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Hillbilly in a sentence

I gawked at the hillbilly.
This hillbilly was something else.
Most of her hillbilly accent had.
I'd never seen a real hillbilly before.
Shockingly, the hillbilly turned and faced me.
The hillbilly burped twice then farted three times.
I’d rather you not fall in love with a hillbilly.

There was a slight possibility that the hillbilly.
The hillbilly scanned the area then entered his Ford.
He was actually laughing, a strange hillbilly cackle.
Thompson’s reputation all the way to hillbilly heaven.
As soon as the traffic light turned green, the hillbilly.
What right had this hillbilly chick to interrogate him?
Furthermore, the only thing you know about this hillbilly.
The hillbilly adjusted his baseball cap then turned on the.
The hillbilly exited Thomas Liquor Store carrying a plastic.
Brian and I forgave the hillbilly for his behavior, because.
Brian and I were hoping the hillbilly wasn't about to drink.
So, it’s not just a hillbilly mentality that spawns this evil.
Bev said with a hillbilly accent, Are you men folk ready out.
Her plates were from Tennessee and I recognized that hillbilly accent.
The material that had been their hillbilly clothing coalesced into a small.
It was hokier than hillbilly but it was closer to music than she would expect from this era.
Now that backwoods hillbilly, the supposed lunatic, has the political yuppies taking lessons from her.
Look, Samantha, I’m a son of the coal country, a hillbilly and a proud one, and I could tell you stories for hours about the bloody history of Big Coal.
Daisy went from being a cartoon blond hillbilly to being a slinky sophisticate, her dark hair flowing to her waist, wearing a glittering red gown with an air of mystery.
Besides performing gospel and rock and roll, she managed popular ballads, country, blues, R&B, hillbilly, political activism, jazz and soul, playing the piano as well as the guitar.
Noodling (aka hillbilly handfishing) is when you catch a catfish, but instead of using a fishing pole you just shove your hands into underwater holes that you’re hoping might have fish in them rather than crocodiles, snakes, or bitey turtles.
As soon as the hillbilly entered the Thomas Liquor Store,.

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