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Fragment in a sentence

1. A bunch of fragment white.
2. Your tracker must seek fragment.
3. I share a soul fragment with Patsy.
4. Time seemed to shatter and fragment.
5. How and why that skull fragment was.
6. A fragment that is associated to the.
7. Parts can neither fragment nor accrete.

8. The large fragment of earth decimates.
9. It's a fragment of bone, my Father's bone.
10. Even a fragment of one was a serious loss.
11. A small fragment of the wood was hanging down.
12. Nearby, a fragment of the doe continued to glow.
13. Sabbaths are a foretaste and fragment of heaven.
14. She fought the tears that were just a fragment away.
15. A fragment that is associated to the identification.
16. A fragment of the ground erects at a 45 degree angle.
17. It appears to be a fragment torn from a larger sheet.
18. He touched a fragment of white frosting to his mouth.
19. There was but a mere fragment of nature in that woman.
20. The fragment of earth that TK is perched on top of is.
21. I believe I’ve done all I can with this fragment.
22. He broke the bread and scooped the stew with a fragment.
23. I had a small fragment of the wood stuck in my left arm.
24. This beginning shows that the piece is only a fragment.
25. Douglas placed the blue glass fragment over his own eyes.
26. Their community was so small, it was a shame to fragment it.
27. Hold this open while I get the fragment out, Chu said.
28. One can clearly see the fragment is entering the atmosphere.
29. At best, the newspapers revealed a small fragment of the truth.
30. Ganz gently laid the fragment inside of it, and latched the case.
31. His jaw firmed and his grip tightened on the small bone fragment.
32. He pulled out a fragment of black nylon with a Nike swoosh on it.
33. Truman ran, leaving behind the last small fragment of his humanity.
34. And — something else — a small withered fragment of — skin?
35. It was a fragment of what recent history called The Rikandra Failure.
36. There was a telltale jet of hot plasma coming from that fragment also.
37. Cordus had decided that Williams, Zion, and Kara would enter the fragment.
38. Referring to a single fragment as a datagram is incorrect use of the term.
39. I fling another shell fragment in his direction, and the soldier pulls back.
40. He took one of the zip-lock bags and carefully extracted a tiny fragment of.
41. This last tiny fragment is the point of consciousness which those of us who.
42. The roof should be designed to collapse inwards, not to fragment and fly off.
43. A flash of memory, armed with a fragment of her dream, charged in to her mind.
44. The 'New Atlantis' is only a fragment, and far inferior in merit to the 'Utopia.
45. One fragment, the size of a large planetoid headed directly for the Veiled ship.
46. The difference can be felt instinctively in the merest fragment of a broken figure.
47. The router then transmits each fragment in a separate packet with its own IP header.
48. This fragment Becq de Fouquières thought was meant as part of the Art d'aimer, but G.
49. He had returned with the prize, but had left a fragment in the grasp of his opponent.
50. You are, and have always been, a divine fragment of God, and you should.
51. The Witch stooped to retrieve the fragment of bark, before glancing at the Black Fox.
52. She remembered twenty-five years back, her father's voice in that old-time fragment:.
53. Humanity would fragment into chaos from the hatred of domination by the more powerful.
54. Inside was a fragment of a letter that she'd been reading over and over during the trip.
55. It was a tiny fragment of the Fourth Gathandrian Legend, the tale of Temperance and Greed.
56. I told her about Ghosteater and what he had said about looking for the scent of fragment.
57. Not only does Irenaeus briefly affirm in the remaining Greek fragment of the fifth book (c.
58. There still could be a bone fragment in or near his heart, he might have accidentally missed.
59. And over here is what appears to be the fragment of a hotel bill, which interests me deeply.
60. Just a fragment remained of the haystack, a monument squared and brown, like a pillar of stone.
61. After this entire process is completed, each SSLRP fragment consists of the following fields:.
62. Yes, in effect, it was a quite extraordinary fragment of their history, this tantric period.
63. I burnt it, for fear that even a fragment should remain; for that letter must have led to your.
