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Hiker in a sentence

1. I’m a long-distance hiker.
2. But what about a passing hiker?
3. That much being said above, the hiker or camper WILL.
4. Now that’s some cat, a dedicated hiker, through and.
5. She was bloody lucky that hiker came along when he did.
6. Aronka OPP may have found the remains of a missing hiker.
7. You a PCT hiker? the woman behind the counter asked.

8. Didn’t know, even, that there was a PCT hiker vernacular.
9. I knew in an instant that he was a PCT hiker by the drag of his gait.
10. You a PCT hiker? the man who stood behind the cash register asked me.
11. I’d planned to leave them in the PCT hiker free box as soon as my new boots arrived.
12. It was pretty clear that Tom was no green hiker, but he wasn’t prepared for what was to come.
13. He was what’s referred to in PCT hiker vernacular as a trail angel, but I didn’t know that then.
14. After we hung up, I signed the PCT hiker register and scanned it to see when Greg had passed through.
15. The hiker and ball carrier alternate their roles-positions, and the team with the most touchdowns wins.
16. Fifteen days after she disappeared, a hiker found her body up on US Forest Service land east of the city.
17. Walking back along the highway was tiring in the heat but she was fitter than the average hiker, much fitter.
18. Security magnified on the GPS screen potential sites along the trail that a hiker could use to avoid detection.
19. He hoped to run into another hiker along this long, lonely stretch of the Trail but his hopes would remain unrealized.
20. I’d left it that morning in the PCT hiker free box at the Sierra City post office as Greg and I strolled out of town.
21. Hello, I said to myself in anticipation of what I’d say once I arrived at the store, I’m a PCT hiker here to pick up my box.
22. If that hiker hadn’t come along, she’d probably have ended up under the wheels of the train and been written off as a suicide.
23. This way, in only two downs, every player gets to be a quarterback, a hiker, a linesman, a tackle, a pass receiver and a pass defender.
24. He repeatedly mentioned a man I’d never heard of named Ray Jardine—a legendary long-distance hiker, Greg told me in a reverent tone.
25. She had no experience as a long-distance hiker, and the trail was little more than an idea, vague and outlandish and full of promise.
26. Now I wished for that ice ax with an almost pathological fervor, picturing it sitting uselessly in the PCT hiker free box in Sierra City.
27. She wore a rough cut white linen blouse, a long skirt, and a copper bracelet which seemed to be, as near as Michael could make out, yoga hiker chic.
28. The movie 127 Hours is based upon the true story of Aron Ralston a hiker whose arm becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone in Utah.
29. Not five minutes later he and the boys discovered the hiker — dead for days, a rotting pastrami sandwich miraculously not eaten by scavengers in his hands.
30. Vic wore a flannel shirt, faded jeans, boots caked with old mud, and had the look of a veteran hiker who could whip out a tent from his backpack and spend the next week in the woods.
31. It was the thing that had compelled them to fight for the trail against all the odds, and it was the thing that drove me and every other long-distance hiker onward on the most miserable days.
32. Even sitting there on the log at the side of the trail, it took Frank around 5 minutes before he could begin to decipher what the strange hiker was saying in between gasps for air and frantic gesturing.
33. How do you dispose of a body? She thought to herself, she loved watching all the forensic shows and knew that nine out of ten bodies were either found by a hiker in the woods or discovered through a friend who blabbed.
34. He placed each item in one of two piles—one to go back into my pack, another to go into the now-empty resupply box that I could either mail home or leave in the PCT hiker free box on the porch of the Kennedy Meadows General Store for others to plunder.
35. Undefined for the hiker,.
36. Indeed it is YOU, the hiker and camper,.
37. Or that same hiker could kill you in your sleep,.

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