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    1. lady really hard on the bottom so that she rolled headfirst right into

    2. trip on a root and fall headfirst at her feet

    3. Sometimes a man has to dive in headfirst

    4. I? Surely somewhere that could smoke and then dive headfirst into

    5. I was suddenly unsure if I wanted to plunge headfirst into a potential Obake infestation

    6. heavies and was thrown headfirst into a windowless cell, he

    7. If you were to jump headfirst into the world of JV giveaways as a contributor to start off with,

    8. Jaden jumps off the cloud again, but this time headfirst

    9. headfirst into a pool without knowing how deep it was

    10. Headfirst and beside, but not touching the doughnut, was another huge, teardrop-shaped cloud

    11. headfirst, our bodies piling on top of themselves inside the water

    12. As he did he tripped on an anchor rope and fell headfirst into the spinning propeller

    13. Joe caught Brian in a headlock and drove him headfirst back into the room

    14. I nearly dived in headfirst draining it with slurping noises

    15. Just as I dropped from the land to over the water, I flew headfirst into something

    16. it, along with my sad memories, went headfirst into

    17. over, off the side of the bed and falling headfirst into

    18. He was about to re-situate himself headfirst into the hole when he glimpsed what was now a full fiery sun blazing over the edge of the horizon

    19. Tomz clawed through the rock with his Hiranien and lounged at S’us headfirst while the rest of his tough skin endured pebbles stinging him

    20. The first hunter says, “Funny you should ask, but we were just standing here a minute ago and a goat came running out of the bushes doing about a hundred miles an hour and jumped headfirst into this hole here!”

    21. As I was diving headfirst over the barbed wire fence that lined the highway, I heard the doors slam shut and Joseph yell, “Good Luck, Wayne,” then the van sped off

    22. dive headfirst, throw caution out the window

    23. The anchoring vines unwound like a snake as the raft continued to plunge down river and then the vines suddenly tightened, stopping the raft and spinning it around headfirst into the rushing water

    24. The sudden swinging around of the raft into the current also pinned the steering paddle against the rear of the raft swinging Baby Man out over the water—and then just as quickly back onto the raft as the front of it snapped headfirst into the rushing current

    25. diving headfirst into one company after another, following the latest and greatest product,

    26. “Well then, this is truly remarkable! It would appear that you’ve careened headfirst into your new existence, eh? But you needn’t be overly concerned with what happened just now, as your bearings should settle down once you’ve gained self-control

    27. Suddenly Jack made a complete stop and the car that was behind him crashed headfirst into the back of his car

    28. Always a believer in nurturing the whole self, Morgan is now taking his love for adventure, passion, and romance, and diving headfirst into the steamy pool of erotic romance with the simple, heartfelt goal of ‘telling an interesting story that turns people on

    29. Bob had spent twenty-six years, seven months and three weeks avoiding this kind of brainstorming, so diving into it headfirst wasn’t effective for him

    30. I wish I was more of a planner rather than jumping in headfirst without thinking of consequences

    31. She stood, using the wall to help her over to the closet, and almost went headfirst into her dresser when she reached for the closest pair of shoes

    32. Martyr thrown headfirst into a caldron full of molten lead or boiling oil

    33. "Instantly, Sir What's-his-name recovered himself, pitched the tyrant out of the window, and turned to join the lady, victorious, but with a bump on his brow, found the door locked, tore up the curtains, made a rope ladder, got halfway down when the ladder broke, and he went headfirst into the moat, sixty feet below

    34. I close my hand on the hilt of my sword and dive headfirst into the mirror, laughing as I go

    35. The Hag dives headfirst, slicing through the night, mouth twisted with rage, black holes where her eyes should be narrowed in fury

    36. He has no choice but to fall in headfirst

    37. Victor and I watched while the small children leaped across the floor until it was Hailey’s turn and she did really well except that she was so busy watching herself in the mirror that she ran right into the wall and then bounced off the wall and fell headfirst into a large, rubber trash can

    38. The other is headfirst over the rail

    39. Forty-five years earlier, when she’d been only six, her drunken father had in a fit of rage dropped her headfirst into a barrel of trash that he had set afire with a little kerosene

    40. He swerved aside to the right, and dived out of the reach of his clutching guard, headfirst into the mist; he landed sprawling on the grass

    41. Suddenly he was out of his chair and he dove headfirst across the dining table

    42. The handle splintered like a matchstick, sending Ethan flying headfirst into the wall

    43. She’d plunged headfirst into the tub and yanked up the sputtering boy before I got there

    44. That stupid kid jumped headfirst into the angel, just like it wanted, and it gathered up his neural patterns, now carefully conditioned to be compatible with my own, and used them to shatter the last stubborn fortress of my humanity

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    headfirst headlong

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    with the head foremost

    with the head foremost