64. This beginning shows that the fragment was meant as a comparison to be used in some future piece.
65. And, as every fragment of your mind contains the whole, it will be like sending your entire self.
66. Already she had identified herself with that tiny fragment parceled like an unripe variety of fruit.
67. At the bottom was a final shell fragment and as he removed it he saw a perfectly rounded silver egg.
68. Furthermore, the rock, which is prayed to in Mecca, is a meteorite fragment, hence a falling/fallen.
69. I needed to study the scene in much greater depth, to gather every fact, every splinter and fragment.
70. Encryption SSLRP encrypts each fragment with any one of several algorithms using keys of various sizes.
71. I have filled up the void with lines from a fragment left by the author having reference to this canto.
72. The Doctor and Mark were at once by Tom's side examining the fragment and listening to Tom's explanation.
73. The forensics team must have dug each tiny fragment out of the tarmac to send as evidence to Ballistics.
74. His mind grasped at each fragment but it was like grabbing at grains of sand blowing through Gambling City.
75. Social relations would fragment into chaos if the divine restrainer releases the hold put on the human beast.
76. He had a small skin puncture from a grenade fragment in his left thigh from which he had yet to feel the pain.
77. Already she had identified herself with that tiny fragment of decay parcelled like an unripe variety of fruit.
78. The fragment which landed on Kahrltyn Haigyl was twenty-three feet in length … and weighed only four tons.
79. She touched the half-inch scar on the back side of her head from the bullet that had taken out a fragment of skull.
80. What could be a fragment of ghost, of a spiritual upchuck come out of a fogbound book in a night library, was not.
81. It says here, quote,One legend holds that the mountain is a fragment of Meru brought to Bali by the first Hindus.
82. From where he stood, Cahnyr Kaitswyrth could see only a tiny fragment of the chaos and the confusion and the death.
83. He knew, however, that every single detail, every little fragment of vital evidence, was crucial in solving a case.
84. Levin took the fragment in his hands and began smashing it up, breaking bits off the stick, not knowing how to begin.
85. But in the little looking-glass nailed against the whitewashed wall she could only see a fragment of herself at a time.
86. Baillet; a long fragment of the Greek text of the Book of Enoch, remains of the apocryphal Gospel and Apocalypse of St.
87. Encapsulation SSLRP adds a header to each fragment before passing it down to the TCP protocol for further encapsulation.
88. This plate showed the one asteroid that had remained behind, and a small triangular fragment that had broken off of that.
89. The moment he was released he found that the only thing missing was the fragment of slab he was to have taken to the Museum.
90. At the corner of the last house, on his left, he thrust his head forward, and looked into the fragment of the Rue Mondetour.
91. At a later stage, Leadbeater says, even this fragment of consciousness dies out of the astral body (due to increasing entropy).
92. He whipped his pole back like he was cracking a whip, jerking the falling fragment off its trajectory to one side of the river.
93. A large fragment of the Rikandra bubble had lodged in the archwood's wild upper branches against the wall of the Thweighnmonkt.
94. You see that his murderer might have torn the rest of the sheet from him or he might have taken this fragment from the murderer.
95. Occasionally he removed from his lips the traces of food by means of a lacerated envelope or other accessible fragment of paper.
96. Through these windows there was formerly visible a lofty and lugubrious wall, which was a fragment of the outer wall of La Force.
97. For a while I could recall no more, and then, unable to fend it off, for it came of itself, a last fragment appeared in the dark:.
98. During the briefings Thulsa had reassured the sub-commanders of continued successes by sharing with them a fragment of his master plan.
99. He felt again Zach's presence next to him, felt him staring up at the starry night and coming out with some strange fragment of poetry.
100. Sally slit Nancy's slacks from the beltline to the ankle, and peeled the soaked fabric back from where the fragment had sliced the skin.
