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Goodly in a sentence

Sold her at a goodly profit.
He’s inherited a goodly sum.
I saw him once; he was a goodly king.
Goodly trees: Probably the olive tree.
For a bowl of water give a goodly meal.
The goodly Zacharias recognised my condition.
Love of self is like weeds in a goodly field.

My hunger has been assuaged for a goodly time.
By this time the gas-bag had swollen to a goodly.
The kid chugged a goodly portion of the beer while doing so.
This deposit was not made without a goodly number of tears and kisses.
Nevertheless, she seemed pleased when I came back with a goodly amount.
We were in the village of Timberwyck, a goodly sized town, actually.
This would make a goodly number of candidates for further selectivity.
It is dangerous, said Sawkins, at last, dangerous, but goodly rich.
I expect they’ll last a goodly time despite the harassment of the Legions of Chaos.
The Watcher has collected a goodly store of information during his imprisonment here.
O, I could reveal a goodly secret! But enough! What art can do, I have exhausted on him.
God fulfilled the prayer of the truthful mother and made this daughter grow a goodly growth.
Now he was ruddy, and besides of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look to; And the Lord.
He passed this know-how on to his crew, and they all worked together to bring in a goodly catch.
Beth was there, laying the snowy piles smoothly on the shelves and exulting over the goodly array.
As she was being served a goodly portion of fish stew, Jenny bent down and whispered to the old woman.
In addition to these regulars, a goodly amount of single women straggle through, usually with bruises.
On the very edge of this vortex—the heart of which was the long table beneath the tent—sat a goodly sized lady.
There were also a goodly number of Army photographers and civilian reporters and cameramen present along the walls.
Bonar advertised our coming, and so strongly urged his people to attend, that we had a goodly number out to hear us.
And they are guided (in this world) unto goodly speech and they are guided to the Path of Him Who is Worthy of all praises.
A very satisfactory token of the interest of the meeting appeared in the goodly number and generous amount of the offerings received.
He made her grow a goodly growth and entrusted her to the care of Zacharias: that is, He made him (cpth) responsible of rearing her.
It was a goodly spell before Edgar could even begin to again trust his voice, but gradually he regained some semblance of feline composure.
He had been among the first at the feast, but had retreated with a goodly share to eat in quiet, and was now forcing his way back for more.
Strange monsters of all kinds are represented there; while in the reliefs before us a goodly number of such monsters are translated to Greek soil.
For when your guardians are ignorant of the law of births, and unite bride and bridegroom out of season, the children will not be goodly or fortunate.
Butterwell has thirty dragons for the knight who comes second, that shall suffice for me…along with some goodly ransoms and the proceeds of my wagers.
Of these he was able to give a goodly list, but had little doubt that it would be largely extended when the place had been more thoroughly investigated.
Pulling out a heavy leather purse, he poured its content on his desk and counted out a goodly number of large gold coins before putting them in a separate purse.
Unknown to us, owing to the slant of the machine, the tin slipped backwards and spilled a goodly proportion of its melted contents over the propeller at the back.
Does not Christian charity make consolation a duty? The two women drew a goodly number of little sophistries from their religion wherewith to justify their conduct.
There was always a strong theoretical case for reinvesting profits in the business where such retention could be counted on to produce a goodly increase in earnings.

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