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    1. does all the things needed to have a really potent small business marketing machine and cash generator

    2. "Columnator? You mean the focal field generator? Half the time that's a software problem," he said

    3. “But why wouldn’t they have just given her a blank universe and a scene generator

    4. Maybe it was because he didn’t dare monkey with his scene generator when there was no one to save him if he should mash something up

    5. It had no real imagery because no scene generator methods had ever been coded for it

    6. In clubs where people we so equipped, the club of their choice was broadcast to their brain, each user could set their room as they wished, something Ava couldn’t provide in her universe as there was only one final scene generator per soul in the basic architecture

    7. When she crossed his grant line with the scene generator servicing that slice she found he was in his private, private space, in his study in Nigeria

    8. To get him out of the way Ava took him to her lab and got him started on how to run a universe generator

    9. Prof, I seem to remember someone saying that there used to be a generator here before the pulse?’

    10. First, you can use a “white noise” generator

    11. oxygen generator near the mountain of ice,

    12. In his private garage Roidon stared at the nuclear fusion generator he had set up, housed within the multiple cone structure

    13. As he sat in the darkness of his quarters he brooded over why it had all gone so disastrously wrong, how the wormhole generator could have collapsed so terminally that no effort – even after days of rebuilding – was able to recreate anything like a stable field (although he did suspect his supervisors were deliberately not making the effort to have it restored)

    14. Torbin, in spite of his tritanium-alloy body, felt the increasing repulsion force as he got nearer the ‘slow-down’ field generator – an egg-timer shaped device from which jutted hundreds of rounded off silver cones and a network of cables and plastic pipes

    15. This was essentially anti-gravity; the generator was throwing out a field so powerful it would simply have fried a human brain long before reaching its core, if it were even possible to get so close

    16. Then, slowly, he was winched in until within working distance of the field generator

    17. He re-routed various pipes and massively insulated cables so that the modulator device became an intermediary between the generator and the power grid, all the while the unnerving sight of sparks flying and coolant vapour escaping

    18. If he stays near the field generator he may be protected

    19. The control room was still bathed in red, running on the emergency generator

    20. "They'll have emergency batteries," said Ronnie, "maybe even a generator

    21. He knew this was the isolation field generator – the realisation of his research, back when all he had to work with was micro induction modules powering bare bones componentry

    22. He pulled up an analysis of the slow-down generator

    23. The graviton field generator, however, had significantly compressed the sign-wave – which previously spread out for hundreds of light years

    24. ‘I need to get to the field generator to complete the modifications

    25. The field generator resembled a scaled-down jet turbine, except there were no mechanical parts

    26. Once loaded in the shuttle, Torbin set the coordinates for the slow-down field generator

    27. He got within comms range (and the zero-point field) of the slow-down generator

    28. ’ Once Torbin had reached within fifty metres of the generator the repulsion force was too great to continue

    29. It was as if they had a reverence for the field generator: the one thing they feared

    30. As he was about to slide-pull the activation lever on the field generator he heard a voice through his comm

    31. The emergency generator came on line but by then the broadcast feed had been lost

    32. Recall that I was called among other positive things, a “walking enthusiasm generator

    33. be ineffective in this situation; and the generator would almost certainly overload and destroy the

    34. The piece-de-resistance: its singularity generator, which Roidon described as a paradoxical space crusher

    35. Every house and office has a backup generator which needs to be serviced and fuelled with a dedicated person to switch it on and off

    36. A lamp appeared, and we could hear a generator firing up

    37. “Later, there was a blockade on the Noosa River to stop a new generator being transported thirty miles up the beach on an outgoing tide

    38. That had even more of an impact; without the new generator, the mining was totally finished

    39. Our old mate, Kato, again became the environmental warrior, not by taking out a mining generator this time, but by building a power-saving device called Pool Whisperer

    40. The camp generator is an old one

    41. The Count was smart enough to lay in a supply of spare parts, and I have maintained the generator and the electrical system these many years

    42. Kwonowski was explaining something about the voltage differential between the generator and the house when Hermann returned accompanied by a frail white-haired old woman, leaning on his arm for support

    43. That morning, Kwonowski himself had bicycled to the camp to perform routine maintenance on the old generator

    44. Kwonowski pointed out the shed where the camp generator was located, as well as the cookhouse

    45. Okay, Aidme, lead me to the generator

    46. They pushed their way through the bedlam of equipment and Aidme indicated the generator

    47. With Aidme tucked under one arm, and the generator tucked under the other, it took Trevor one hour and forty minutes to stumble back to the Cloud

    48. For a fleeting moment, he considered leaving Aidme rather than don the bulky spacesuit once more; unfortunately, his need for the generator and motor left him with no choice

    49. ‘What about the generator and motor, will they be damaged by the static?’

    50. He placed the generator and motor on a workbench and checked the Cloud’s battery – it was almost flat again; but he was too excited to bother charging it

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    generator author source dynamo alternator

    "generator" definitions

    an apparatus that produces a vapor or gas

    engine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction

    someone who originates or causes or initiates something

    an electronic device for producing a signal voltage