1. Wholes accrete by fragmenting.
2. When fragmenting frames at the MAC layer, an 802.
3. Then he had to have a hit as his thoughts were fragmenting and he was getting jittery.
1. What happened next was fragmented.
2. In fragmented segments, he heard Dr.
3. Connection in a Fragmented World, Perigee.
4. I remember my past in a very fragmented way.
5. I heard the words, Disjointed, fragmented.
6. Familiar routine is balm to a fragmented soul.
7. This time, the synchronised shouting fragmented.
8. But you can only see me as a fragmented vision.
9. Fragmented machines and beings littered the void.
10. The shells fragmented as they hit the sweeper car.
11. The hollow bones: the decayed and fragmented bones.
12. He fragmented from birth, thrown to the winds and.
13. In the United States, our industry is highly fragmented.
14. Then there are fragmented energies that latch onto yours.
15. The land mass then fragmented due to the colossal violence.
16. It will result in chaos if used with fragmented groups or with.
17. Our bodies are owned by others; we are fragmented within our selves.
18. It was similar to the fragmented memories the other women had reported.
19. The trancenet has fragmented the now: all Nows, virtual and relative.
20. Its highly fragmented cookbook approach results in a strange mélange.
21. Mind is the jewel we have but fragmented under Satan to show his ownership.
22. But in the ears of Nangong Ping, this fragmented singing was exceptional.
23. The picture so far was fragmented and they were hoping that the witness K.
24. Their societies became more segmented, fragmented, alienated, and isolated.
25. A fragmented self can only have a certain degree of disengaged engagement, e.
26. See how fragmentation is keeping you fragmented by ignoring that each part.
27. Run-on and fragmented sentences will be very common until you correct those errors.
28. It’s an M67 fragmented grenade, steel body, scored steel spring for fragmentation.
29. It took me several long seconds to consolidate my seemingly fragmented self and it.
30. I recognized enough from my fragmented memory to know that I was looking at my parents.
31. As he tries to breathe he sucks in fragmented meat and acid tasting bile into his lungs.
32. Sensing the panic in his fragmented melody-making, I forgot my own and walked over to him.
33. After hours of fragmented sleep, his mother�s words amplified throughout him in a fretful tone.
34. The homemade cast iron grenade fragmented into thirteen pieces as the low order explosive detonated.
35. The problem with civilized wisdom and enlightenment is that is it fragmented, segmented, incomplete.
36. As a result, FANK forces became fragmented, isolated, and unable to lend one another mutual support.
37. Mass markets became fragmented and the brokering power of the large agencies diminished significantly.
38. He searched his fragmented memory of the previous few weeks for the motivation behind starting a TV show.
39. The other female also had a gunshot to the head, but the bullet was fragmented and forensically worthless.
40. However, these devices wake you up when you snore so your nighttime sleep is still going to be fragmented.
41. It was a through and through wound, the bullet had dented the steel deck and fragmented, under the carpet.
42. Non-contiguous, fragmented lemur habitats are more adversely affected during and following natural disasters.
43. Holt all doing their best to deal with their fragmented family as it tried to piece itself back together again.
44. Rather, it is an evaluation of where we need to place our focus in order to restore order to a fragmented people.
45. But before we proceed with defragmentation, let me explain why your hard drive becomes fragmented in the first place.
46. A child lacking attention confused and fragmented strikes non-agreement combination of dots to make harmony of thoughts.
47. An unborn child yells a primal protest and tears the hemispheres of your brain into a thousand fragmented yet connected parts.
48. Its monetary power is fragmented in million of organizations that act separately, same when they are grouped in confederations.
49. Since we are not integrated, when two fragmented selves intersect, when two of their prisoner selves resonate, they feel intimate.
50. In time, the interplay of magnetic moments would have fragmented the residual nebulous energy around these stars into their planets.
51. A girl who’d already fragmented to adapt, who was further fragmented intentionally by the one who should have saved her, protected her.
52. Curious about this, I asked managers what the benefit of size was for an agency during a time where markets were becoming more fragmented.
53. Reno shivered at the sensations that those long fingers evoked, but that look was one that even in his still fragmented state he understood.
