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    hair style

    1. A fat lot of support that is … he reappears clutching one of those very shiny magazines full of photos of hair styles, folded back at a certain page - he hands it to me

    2. eyed black man with boyish looks, his hair styled into cornrows

    3. ” You could add a specific complement about the way it made her eyes looked, or the special hair style or fashion she chose

    4. Her men always wore properly pressed uniforms, clean shaven and hair styled properly

    5. I know cops are pulling brothers over left and right that have the Michael Jordan hair style

    6. They were also healthy, level-headed, well mannered, confident, self-controlled and sensibly dressed in skirts and blouses, low-heeled shoes, no makeup, and hair styled so it would need only a quick brush in the mornings

    7. Generally this brings wardrobe changes, changes of hair style, a new look

    8. Generally this leads to wardrobe changes, changes of hair style, hair colouring, etc

    9. makeup, and have my hair styled" (Fierman 1990, p

    10. Choosing the right hair styles

    11. These hair styles should be avoided as much as possible, since applying heat on your hair often is not a good idea, when it comes to its health

    12. bowl cut was the hair style for him which made his long, pail, be-speckled face

    13. I was highly influenced by the hair style of Leonardo Dicaprio, The TITANIC hero, and the beard of Aamir Khan in ‘DIL CHAHATA HAI’ alike

    14. Hair Style: Buzz Cut with messy texture on top

    15. He was well dressed, a maverick blaze in his eyes, and old rock-n-roll style hair style, pulled back into a pony tail

    16. Images of her in different outfits outside of Star Fleet regulation, and with different hair styles

    17. He had a new face, new hair style, a limp, new name, new nationality and a new job in a foreign country

    18. makeup and had their hair styled elegantly

    19. She had jet black hair styled in a short cut and was wearing bright red lipstick

    20. The buyer sends her picture and receives 75 shots of herself with all kinds of different hair styles

    21. "Would you like me to pull the pins out of that ridiculous hair style and poke them one by one into her ear?"

    22. Missy, who is dressed in a short thin shirt and a short skirt with hair styled in two long thick braids, one braid hanging from each side of her head, walks towards the buses with a small group of children

    23. Missy hurries to her mother and two of the triplets, 4-year old Landa and 4-year old Linda, who are also dressed in short thin shirts and short skirts with hair styled in two long thick braids, one hanging from each side of their heads

    24. She called attention to her youthfulness with a dress that was a little too short and a hair style that was charmingly disarrayed

    25. I would wait with my mother while she got her hair styled

    26. She was wearing her good anorak, her handbag slung satchel-style over her shoulder (‘Harder for muggers to snatch it’) and her hair styled into soft waves around her neck

    27. “Afro” – short for “Afro-American” and often called a “natural” – is a hair style popularized by the African-American community in the 1960s

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