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Francisco in a sentence

Now the San Francisco M.
San Francisco was in the.
San Francisco went 3 and out.
Francis Hotel in San Francisco.
The San Francisco defense dug in.
San Francisco Receipts of the Cal.
It was the mayor of San Francisco.

Born in San Francisco in 1908, Dr.
Louis and San Francisco was sold.
Our destination is San Francisco.
San Francisco put on a show for me.
The San Francisco Giants scored two.
San Francisco started inside their 10.
San Francisco was covered by a thin.
Molinari is now based in San Francisco.
San Francisco: Norman Publishers, 1988.
On July 19, however, the San Francisco.
Louis and San Francisco Railway Company.
Lived in San Francisco, for Christ sakes.
But certainly not in all of San Francisco.
We were visiting friends in San Francisco.
The San Francisco cops were lost in space.
His circus was based in San Francisco, USA.
From San Francisco comes this: When I was a.
He had no known connection to San Francisco.
I found her in what used to be San Francisco.
Francisco the hunt took no more than an hour.
The city of San Francisco couldn’t help me.
Francisco and this news had spread to Honolulu.
He could not wait to join her in San Francisco.
He made a lot of money in San Francisco, and.
Cindy sent love and kisses out to San Francisco.
The San Francisco went off tackle for a couple.
We'll marry as soon as I come to San Francisco.
The Koguts told me you live in San Francisco.
Washburn is the CME in San Francisco, I said.
Francisco they will begin the days celebration.
Once when I was in San Francisco I stopped by a.
They were to head to San Francisco without delay.
Louis-San Francisco Railway Company priced at 100.

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