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    Use "get the picture" in a sentence

    get the picture example sentences

    get the picture

    1. you get the picture

    2. Plywood siding, plywood roof, nails sticking out, you get the picture

    3. Okay, so you get the picture

    4. I know that’s tautological, now you get the picture, that’s how tired I was

    5. estate investing but I think you get the picture

    6. When will she get the picture he is mine, he belongs to me, its not hard to see

    7. You get the picture

    8. "No need for platitudes," Pamela interrupted, "I get the picture

    9. The problem is that they are not aware of the presence of parallel universes and dimensions, so they have no way of knowing that the collapse of the Universe will cause all the other dimensions to collapse as well, and that before you know it … or maybe that's not quite the appropriate figure of speech in this context, but you get the picture … we'll end up with a singularity waiting for the next Big Bang to happen

    10. He couldn't get the picture of Bobby's dead stare out of his mind

    11. Now what was going on, get the picture, Jesus is speaking - now get this - He worked out what they were thinking

    12. consequences of that disobedience - larger sized clothing, wider hips, you get the picture

    13. but you get the picture) My response: What the heck?

    14. container and well, you get the picture

    15. I get the picture

    16. It shows a ship or a boat, one my say, on a calm sea but if you tilt it slightly you get the picture of women coming out more prominently

    17. He could not, in fact, get the picture of it out of his mind

    18. It wouldn’t hurt them permanently but if it happened to them more than once they’d probably get the picture because HOW ELSE ARE THEY GOING TO LEARN?

    19. “Yes, I get the picture,” Merthin said, amused by her garrulousness

    20. At some point even the grey-haired get the picture and suddenly off goes the price of the stock making the stuff that the kids have been loving for a couple of years

    21. Bursting into Prue’s Chamber, with my Head full of Visions of starv’d or smother’d Babes, I’ll ne’er forget the Picture of Desolation that greeted me

    22. The cycle is complete, and it only remains for the insiders to count their profits and repeat the exercise, again, and again, and again and … well I'm sure you get the picture

    23. Sure, you’ll want to look at how big the difference is and if the new company consistently boasts a higher margin, but you get the picture

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