54. The third method involves structuring textbooks and classes to be as fragmented as possible so that everything is learned in unrelated chunks.
55. I have already suggested (with genuine regret) that the Presbyterian system, already fragmented and likely to further division, has had its day.
56. This new model does with that human activities and the resources work in harmony, without they stay isolated or fragmented anywhere in the world.
57. In fact there isn’t any outer Space, but everything happens only in the individual information space of its fragmented Self-Consciousness.
58. In large, fragmented markets, especially those that have become commoditized, you can often see businesses with low-cost advantages building market share.
59. The result is that competition has intensified, markets have fragmented, and the media industry has lost some-though far from all-of its franchise strength.
60. I just wish I could know more of Him than what is left to us, I said, gesturing around me at the fragmented inscriptions scattered throughout the garden.
61. They also shelled and destroyed all their villages along the coast forcing them inland where they were more fragmented and unable to mount a serious defense.
62. The responses were fragmented and varied, about like he’d expected: Murphy gave a prompt enough Yes, sir, professional, but decidedly less than hearty.
63. Also, as producing unit, it is fragmented, acting each one for itself in that its survival or profit is what imports it, even if it has to end with the planet.
64. And these frequency ranges are specifically reflected in Self-Consciousness Configurations of used-by-us NUU-VVU-Forms as many specific fragmented Consciousnesses.
65. The airline industry, which was once extremely fragmented and competitive, is now controlled by a select few companies, after the recent consolidation in the sector.
66. Sophia-Art is the art of transforming oneself through unifying all the split and fragmented parts that we all carry inside ourselves from the moment we entered into life on.
67. Unfortunately, a mix of national pride, provincial politics, and the desire to drive industrial expansion into prestige manufacturing has made the industry extremely fragmented.
68. And just like with redundant phone books, that huge advertising cost is passed on to consumers by suppliers compelled to spend more to cover the increasingly fragmented marketplace.
69. When a router receives a datagram that must be fragmented, it creates a series of new packets using the same value for the IP header’s Identification field as the original datagram.
70. They ruled over most of north China but were under constant pressure from all sides and fragmented in small states until they were unified under the Chinese Sui Dynasty (AD 581–618).
71. Robinson—both of which operate in fragmented industries—add tremendous intrinsic value because cash can be reinvested in the core business at a very high incremental rate of return.
72. By choosing a customer base that is more fragmented and discerning, Paccar avoids selling its trucks at a lower price, which allows it to earn higher profits compared to its competitors.
73. Therefore, the current monetary system aggregates whatever is fragmented, that is, centralizes the resources of the diverse familiar units and producing units for speculation in the market.
74. Environmentalists are a tiny minority who are so fragmented, so unorganized, so incremental in their approach to the environment, that as a result they are almost completely ignored by the rest of society.
75. Up against the silence, my brain answered back with fragmented lines from tunes I’d heard over the course of my life—bits from songs I loved and clear renditions of jingles from commercials that almost drove me mad.
76. All Forms of manifestation of the Collective Intelligence of GOOLGAMAA-A are just wave reflections, fragmented in Time, of Processes of a simultaneous and absolute different-qualitative Synthesis, which are inertially implemented in It.
77. However, since they are formed by cruder vibrations of Energy-Plasma, all information structures of their fragmented Self-Consciousness are affected by the same distorting effect as the one that influences any three-dimensional holographic image.
78. There was a sound like an artillery shell going off in my head, and a wicked electrical pain that fragmented into different arms of excruciating energy that spiked out with fingers in all directions, as if Mulch had shot me with a lightning bolt and not a.
79. Countless kinds of diverse Information are being inertially formed in each of such “folders/sites”, which supplements “in a fragmented way” (a little bit from every “personality”) and reveals the initial information essence of each UU-VVU-copy.
80. The bacteriologist was able to grow this particular bacterium in a manner as to produce a potent cell mediated immune response in mammals when the culture was harvested at a certain phase of its growth and the resultant bacteria killed and fragmented a special way.
