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Future in a sentence

I dreamt of a future.
The tree of the future.
What is its future ?
The man with no future.
A vision to the future.
In future it would be.
The future is all yours.

Europe is not my future.
I have a future history.
But that was the future.
That we create our Future.
His future and his life.
And see the future bring.
This means that future A.
We moved into our future.
No future in it, he said.
Forward into the C future.
It was the future she saw.
In future years you will.
And the future was reality.
Finders live in the future.
If the future I could see.
The future has reached me.
Chance, drunk to the future.
This is now and our future.
It happened at future bets.
I have a past and a future.
In the case of the future.
Now think about the future.
The result is in the future.
No, I am from the future.
Past and present and future.
That was still in the future.
He has no future with you.
Q: Results are in the future.
He took hold of his future.
The future still looks good.
The future is not Wholly Dry.
The future is still pliable.
What the future holds for me.

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