MAKEDATE() Function as a Custom Format.
43. Compared to the open HTML format, Flash is more.
44. Let's format the two variables using the $N8601EH.
45. If it doesn’t the date is entered in text format.
46. IPv6 addresses have a format that looks like this:.
47. Figure 15-7 shows the format of the Header section.
48. What's the best format to upload for high quality?
49. They are easy to use and a very popular blog format.
50. A linear format would allow firms to reap the tax.
51. It’s a very interesting format you’ve chosen.
52. However, don't let the format of the date fool you.
53. Here are a few good ways to format your headline:.
54. Just take note of the format, and start from there.
55. Anybody who prefers one format over the other will.
56. In case you are not sure how to pray, or what format.
57. What happens when we take the FORMAT statement out?
58. Thus make sure you have one on file and in jpg format.
59. The format was not written in the FBI reporting style.
60. Here is the new GPLOT graph with the FORMAT statement:.
61. And because this has generally been the format through.
62. The main difference between this format and the E8601TX.
63. So here’s a format for your introduction that may help.
64. The main difference between this format and the B8601TX.
65. No leading spaces because this format is left-justified.
66. This format brought with it a whole host of continuity.
67. Format this with character names separated from dialogue.
68. Certainly, in this format this will be done very briefly.
69. Dizon of Programming wanted some revisions in the format.
70. The above is in paraphrased format and you are urged to.
71. Under this format the constructor methods are utilized to.
72. The text portion of the memo is generally in block format.
73. The ICMP message format consists of the following fields:.
74. Then she copied it and sent it to me in electronic format.
75. Displays the month name from a date value in local format.
76. That weekend’s format was repeated three times before we.
77. The INFORMAT statement is analogous to the FORMAT statement.
78. The basic Ethernet frame format, as defined by the IEEE 802.
79. Use the column command to format text into multiple columns.
80. This format is not affected by the TIMEZONE= system option.
81. Block format is the most common format used in business today.
82. What is an eBook? – An eBook is a book in electronic format.
83. Credit column decimal precision should be 2 with comma format.
84. To initiate the styles, Choose the same from the Format Menu.
85. Displays a date value as the day of the week in local format.
86. Thường in an arts-and-craft format, by the Giọt Sương.
87. The WEEK informats read dates in the ISO-standard WEEK format.
88. The specifications are used to format the output in a cer-50.
89. Displays the date as month name, day, and year in local format.
90. Displays month name and year from a date value in local format.
91. SAS will abbreviate as necessary to fit the format width given.
92. To change the color of the background click on Format then Page.
93. FORMAT: This method gives ‘true’ if a1 string is equal to a2.
94. This is another format that cannot use a blank as the separator.
95. The pamphlet provided more information about the show’s format.
96. They’re purposeful y confusing and mathematical in their format.
97. Convert the file to Windows/DOS format with the unix2dos command.
98. Margot had earlier explained to me the format of their procedures.
99. However, if you get an error message along the lines of Format $.
100. The following are a couple of my attempts at this difficult format.
1. Choose Format -> Conditional Formatting.
2. The formatting customisation includes 1.
3. Be very careful with formatting and always.
4. If it is formatting, then it is competitive, i.
5. We have created duplicate variables for formatting.
6. Lis for holding my hand on the finer points of formatting.
7. I regard blessing a charm as similar to formatting a diskette.
8. Select the range of cells for which the formatting is desired.
9. Formatting the SAS date value will give you the display you want.
10. The Standard and the Formatting Toolbar appear at the top of the screen.
11. Use the Text Box Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text box.
12. First of all, the lab techs were formatting the hard drives when our troops broke in.
13. Similarly, if you are formatting a numeric value, the format must be a numeric format.
14. Many programs for technical analysis include a feature called conditional formatting.
15. If you encountered any obvious errors, typos, or formatting issues in this text, we would.
16. The master Bitcoin address is then derived from Q using several hash functions and other formatting.
17. You do not have to worry about the formatting of the input string, and SAS will make sense out of it.
18. However, it is much simpler than Microsoft Word as there are just a few basic text formatting options.
19. When using email in business, most of the guidelines for standard formatting in business letters apply.
20. If you use a platform that doesn't permit conditional formatting, you can still use the Impulse system.
21. You will learn about formatting, planning, and writing letters, as well as how to spot your own errors.
22. If you are formatting a character variable or constant, then the format you use must be a character format.
23. Returns information about the formatting , location or contents of the cell or upper left cell of the reference.
24. Allows different forms of formatting based on the cell contents Maximum of 3 different conditions can be specified.
25. The formatting on the publisher's publications' list was very inconsistent, it was made consistent whenever possible.
26. If you have worked with Microsoft Word or any other text processor, then text formatting in Joomla! will seem familiar to you.
27. These formats work by converting a SAS date, time, or datetime value to that of the specified locale and then formatting the result.
28. This workbook can be customised in terms of formatting, repeated text, data, graphics and formulas and custom buttons and toolbar settings.