81. He announced this new effort at the University of New Mexico, where he was appearing with Pete Domenici, and focused on the themes of ending stigma and fixing the fragmented system of mental healthcare delivery and unfair disparities in mental health insurance coverage.
82. And the more the vibrations of any UU-VVU-copy resonate with high-frequency ranges of RRGLUU-VVU, the less its Self-Consciousness is fragmented and the sooner it can consciously consolidate with UU-VVU-copies of a higher-qualitative (relative to its Configuration) wave range.
83. They faced a fragmented and indifferent medical, social, and cultural environment—an environment hauntingly revealed in many letters from psychiatrists, educators, pediatricians, and other physicians that spanned decades of Kennedy frustration, desperation, and profound denial.
84. The higher the qualitative dynamics of a fragmented Self-Consciousness, the larger the volume of all possible Experience of Existence (in the form of the dynamics of higher-qualitative scenarios of development stored in the temporal ethereal constituent) is included in its wave Configuration.
85. Does that mean he’s gone? Obliterated, fragmented, non-existent? Are you alone, Sally? He’s gone, the physical David, the ‘David’ with the bristly chin, the one you could laugh with, the one you could see and speak to, the one who used to walk on the surface of this planet who is gone.
86. Even “dying” in one’s sleep, when there is simultaneous focusing both in the temporal ethereal constituent and in an UU-VVU-copy of a DRUOTMM-system; the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by You simply “physically” cannot “manifest” there as a full (not narrowly fragmented!) “personality”.
87. During its realization in the “noo-time” mode of its ODS, “the fragmented memory” of every Formo-copy is potentially structured not only by entire “past” Experience, but also by vibrations of the whole “future” Experience, whichever is possible in this narrow-range creativity of PROOFF-RRU.
88. Why does it happen in this way? Because a higher frequency of the VVU-Configuration of any Formo-copy enables it to use a much greater volume of different-qualitative Information than it is possible for Formo-copies with medium-frequency and low-frequency Configurations of the fragmented Self-Consciousness.
89. Until Science learns to integrate its knowledge into a cohesive, single, organic explanation as I have done here; it will remain a mass of fragmented information which cannot be understood by anyone because it is not put into understandable contexts which are actually correct, and actually connected to each other.
90. This proved to be no easy task for Tauranga police and the Bay of Plenty medical examiner for the vehicle had fragmented completely upon impact with the canyon floor, but from the heat distorted registration plates it was soon established it was a Hi-Ace van converted the night before from a dealer’s yard in South Auckland.
91. By arbitrarily separating and pyramidally focusing on only one or some things-ideas-aspects, it is by this kind of selective focus that this blind desire becomes split up; this results in all kinds of fragmented connections, and from that; all kinds of fragmented identities, since people only identify with what they can connect-to.
92. But this very property makes possible our personalized self-perception not in the volume of the VVU-Information that is typical of a fragmented VVU-Configuration of one Formo-copy or even a conglomerate of Formo-copies, but through a simultaneous interaction with many conglomerates that structure different qualitative ODS Levels.
93. Aggression and cruelty, violence and bloodthirstiness, hopelessness and hatred are still widely spread in our society only because the overwhelming majority of people are still strongly fragmented and individualized in their limited Self-Consciousnesses, their primitive self-perception, because everything in their Life is artificially divided from each other.
94. The establishment of such resonance means a complete or partial matching of frequencies of definite SFUURMM-Forms of the fragmented Self-Consciousness of the UU-VVU-copy with a particular factor Axis of the Self-Consciousness of “the personality” that as if has “requested” from it this very Energy-Information by vibrations of its Focus (by a corresponding psychological state).
95. You should try to understand well that in these systems any event, object or action always appears not at all in “the outer World”, like it may seem to “an outside observer” (which cannot be “there” in principle!), but absolutely individually, that is, only exclusively in the fragmented Self-Consciousness of each UU-VVU-copy from conglomerates of realizational “niches”.
