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Giver in a sentence

The Lord is the giver.
Moses, Giver of Laws 1.
You are the Bountiful Giver.
He’s the Giver of all Laws.
If he is not a giver, he is.
Marcus, the giver of that life.
Himself more than the giver does.

And a joyful giver reaps what he sows.
Without a receiver what can the giver do?
Gifts shall be opened as the Giver directs.
These affectionate acts provide both the giver.
There may be a question as to who the giver was.
It was the giver of life and the savior of hu-.
Gifts With No Giver: A Love Affair with the Truth.
A thought of lack should never be held over the giver.
Seeking the gifts begins with seeking the giver of the.
They found themselves alive inside the giver of all life.
We took the gift they offered and then destroyed the giver.
I wondered who the giver of these particular gifts might be.
And in order to have a receiver, there also has to be a giver.
He is our life giver and the Good Shepherd of the human flocks.
In the bonding, it's the symbol that you are tied to the giver.
Behind the phenomenon of Nature, there exists a Law – Giver.
Is for every human on Earth to be more of a giver than a taker.
It was the giver of life and the savior of humanity after death.
He is also making provision to bless the giver at a later time.
These levels indicate something about the giver not the receiver.
That which only overstands can only act, and is called the Giver.
We dream god the ideal giver because we dare not live our ideals.
God is the perfect giver, giving gifts without repentance, I.
He was a giver and the world was a better place while he was in it.
Such a giving goes with sympathy which generates love as the giver.
He is indeed the only giver of the perfect gift! See Matthew 6: 33;.
The primary care giver will then be referred to as the single parent.
I can speak your language and I am a giver of wisdom and knowledge.
This is a question between the giver and receiver of the instructions.
God is the Giver and the Gift and now creates His own amazing channels.
Moses’ name means drawn out of the water, and can also mean law giver.
Jesus was a truth giver; he was the truth for that generation on Urantia.

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