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Guider in a sentence

When this guider dies, his function will end and move to another alive one after him.
The example of the guider here is as that of a boat which carries those who want to travel and transports them from the shore to the large ship.
The recommendation of their messenger or guider would add them nothing but more intention and more arrogance; furthermore, they would neither pay attention to this adviser nor appreciate his rank.
As for And we are not believers in you: it indicates the unavoidable state of all spirits with their Envoys and guider in case they have not thought about the universe and recognize its Creator through it.
But if man confined his spirit to the messenger, the sacred man or the worthy guider and tended only to him without directing himself through his company towards God; this would be the polytheism itself which is more similar to idolatry’.
So, by means of your true love to this perfect guider; your spirit will be impressed with the elevated love to God’s Messenger that impressed in this guider’s spirit and sooner you will find yourself bound up with this Noble Messenger, clung to him and never separated from him.

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