96. Let me remind you that any of UU-VVU-copies, without any subjective attachment to some particular Time Flow, actively participates simultaneously in the scenarios of development of many personalities of one Stereo-Form, that is to say in those NUU-VVU-Configurations that contain the encoded VVU-Information which is identical (in its content) to the VVU-Configuration of the fragmented Self-Consciousness of this UU-VVU-copy.
97. The fragmented Self-Consciousness of each UU-VVU-copy is polarized not relative to that which someone else has already formed in the general information “space” of ODS and in Space-Time of the Formo-system by one’s typical emotions (if this Information is absent in the “fragmentary memory” of the UU-VVU-copy, then this simply does NOT exist for it), but is motivationally associated only with the VVU-Information it has about “itself”.
98. In an OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-system, all that happens in the fragmented Self-Consciousness of one UU-VVU-copy really happens only inside it, that is, VVU-Configuration of each type forms individual Conceptions of “itself” and of the outer world based on its own Information, as if “fitting” it only on itself and very specifically reflecting extremely subjective results of such “fitting” into the dynamics of the information “space” of this UU-VVU-copy.
99. All this is possible only because, when, in your individual “now”, the bio-Creators subjectively “unpack-unfold” the VVU-Information of this instant (which in fact is not registered anyhow by the dynamics of your FCA), the same Information, in its entire slloogrent volume, immediately becomes a deeply realized fragmented part of many “personal lives” of a huge number of Formo-copies, the vibrations of which you used to “unpack” this VVU-Information.
100. After Death of any living creature, including a dinosaur, the whole aggregate of Fields-Consciousnesses that composed, during its life, the wave Configuration of its Self-Consciousness, have qualitatively differentiated into fragmented Self-Consciousnesses (Formo-copies) that realize themselves in individual ODS on their typical frequency Levels of Energy-Plasma, each of which corresponds to some qualitative possibilities of their further creative realization.
