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    1. Doesn’t look as though Berndt has made much headway in that direction

    2. Gradually, as he battled these monsters, he began to make some headway

    3. The wind was sharpening now so I shoved my hands into my pockets and quickened my pace, darting about and skimming round the corners and making good headway till I turned a corner and almost ran into a large woman chopping wood right in my path

    4. Leona bends forward so that she can make headway against the background noise

    5. If we can make some headway this this afternoon and depending if that bridge is still up, we could be there either late today or early tomorrow morning before the contact might be made

    6. Up to now however it had been the sailors and Fusiliers who had borne the brunt but we knew this could not last as the boat had lost headway due to the crew being hit some of our lads grabbed the oars and began to row

    7. Sespian hated the idea of confronting a man thirty years his senior, but he’d make more headway starting at the top

    8. Beth battled just to keep her footing, making little headway towards the door, but the luggage bay opened, diverting attention down the side of the bus, allowing the bottleneck to clear

    9. I made very little headway with the instructor, Tlilcuetzpalin of Culhuacan

    10. We struggled back and forth with magical attacks and defenses flying all around us, neither making headway for a long time

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    Synonyms for "headway"

    head headway clearance headroom

    "headway" definitions

    vertical space available to allow easy passage under something

    forward movement