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Formidable in a sentence

And I was more formidable.
It was a formidable power.
It was a formidable weapon.
Such was this formidable man.
China was a formidable force.
A formidable, and not always.
As I say, a formidable fellow.

Once in power, he is formidable.
And their teeth are formidable.
Mother was a formidable opponent.
Then a formidable spectacle was seen.
Both were predictable but formidable.
He was tall and certainly formidable.
Never was a more formidable argument.
They looked as formidable as expected.
Only one, but a very formidable person.
Oh, what a formidable one! said he.
Death remains a real and formidable enemy.
But, he was still a formidable character.
She looked as formidable as her reputation.
Krishn is the most formidable among weapons.
We may have formidable enemies in this city.
Shadows and trees—two formidable densities.
He was exhausted and Zeus was a formidable foe.
At fifteen, this was a formidable prospect, and.
Britain was its only formidable opponent—the U.
A formidable pair of jaws yawned on the barricade.
There occur formidable hours in our civilization;.
The formidable aristocrat and millionaire was dead.
He is a scorcher, a formidable vanquisher, of foes.
Together, Joanna and Jenna, were a formidable pair.
Gelly was a formidable character, but he was no fool.
The man was formidable as he stood looking at Martin.
The crisis is formidable only by their love of peace.
The formidable neck and shoulders belonged to Javert.
It is a formidable oasis of tranquility this park, in.
What could she do against this formidable ‘rack’?
Nothing can be more formidable than such an encounter.
He wasn’t exactly a formidable opponent to deal with.
The database built by the Modi team was truly formidable.

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