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    1. I remember my dad had that kind of booming laugh that came deep from the gut

    2. ‘My gut feeling is that you probably know more than you think, Mrs Wynell

    3. He filed it away as rumored fact and didn't let it thru to his gut

    4. "So that's what I am?" Glenelle asked, "A backup?" An empty hole opened in her gut over that

    5. I took a deep breath, swallowed into my churning gut and stood my ground

    6. Unless you've been there, you can't understand the knot this kind of waiting puts in your gut

    7. I could feel panic welling in my gut

    8. He doesn't see the harm anymore, so he decides to soothe the beast that dwells in the pit of his gut, "Can I have that food now?" In moments, a steaming hot plate of fish and vegetables appear on the table, and Apollo doesn't hesitate to gorging himself on the generous helpings

    9. His mind was trying to hold down the rising panic in his gut, but in his weakened state he was loosing the battle

    10. My gut tells me that you are telling the truth

    11. The kisses became more and more passionate and … and now I have a crampy feeling in my gut … as I frequently did after a particularly passionate lovemaking session in past days

    12. What he saw in those eyes was a frightened panicked child; his gut told him that the Gatonen were lying

    13. My gut tells me that the magnetic fields between these bodies are not enough to move them, but I'll have somebody check that

    14. The tightness in your gut and shoulders before watching your team‘s football match – learned from your coach or your father as a child

    15. He relied on his gut feelings

    16. “That’s a good thing,” interjected Altera suddenly from behind him, “I would really hate to have to gut you

    17. “Thank you, you have finally lead me to it on a gut level, now I feel it

    18. The pressure is rising again and Billy can feel bubbles of nervous energy floating in his gut, as if, having descended into the depths, he is rising too quickly

    19. His little beer gut hung out over the

    20. The movement in Billy's gut is unstoppable

    21. trying several times with no success to pull his pants up over his barrel gut

    22. She stopped only briefly by the tent, saw that they had caught the theirops and were about to gut it out

    23. gut you like a pig,” Bobby said as he waved the blade in front of Johnny

    24. I’ll be there with you if you have questions while we gut und cut up the airplane

    25. Brodin’s gut was hard as rock, but as his gaping nostrils sucked in the foul air even he felt the bile rising at the back of his throat

    26. And while she could not deny the clench of anger in her gut at the sight of the rebel regalia, she also could not ignore the chance to enact a little revenge on a shared enemy

    27. He couldn’t get the feeling of pending disaster out of his gut

    28. His gut told him it was all connected in ways stranger than he could currently conceive of, and he grew more unsettled with each idea

    29. He had to trust his proverbial gut, which rarely failed him

    30. Delvin indeed wondered to himself where the unsettled feelings in his gut had come from as things, by all accounts, seemed as they should be

    31. But the twinges of fear in his gut were no less sharp, no less real

    32. Even the more pleasant vision of the wily red-head’s grinning countenance was not enough to assuage the shame stabbing his gut and chest

    33. My gut was twisting in knots, but I continued

    34. My stomach turned at his question, feeling like I'd been punched in the gut

    35. As he reached the first step, he was jolted by a tall figure in a baseball cap who came from around the side of the house pointing the twin barrels of a shotgun at his gut

    36. Victoria promptly reached over and punched Russell in the gut, hard

    37. It was probably nothing but his gut feeling was to check it out

    38. “This one here has gone by the look of it the one over there shot in the gut has about an hour if that and he will be in terrible agony the other one I don’t think has above quarter of an hour Sir

    39. “I will tell you another thing one of them was gut shot and you lot have no idea how bad that is the pain is terrifying and that Turk had one of the worse I have ever seen the rounds had ripped through his stomach shredding it

    40. “Come on lads this is shit let’s get back on shore before we catch galloping gut rot or worse”, and we lengthened our stroke and swum back to shore

    41. They hadn’t the slightest idea of what conditions were really like nor would they ever be able to grasp the sheer horror and gut wrenching terror of battle or even a raid

    42. shall gut you and your associates, as well as your customers and your mercenaries and adorn this

    43. I woke up in the morning with a mouth into which I thought a dead ferret had crawled and a sour feeling in my gut that made my stomach flip over doing somersaults

    44. The operations of the Senate Church committee in 1975 did much, of course to gut the CIA

    45. He threw one and it went over at about gut height just as a large German Captain ran along towards it well we knew there could only be one conclusion

