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Headland in a sentence | headland example sentences

  1. Beyond the headland we stepped.
  2. On dune and headland sinks the fire:.
  3. They rounded a headland and Ava gasped.
  4. When it reaches that headland, I’ll go.
  5. It ran aground up ahead around that headland.

  6. The false cliff merged with a large rocky headland.
  7. Then all uniting to stand on a headland and worry me.
  8. Looping around the headland, he headed along the coast.
  9. As they rounded that low headland, the City of Ramses.
  10. Said he would head for the Kimberleys or Port Headland.
  11. Behind her, up on the headland, was the little island fox.
  12. He noticed that the jagged headland was depicted perfectly.
  13. He stood for a few minutes on a raised headland, watching the.
  14. They all come to the headland to witness and assist against me.
  15. The wind was fierce on the headland, and the sky was cloudless.

  16. The road turned down the headland toward a gravelly beach below.
  17. There’s a headland there which affects the way the tides flow.
  18. I went myself first to the headland, my own hands carried me there.
  19. The bird disappeared behind the slight headland to one side of the bay.
  20. He glanced off to the headland of the island beyond the dock worriedly.
  21. They looked up as rotor blades blasted a path around the jagged headland.
  22. They were taking some sandwiches around to the headland for an early lunch.
  23. In the distance lies the headland beyond Sassnitz, hazy in the afternoon light.
  24. Beyond this, the City spread back into the distance as far as the low headland.
  25. There wasn’t a tree in sight as they trudged a mile or so across the headland.

