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Headway in a sentence

Bill knew he had made headway.
He was finally making headway.
The barge slowly lost headway.
The economy chugged along making headway.
The Argus lost headway and rolled in the swell.
With Headway you can create any look for any page.
You’re wrong about the headway, Maguire said.

He called out to his friend who was making good headway.
Have you been able to make some headway in that case?’’.
He knew that Ishan was already making some headway in this area.
The sight of them did headway during the darkness before moonrise.
Ten minutes of steady digging produced little headway with the hole.
He tried to read a couple of badly abused magazines but made no headway.
Gradually, as he battled these monsters, he began to make some headway.
Doesn’t look as though Berndt has made much headway in that direction.
Rod went home at five-thirty, assuring Lester that he was making headway.
The sleek craft soon lost headway and began pitching slowly in the low seas.
I made very little headway with the instructor, Tlilcuetzpalin of Culhuacan.
Leona bends forward so that she can make headway against the background noise.
He was making very little headway and his arms were flapping about in the water.
However, she could not make much headway in that manner, and she went on very slowly.
As you can see, we have to remove obstacles out of our way to gain headway in self-.
There is more mass in there than we originally measured, but we appear to be making headway.
Then we used a custom theme called Headway to suit our look and feel and our own specific needs.
He walked but since there were no reference points he could not determine how much headway he was making.
On the way to the morgue, I made a depressing inch of headway on Cam Nguyen, the missing third prostitute.
And making very little headway in that direction, and these constant interruptions are getting annoying.
Sespian hated the idea of confronting a man thirty years his senior, but he’d make more headway starting at the top.
The speed then dropped back to 33 knots, to allow for the rise in current and maintaining the original 2-knot headway.
Following his talk with the children, Danny announced that he was making headway into breaking the new security system.
Chris applied himself to his current project but the sparkle was gone and he didn’t make much headway during the day.
And so, for the rest of the summer, he had all the time he should have needed to make serious headway on his first opus.
We struggled back and forth with magical attacks and defenses flying all around us, neither making headway for a long time.
Just days after it seemed that Marilyn had made some headway in connecting with her mother, Gladys made a stunning announcement.
You can hardly realize, then, how difficult I found it at first, and how long I had to wait before I succeeded in making any headway.
A dear friend of mine, Julie, a successful screenwriter who gets paid top dollar for her work, could never seem to make any financial headway.
Businesses were divided into two groups: those which were successful and progressing, and those which were on the downgrade or making no headway.
As the hours flew by, the speed of the current had enormously increased; the motor speed adjusted accordingly, to maintain the same 2-knot headway.
During 2007, there were three stocks in particular that I followed and two of the three were performing well as the third struggled to make headway.
Manufacturing parts out of materials on hand salvaged from the cargo containers without the proper specifications was a tedious process, but they were making headway.

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