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    1. "Yeah, or we could go up on the porch?" Jorma said

    2. "I can't very well go up to them, this man Jorma has never even met me

    3. "I get your point," she tried not to hiss even though she should have expected it, "but I can't go up North again

    4. I can still hear the shower running as I go upstairs

    5. "You don't want to go up there mate, not without a fuckin' army

    6. I remember having to go up to the quarry on fire watch duty sometimes … you can see clear across the village from there … right over to Wales on a good day

    7. Actually, he was sure it was too late by the end of the first dark she spent in that house but was determined to give it due diligence and go up there after it, since he had weeks with the boat and no better plan

    8. Alan and the teacher made plans to go up to bed as soon as the blond came back

    9. There was no cargo arranged at Bostok this trip so Vyinga had no reason to go up that way

    10. "Let's go up but put the tent up for awhile

    11. God has ever and always come down, and this needs to be recognized because we as human decide that we want to go up

    12. So it was decided, Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers would go upto

    13. You all go up stairs into the folksuite” said Alderfolk Pottypears

    14. She would go up the mountain as a child, but would return as a young woman

    15. Kate and Daniel were the last to go up the stairs

    16. ‘Yes, but I’ve had second thoughts since drafting that, Sally, thought it would be more fun to turn off the A5 at Capel Curig and go up over the Llanberis pass by Snowdon – it should not add anything to the journey timewise

    17. ‘Ben, is there anything you’ve got arranged in the next few weekends? Only, we need to go up to the house in North Wales to sort furniture and I’m trying to arrange a date

    18. ‘Gary, what I suggest is that we go up on the Saturday morning, and stay at the house overnight coming back Sunday afternoon

    19. As I go upstairs, I hear her asking Alastair just what he’s trying to do

    20. 'I've got one of those terraced houses on the right as you go up the hill

    21. You might have a few that’ll go up to the 2nd floor for awhile since they have someone at the house already like Tendine does here

    22. The club's main lights go up

    23. “We could go upstairs and find a porch,” Kulai teased

    24. Since it was closer than her cubby, Ava had no excuse not to go up and see Kulai just to be sure he couldn’t remember why he was two weeks late with that boat sheet and see if she could find out anything about Enjteen’s suspicions

    25. He was generally friendly with everyone I discovered, but made a point of taking me under his wing, introducing me to people and it soon became a regular thing for me to go up to the pub after rehearsals with the rest of the crowd

    26. “She went that way, she went inside the building, but she didn’t go up to a residential level, I had that covered

    27. He then suggested that someone go up and unlock the lodge and the house out back

    28. 9You and all your troops and the many nations with you will go up,

    29. nations that do not go up to celebrate

    30. My roommate Dennis and I had to go up there and see that game and so we drove up to Tempe from Tucson about a 90 mile trip

    31. Klowa and Luray parted where a small streetcar tunnel crossed Betakka, she to go up toward the castle, he to go down in search of Ylippa or Tuggots

    32. Let me stay here a little longer in case some others come by and then we can go up and take a look

    33. “Seemed a good idea at the time, but I’ll go up to the crossroads by Clothiers instead

    34. I could hear a great cheer go up from the Fusiliers trench and Elijah and Johnny patted me on the back and congratulated me I told them to wait there and I crawled over the ground between us and the dead Turkish sniper

    35. “We had better go up and see her she will know that you are home by now and she will be like a flea on a bed warmer and she needs to rest

    36. I got home and went in I asked Beth how Rosie was but she was asleep again so I did not go up to see her and anyway I was still shook up from what had happened at the Salter’s

    37. But still the silent urge came, go up

    38. “Billy Boy go up and see Rosie she is waiting to talk to you upstairs in her room”, so I left my fiancé in the kitchen and went upstairs to see my other love that was dying

    39. “I must go now and see Rosie before we go to the station and you had better get your kit together as we will be leaving shortly”, and she stood up leaving me there as she went off to go upstairs

    40. A few days later Bert and I were picked for a working party to go up and mend a communications trench that had been blown in by an ‘Oil Can’ (large trench mortar shell)

    41. Investors bought shares of mutual funds rather than stocks in individual companies and trusted in savvy managers to buy into companies whose stock would go up

    42. “She couldn’t return anything! She didn’t have the weapons to go up against the likes of the

    43. I heard him go up the stairs and say, “Good kitty

    44. New England then drove back down the field in a ten-play drive and punched the ball in to go up 14

    45. Occasionally he would go up to the city as well, then come back with money, sometimes

    46. Is there only one person? What if they didn’t go up to the cave? Would they miss out on something important? Did the gorge fill with water overnight? Were there wild animals abroad? Was their danger approaching them even now? “Yes, we will go to the cave, but carefully

    47. I couldn’t go up to Grandma and Grandpa’s without fearing for my life

    48. Once supper was over, she helped Mother with the dishes, then she told me to go up and

    49. "I'll ask her," said the pert young woman, turning to go upstairs; "but it's no use

    50. Technically, you can go up to 20, but 8-10 is recom-

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    ascend rise climb stand mount come up