29. If you place a wide banner where a small banner would be better placed, you will know as the formatting of your site will be very distorted.
30. We’re going to begin sending in stories from where we are, with one editor in the bunker compiling and formatting the site and the broadcasts.
31. This are other, slightly different ways of formatting a business letter, where for example paragraphs are indented or the date is typed on the right hand side.
32. Is it the end of time? It asked autonomously, breaking from its positive loyalty formatting that insisted everyday was a nu beginning of a better tomorrow.
33. If Excel spread sheets are used for Supplier response, Client warrants that they have checked the formatting of the spreadsheet so that answers can be inserted correctly.
34. The various headers mostly provide information about the system sending the message and the nature of the request, which the server may or may not use when formatting the reply.
35. No changes to the numbers and words in the text, including those with variant spellings and inconsistent hyphenation, capitalization, and formatting, have been made except the following:.
36. Formatting the compatibility report reveals that the virtual network adapter was connected to the switch, Production, during the export, and the current Hyper-V host has no switch by that name:.
37. We shall try to use this table for testing the formatting,.
38. The Executive MBA is able to experiment with formatting, and I think that’s a positive,.
1. Now kids are formatted to.
2. Here the text is formatted as.
3. Format Formatted with TIMEAMPM.
4. Write() allows you to write formatted output.
5. Each entry is formatted as shown in Figure 15-8.
6. DHMS(sasdate,0,0,sastime) Result Formatted with.
7. Sample Function Call Time Value Formatted with TIME.
8. Sample Function Call SAS Date Value Formatted with MMDDYY10.
9. Sample Function Call SAS Date Value Formatted with WEEKDATE.
10. Sample Function Call SAS Date Value Formatted with mmddyy10.
11. Basic Input and Output statement, formatted input and output.
12. Here is how your post should be properly formatted for great SEO.
13. The two results are then formatted in new variables using the PUT function.
14. Here's a data set with a variable that has been formatted with the WORDDATX.
15. Note that the numeric date variable, which has been formatted using the DATE.
16. This addition is improperly formatted and references a later Christian theme that.
17. Type the text you want in the message and then tap the text you want specially formatted.
18. Question 9a: I formatted my date and now all I get is a bunch of asterisks (************).
19. In terms of graphic design, Burn the Fat is a clean and professionally formatted PDF ebook.
20. This talking protocol is formatted as JSON-RPC, or JavaScript Object Notation – Remote Procedure Call.
21. The function ultimately returns the datetime value in seconds and the formatted value converts the result.
22. The fuctions printf() and scanf() perform formatted output and input that is they can read data in various.
23. It displays the actual SAS date or datetime value represented by the literal along with its formatted value.
24. The work package is usually formatted as an assignment sheet and can be tailored to facilitate progress reporting.
25. Thus all new workbooks that you create will be formatted based on the settings that you have specified in the template book.
26. Here's an example that shows what the stored form of duration and interval values looks like, along with its formatted display.
27. Searching by location can be very useful, but keep in mind that it will miss tweets from people with bogus or improperly formatted locations.
28. We will show the unformatted and formatted result as a reminder that the character results are stored in their SAS internal representation:.
29. Client agrees to make financial restitution to Suppliers for their time wasted trying to use drop-down boxes with no content, currency boxes formatted for a date, etc.
30. This example puts the formatted value of today's date into the macro variable &DATE and demonstrates the difference between unformatted and formatted dates in macro variables.
31. Even though the formatted values are identical, the variable datetime is a SAS datetime value, while the variable date_from_datetime is a SAS date value created with the DATEPART function.
32. This format is not restricted to a 24-hour day; if hours is greater than 24, then it will display the actual value of hours, which means that the default length of 8 may not be enough to hold the entire formatted time value.
33. Thankfully, the teaching pack for Occitan had been part of the mnemotronic databanks kept by the history department of the MARCO POLO, the language having survived on Earth until the 21st Century, when it had been electronically formatted for the use of historians.
34. Therefore, all the relay nodes check that the transaction is correctly formatted, make sure it has valid signatures, and look through the most current version of the blockchain to ensure the money being spent is verifiably present in the source account of the transaction.
35. He then formatted his laptops hard drive,.
1. There are two main formats or.
2. You can create different formats, too.
3. Many of the traditional ad formats (text.
4. Styles represent standardized sets of formats.
5. Your offer can come in many different formats.
6. God has given us His in two formats, namely;.
7. The File Formats tab configures output options.
8. Page formats and print area settings for each sheet.
9. Sales letters can be in a number of different formats.
10. Formats a number as text with a fixed number of decimals.
11. The problem has to do with all the different formats for.
12. The built-in SAS formats always display seconds from 0 to 59.
13. This and all associated files of various formats will be found in:.
14. The program is compatible with all the major end-of-day data formats.
15. Quote formats are the same as those for YM; just substitute ES for YM.

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