  26. Victor Berg, who loved to walk around this headland! said Tom impatiently.
  27. If she left Pirriwee, she’d miss her morning walks around the headland with Jane.
  28. Judging from the echo, the voices were coming from a large cavern under the headland.
  29. She walked along the beach heading away from the town towards the headland where the caves were.
  30. From the top of the hill, it leveled off onto a headland that dropped sharply to the water below.
  31. The Tasa’Anna was under full sail headed along the cliffside wall of the leeward rocky headland.
  32. They cross the quay and climb to a matching headland across the mouth of a river from the old city.
  33. As he sat there, daydreaming, he noticed the Watson’s Bay ferry round the headland into Rose Bay.
  34. The part which was closer still lay partially hidden by the low headland past which they were just now moving.
  35. She was feeling exhausted after a long day, and she needed to be back at the headland with the SOCO team by ten.
  36. As they rounded that low headland, the City of Ramses slowly revealed itself in all of its gold and mud-brick splendor.
  37. Even as we cut engines and drifted around the headland and into the bay of Diafani, it was clear this was no tourist centre.
  38. He named Brownie's ancient ancestors, Glasshouse Mountains, and mistakenly named a headland further north, Double Island Point.
  39. They had been built on a small rise, which was independent of the headland that defined the outer bowl-shaped limits of the City.
  40. Their ever-more-lowly mud-brick forms slowly rose up the low elevation that was a continuation of the headland they were now rounding.
  41. He hurled another of the flat shale stones that covered this unpopular stretch of beach west of the headland that upheld the Firefly Palace.
  42. To the right, it seemed to end at a slight jutting headland; after a moment’s reflection, she concluded that the cove must be on the other side of that.
  43. Bear signalled thumbs up to his chopper pilot and swirling blades churned up sand as the helicopter turned sharply, disappearing out of sight around the headland.
  44. As we neared Binz the road runs down close to the sea, and through the overhanging branches we could see that we had rounded another headland and were in another bay.
  45. Gin we were nigh a ship, or a port, or a headland, a fog fell on us and travelled wi' us, till when after it had lifted and we looked out, the deil a thing could we see.
  46. Then, blocked by a new island of debris, the torrent followed the coastline past the gallery before swinging out to sea after colliding with a rocky headland further south.
  47. Taking the bag with him he went for a walk down to the beach and followed a little path around the miniature headland dropping pieces of the disk into the water as he went.
  48. At seven fifteen precisely the Sea King’s blades were heard battering the air as it rounded the headland and nudged slowly into position about twenty feet above the train.
  49. The beach at the foot of the cliffs is quiet and pleasant, and from it you can see the misty headland of Arkona with its lighthouse, the northernmost point of the island, far away on the left.
  50. This is to my mind the nicest spot in Whitby, for it lies right over the town, and has a full view of the harbour and all up the bay to where the headland called Kettleness stretches out into the sea.
  51. They erected the tent under the casuarinas to reserve the spot for later, then, carrying only a small pack with their valuables took off round the rocks and over the headland to Devil’s Kitchen.
  52. Besides, this idea of Jonah's weathering the Cape of Good Hope at so early a day would wrest the honour of the discovery of that great headland from Bartholomew Diaz, its reputed discoverer, and so make modern history a liar.
  53. Hawkeye and Heyward ascended an adjacent bluff, where the former, after considering the expanse of water beneath him, pointed out to the latter a small black object, hovering under a headland, at the distance of several miles.
  54. But this spectacle was only momentary, for the line of demarcation now leaped from them to the westernmost part of the City on the nearby headland, then reversing, quickly swept east across the entire City like a blanket being removed from a sleeping pallet.
  55. Fort Nahgah, at the tip of Cape Yula, the southern headland at the head of the Kaudzhu Narrows, would offer a much better anchorage, but it was also the better part of fifty miles from Fort Tyshau … with a minor obstacle called the Imperial Charisian Navy between them and it.
  56. From the historias Melodía had always loved to read, she knew the Iron Duchess hadn’t indulged in fripperies like tourney grounds when she raised her great fortress on its white stone headland to watch over the city she was rebuilding after its destruction by the pirate fleet.
  57. That craggy headland at the northwestern end of Silverlode Island, across Dolphin Reach from Eraystor, boasted immense, cliff-like deposits of wyvern guano which were the main reason Silverlode had been settled (if one could call its sparse population density settled, even now) in the first place.
  58. Realizing she might make herself more visible to those following her, she stopped gallivanting about and jogged across the headland, passing an old wooden sign that read Bowen Point, and scaled down the side of the bluff to where the rocky terrain sloped inland through a thin copse of scraggily trees.
  59. Of deep-sea fishings he heard tell, and mighty silver gatherings of the mile-long net; of sudden perils, noise of breakers on a moonless night, or the tall bows of the great liner taking shape overhead through the fog; of the merry home-coming, the headland rounded, the harbour lights opened out; the groups seen.
  60. We shall break out the jib and the foresail, the white houses on the harbour side will glide slowly past us as she gathers steering-way, and the voyage will have begun! As she forges towards the headland she will clothe herself with canvas; and then, once outside, the sounding slap of great green seas as she heels to the wind, pointing South!.
  61. Of deep-sea fishings he heard tell, and mighty silver gatherings of the mile-long net; of sudden perils, noise of breakers on a moonless night, or the tall bows of the great liner taking shape overhead through the fog; of the merry home-coming, the headland rounded, the harbour lights opened out; the groups seen dimly on the quay, the cheery hail, the splash of the hawser; the trudge up the steep little street towards the comforting glow of red-curtained windows.
  62. And, in these cases, somewhat as a pilot, when about losing sight of a coast, whose general trending he well knows, and which he desires shortly to return to again, but at some further point; like as this pilot stands by his compass, and takes the precise bearing of the cape at present visible, in order the more certainly to hit aright the remote, unseen headland, eventually to be visited: so does the fisherman, at his compass, with the whale; for after being chased, and diligently marked, through several hours of daylight, then, when night obscures the fish, the creature's future wake through the darkness is almost as established to the sagacious mind of the hunter, as the pilot's coast is to him.
  63. In the distance Coolum Headland juts into the brine,.
  64. At one point, where the coast formed a low headland,.

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