    46. “I challenged them saying what the fuck are you doing and then when they turned round I saw that it was that little shite Stanley and Tommy Smith I had left my rifle in the crater when I went and these two both fired at the same time and I took a bullet in the gut and one in the chest

    47. ” He put his notebook away and walked out of the ward without a backward glance but as he was going I had a very bad feeling in my gut that all was not right

    48. The dogs ‘metabolism functions by absorbing nutrients as fast as it can into the body and then spending the fasting times, when there is nothing in the gut, utilizing and rationalizing all these nutrients and clearing toxins from the system

    49. My gut feeling is that Elizabeth Reilly and Thomas Mullins may both be involved and I feel it is inappropriate that they be involved in any discussion of the crime

    50. Laxative soothes and protects membranes in the gut, mouth and urinary system

    1. Uh! If I wasn't infected with that Instinct I'd spill his guts on his mother's carpet with a carving fork

    2. Don’t you feel in your guts that

    3. ‘Stephen would have my guts for garters if I let you overdo it, Molly

    4. She is a professor of Religion, she is here to edit “The Unknown History of Christianity”, she is considered to be a very important person and she obviously hates my guts -without a reason whatsoever

    5. The ache in my guts still rankled but I had no desire for a repeat performance

    6. ‘Gran would have my guts for garters if I abandoned you, Kate … not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself either

    7. ‘After all,’ he said lightly, ‘Gran would have my guts if I didn’t

    8. Floor panels lay exposed here and there, with the guts of the place, cables and wires, exposed and trailing across the floor

    9. He’d never have the guts

    10. spills the guts of war torn sub-Saharan news

    11. I was on my knees throwing up my guts when I heard ‘him’ for the first time

    12. the guts of the piece,

    13. "He said Nuran came to his cabin puking her guts out and whining that you were so mean you were going to make her stand her shift anyway

    14. “We can be sold?” She felt cold in the guts over that

    15. The girl has always wanted to delve about in the guts of things, especially living things

    16. For a moment, he cursed Kev … wishing he’d had the guts to take Kev up on his offer when he suggested Andy should go with him

    17. His stomach is complaining, a mixture of sour guts and emptiness, and he is sweating

    18. Billy doubts that the man sitting next to him would worry about the mess, but he would definitely be pissed-off if they lose the Lexus because Billy has soft guts

    19. As the tyres grip and the engine drops its guts, Helen's body slides down into the passenger seat foot well

    20. Staccato bursts; calm down, blood and guts, one of them is still there

    21. He gags as he falls, spilling his guts onto the front of his flak jacket and then onto the floor, and he turns away and starts to crawl as soon as he feels solid earth beneath his spine

    22. 'These men apply observation rather than chicken guts in

    23. Kazar and the boys spilled their guts on that one so to speak

    24. "I'm sorry," it took every ounce of guts she had to open herself up to his rage

    25. This incident was leaving a sinking feeling in her guts

    26. splashing of its guts on the floor

    27. "What guts," she sneered

    28. "I'd thank him, if only he had the guts to fight in the streets

    29. His hands still grasping his guts, the soldier's body toppled

    30. Despite suffering what was an obvious mortal wound, he used what little power he had left to cover his steaming pile of guts in a shield of Oneness, while simultaneously attempting to shove the twisted pile of entrails back inside with his hands

    31. You must have silently appreciated my guts and said to

    32. If you find yourself in the second lot and have the will, the courage and the guts, try the PPW way

    33. “What guts, Tejas!” she said, shaking her head in disbelief

    34. “What?! You know I’ve only said everything that you all damn well think but would never have the guts to! It’s pathetic

    35. This would surely be a spectacle to be seen and experienced firsthand, if one had the guts

    36. Had he really earned this treatment? He only wanted to help, but she obviously hated his guts

    37. It must have taken a lot of guts and it proves to me that you love me as much as I love you

    38. As the moments passed, tenseness increased, the knots in all of their guts tightening and twitching

    39. The fear appeared from nowhere and started to rise again in Monty's guts

    40. A few of them were squirming trying to hold their guts in while some pulled their self back the way they had come with the aid of the grass tufts leaving trails of blood like garden slugs on the terrain whilst the few who hadn’t been hit turned and ran as fast as they could

    41. “They infiltrate our trench lines and then call the name of a soldier when the person goes to find out who wants him he gets a knife or bayonet in the guts and then the Turks scarper back to their own lines

    42. butchered in the abattoirs of the north, minus all their messy blood and guts and dung