1. She got fragments of it.
2. The fragments of the jug.
3. Most of these fragments of.
4. I remember fragments of images.
5. Are these poor fragments only left.
6. Fragments of the same old creature.
7. We both held several fragments in our.
8. They all looked at the broken fragments.
9. Fragments that we call memories in life.
10. Fragments of glass litter the alleyways.
11. A Mind Cubism with 1000’s of fragments.
12. Just because you cannot see the fragments.
13. Dismissing all these as mere fragments of.
14. Last fragments of wheat settled back to earth.
15. Unification of fragments is really elimination.
17. Look among those fragments with care, Jacques.
18. Is this the way the fragments were buried in.
19. There were two things odd about these fragments.
20. I quote these fragments as a sample of his talk.
21. The most interesting were some lexical fragments.
22. Fragments have been reduced to the point that you.
23. Many of the rocks sparkled with metallic fragments.
24. Its fragments are deadly to a radius of ten meters.
25. He felt the fragments cut his face and rip his suit.
26. The stars were scattered in fragments across the sky.
27. Fragments of memories came to him: a burning sun, a.
28. Evidence indicates that when speeding fragments of.
29. The radio burst into bomb fragments on the roof below.
30. The quarrel exploded into flaming fragments in mid-air.
31. His disciples, Gather up the leftover fragments that.
32. We have been lucky to find as many fragments as we have.
33. He gave a quick tug and the links exploded into fragments.
34. The fragments will be dissimilar to the parts of the whole.
35. He came to one of the fragments, sniffed it and tasted it.
36. See, I only know fragments of this story, being younger.
37. Only fragments were left after the virus erased most of it.
38. The fragments of the broken Crabbit gavel were also swept up.
39. Turns out the police have found bomb fragments at the scene.
40. These fragments of nourishment served only to whet my hunger.
41. Adrenaline shot through me, and time splintered into fragments.
42. Spending five years to piece together a few fragments of bone.
43. I have memory fragments from various individuals that were.
44. The Balrog fell back and its sword flew up in molten fragments.
45. Their size varies from that of rocks to the smallest fragments.
46. Fragments of his granite sarcophagus have been found there by M.
47. Judas heard his own heart shatter and felt the fragments pierce.
48. When set to 1, indicates that fragments still await transmission.
49. John 6:12 Gather up the fragments that remain that nothing be lost.
50. Waiting! Waiting to find ourselves in fragments, amid the roar and.
51. Michael Harrington out of some fragments of the old socialist Party.
52. Fragments only, but with a common theme of guilt she could not ignore.
53. Bits of wadding and metal fragments had to be removed from the eyeball.
54. Fragments of light scattered off passing cars and went wide around him.
55. Scientists believe that stray asteroids or fragments of asteroids have.
56. Only fragments of the great song come to your ears while yet you are but.
57. An ominous figure stood over the broken fragments of the shattered bottle.
58. She woke with a gasp, the fragments of the dream clinging to her thoughts.
59. Margaret gasped as she saw the fragments of clothes thrown across the room.
60. I stare at the flames wrapping around the fragments of wood that fuel them.
61. What fragments of verse from the ancient Hebrew and ancient Irish languages.
62. As the fragments of the idea came together into a coherent whole, he beamed.
63. So whatever fragments we’ve inherited are highly suspect, because for a.
64. Fragments of sentences floated through as he pushed through the raucous kids.
65. This means that enormous energy is locked in even tiny fragments of material.
66. Without warning he burst into fragments that flew outward in every direction.
67. Grenade fragments are deadliest within 50 feet, but can travel up to 600 feet.
68. He made this change, once only known in fragments, clear and accessible to all.
69. In addition, other fragments can be used to move the bitcoins to a new address.
70. Fragments of the story that I heard had been somewhat changed and in some cases.
71. Ave pulled the glass jar filled with fragments of glass and metal out of her bag.
72. I only sent fragments that meant nothing without the accompanying mathematical.
73. What had been a row of gleaming new docks was a mass of twisted metal fragments.
74. It is the same with the many fragments living in and mind, the central ‘ I’.
75. Finally she lifted her hands and opened them as though scattering the fragments.
76. Of these demotic fragments a large quantity had been sent to the British Museum.
77. The elimination of the fragments will mean there is less competition for control.
78. No, we have heard fragments, but we do not know the whole story, I answered.
79. Letters (unpublished), fragments of these letters are cited in the editorial notes.
80. All four of these groups have been reconstructed from a great number of fragments.
81. Blood and brain fragments splattered the wall as Pooh fell face first to the floor.
82. The force of the explosion flung these fragments into all the corners of the world.
83. The figure broke into fragments, and Holmes bent eagerly over the shattered remains.
84. One may imagine her suffering on overhearing fragments of this sort of conversation.
85. BPPV appears to be caused by an accumulation of free-floating cell fragments in the.
86. Really, he replied, spraying cookie fragments as he turned his head toward her.
87. Glain swept the glass fragments aside with her boot and stepped inside … and froze.
88. The driver had fragments of glass all over his face and his eyes were a bloody mess.
89. There was more than blood around Johan now; sharp fragments of ice cut into his skin.
90. Your fear will scatter throughout the countless fragments of your mind where I exist.
91. Tarzan had learned from his books but scattered fragments of the ways of human beings.
92. I had spent hours in this garden going over the fragments of the words of the Creator.
93. Petrie, and examined the fragments of cuneiform tablets which he has discovered there.
94. You should put the blood and flesh fragments on the fabric of the chair, William.
95. They soon learned, however, not to discuss what fragments had actually been remembered.
96. He’ll take you to where the weapon fragments that Ancor recovered are being stored.
97. According to William, when a knife penetrates a body and is pulled out flesh fragments.
98. The spot where the fragments of the bust had been found was only a few hundred yards away.
99. To pick up small fragments of broken glass, press pieces of bread onto the affected area.
100. Manfred’s staff broke into a thousand fragments and the old man was cast to the ground.

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