    43. “I shouted no to him but it was too late the explosion ripped his chest and guts to pieces I could see that he had gone the fighting passed on but I sat down and cradled him in my arms like I had with Ben

    44. “Smell that bacon frying is there anything in the world that smells better than that when your guts think they have been cut out of you?” I replied

    45. One man has got the guts and

    46. By then it was too late and the whole length of the blade was inside his body and he fell backwards onto the trench floor while I held onto my rifle keeping the bayonet firmly lodged in his guts

    47. “Who’s that you couldn’t help me mate could you I have been shot in the guts and it don’t half hurt?” I replied

    48. Yes, she knew it, but this was one time she wasn’t going to spill her guts

    49. How she had had the guts to try such a maneuver he couldn’t fathom, however

    50. The weight of his actions swelled inside him, wrenching at his guts

    1. His car was still gutted with no engine

    2. His face suddenly showed alarm, “Look out,” he shouted as he gutted one before it could complete its run at her

    3. “I would have gutted him,” Rayne remarked in an emotionless voice, “he means you ill

    4. She gutted him first and then went after a second assassin; his fate was the same

    5. I would have rode into Miner’s Hold and called out Matai and gutted him in front of Boras

    6. One the second try he clipped me pretty good," he pulled up his bolero to show Ava the scar, "but I gutted it out and jumped the third time and won her

    7. on a new roof, gutted the interior, replaced boards in the floor and sanded and

    8. gutted the interior and started over

    9. could notch another arrow, Clemon gutted him

    10. the affair, the guy was so gutted he hung himself from one of the

    11. She felt gutted

    12. The tower, which served as the nucleus of the Phoenix Project, was completely gutted from the blast

    13. After decapitating the bird, I gutted it, tossing the intestines and head onto the draining board

    14. He gutted financial regulation, leading directly to the Savings and Loan Scandal that cost $160 billion

    15. No DNA samples with any luck, not after a small but intense blaze had gutted the contents of the building

    16. women appeared briefly before disappearing into another gutted building

    17. their windows and doors gone, the insides gutted

    18. She led her down the stairs and through the bottom floor, which had been gutted

    19. The buildings had been gutted and

    20. “The fire gutted the structure

    21. With a series of quick movements she unhooked it, hit it on the head with a stout stick, then gutted it, throwing the body into the bucket

    22. By the time the wrecker was able to haul the gutted vehicle off the road, the stench was overpowering

    23. The Negro has no preexisting culture, has a gutted family structure, is desperately poor, and has no allies

    24. I gutted the bird and saved the heart and liver and gizzard to make soup-stock

    25. He recognized the man with his back towards him to be the Su-Katii Commander from the day before, the man was still occupied as he gutted his Uphrian captain

    26. gutted, but by then our relationship had degenerated and I’d suspected that she would have

    27. He gutted the first guard that had rushed off to the alarm with such haste that he had forgotten to don his armour, while at the same time he deflected a well-aimed lunge, sending a vicious riposte across the second guard’s throat

    28. She hadn’t thought about her abb in a long time, after seeing him gutted when they fled their home, but right now, right now, all she wanted was her abb to hold her and tell her everything was going to be ok

    29. Fat gutted by the time they’re twenty-five

    30. Skinned and gutted it was even smaller

    31. “You should have gutted him, after all

    32. As expected, the factory was gutted by the time he reached the site, and the Fire Tender came much later

    33. He split the man's skull—ducked another swinging knife and gutted the wielder—felled a man with his left fist and stabbed another in the belly—and heaved back mightily against the closed door with his shoulders

    34. We rode down the main avenue towards a brick wreck with gutted windows and the front of the façade gone so that the staircase was exposed to view

    35. Directly ahead were the remains of the sawmill, its buildings blackened and gutted

    36. The vehicle flips over and is gutted with a fireball

    37. I noticed Stargazer equipment, opened and gutted

    38. Nestled between the trusses, the passenger ship portion would be gutted to provide common galleys, schools and the kinds of support that would be more efficient centralized rather than distributed among three freighter modules which were lacking in amenities

    39. gutted pig is laid in the hole, covered with

    40. It looked hollow and gutted with almost all parts rusted away

    41. Although he had never seen them and no one had ever described them to him he immediately recognized the walls eaten away by bone salt, the broken-down wooden balconies gutted by fungus, and nailed to the outside door, almost erased by rain, the saddest cardboard sign in the world: Funeral Wreaths for Sale

    42. • 1 small pumpkin (gutted and seeded)

    43. Four hours later the palace was gutted, smouldering timbers were all that remained of a once proud building that had stood for hundreds of years, I felt a great sorrow that in all my life I had not built anything that would last through the ages, all I seemed to do was destroy, this latest demonstration of my vandalism rekindled my ambition to build a Tollan to rival the beauty of anything that had gone before, prophetically I was determined to build a beautiful city that would still be alive in a thousand years

    44. Put on a conveyer hanging up by a hook, skinned, gutted, jointed and out of the other end as sausages or steak…”

    45. Dresden burned for seven days, and 80% of the ancient city was gutted

    46. Looking around the open fields, littered with the bodies of his men, Ngo felt both immense sadness and near helplessness: his division had been basically gutted in the fighting of the last 24 hours and the French position seemed nearly as solid as before

    47. Fully furnished, beautifully furnished, the place had been gutted of all personal items

    48. ” A phone call confirmed the gutted bridge had enjoyed sufficient repair to allow access

    49. The small 1,200 square foot office at the end of the hall on the top floor was completely gutted, with a plywood floor and wires hanging from the ceiling

    50. The beam then burned through one of the cruiser’s missile magazines, touching off a series of powerful explosions that gutted the unlucky ship and ripped it in two jagged parts

    1. cleaning and gutting the catch before we went home

    2. ‘’Does that mean that the American lieutenant general that was in command of NTM-A had the decency to pass his command to his NATO deputy commander, after ordering such a gutting up of the mission, sir, or are the Americans pretending to stay in charge of NTM-A?’’ Asked Nancy in a bitter tone

    3. That said, the progression of these glaring and gutting failures overrode this hidden hope, and I realized that my gifts were opportunities, not guarantees

    4. I’d add no gutting of companies to lower the working force and make a quick buck, no monopolies, no monopolistic practices by a controlling group of corporations, responsible bidding, truth in advertising, positive advertising only, elimination of legalese and fine print, provisions for ending a contract, nationalization of key discoveries with ample one-time remuneration for the inventor and his company, equality in wholesale pricing, no tying up a competitor in court to drain his resources, procedures for quick settlement of patent violation suits, etc

    5. It had three indoor dry/wet docks used solely for repair and retrofitting older yachts, whether that entailed adding new features, repairing structural or mechanical issues, or sometimes gutting a boat and replacing all the innards (my father's word)

    6. What if Schnottweiper hadn’t been present that morning at the gutting of the fish? What if he had not managed to extract Brumvack’s club from his sleeping form? What if, what if, what if he hadn’t led his brother to face his near-demise at the hands of the Dark Water Horror?

    7. Two sailors ran to help, gutting the second fish as Nancy was already pulling out a third fish

    8. ” Said Jacques, laughing hard while gutting the pike in his hand

    9. That, and gutting the Warlock from neck to groin with her knife

    10. His sword struck his present enemy, and he felt the initial resistance of the flesh before pushing through to the organs, like gutting a fish

    11. By the time he got back from fishing, the others were about ready to start their salad supper, but he insisted on gutting his two fish ready for the freezer before he changed

    12. “We’re nearly there!” Yelled Wyatt as he fought off one of the zombies, gutting it like a fish with a butcher knife

    13. “Maybe he is an animal that needs gutting,” I said, “but maybe there are others too

    14. gutting a fish or skinning the bounty of the hunt

    15. a large gutting knife from his belt as he stepped past him to the kill

    16. Pat cuts up the carcass, without gutting it, in exactly the same way that Randy did in Alaska

    17. The meat - like any predator's - is worthless, so we don't need to hurry with the gutting

    18. They tie a rope to the tractors bucket and by attaching it to one of the hind legs, raise up the animal for Rick to start gutting it

    19. scalder's tub, gutting, the cutter's cleaver, the packer's maul,

    20. When gutting the trailer to make room, I left one tank in place for this

    21. “We’re really gutting this thing

    22. Venture capital creates disasters, for example HMV, by gutting the host company of capital and then relisting the husk back to the public and the same kinds of institution they bought the company from in the first place, at an inflated valuation

    23. – Gutting, to remove the gut and recover offal

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    catgut gut bowel intestine belly paunch stomach tummy

    "gut" definitions

    the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus

    a narrow channel or strait

    a strong cord made from the intestines of sheep and used in surgery

    empty completely; destroy the inside of

    remove the guts of