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Humbled in a sentence

I was humbled.
I was truly humbled.
He humbled himself.
It humbled them both.
I was humbled once again.
Humbled as he had been,.
The trail had humbled me.

Peter needs to be humbled.
And are humbled in your own,.
and those about to be humbled.
from a heart humbled in notes.
Why have we humbled ourselves,.
Humbled, The King careless, His.
He felt humbled by the experience.
The eyes of the proud are humbled.
You are humbled during the process.
i was so humbled, yet so thankful.
humbled and awestruck by the sight.
Truly, I am humbled by the knowledge.
I walked along in humbled silence.
despite that, I am honored and humbled.
The humbled father of my three sons.
He humbled Himself in obedience to God.
I was humbled, uncertain of my role here.
The proud man shall be humbled and sigh.
I might be humbled more than I would want.
I was humbled and honored by his invitation.
puter chess program that had once humbled A.
The prideful humbled, and the haughty abased.
It was humbling, frankly.
It was a humbling thought.
crushed by the humbling words.
spirit as the cool humbling winds.
I learned that when God is humbling us,.
exercises of an inward and most humbling.
The lessons of Boots were at times humbling.
It was humbling, confusing, and utterly annoying.
But the sting of not humbling him remained with her.
Even from my point of view, it was a humbling sight.
It was humbling to have been watched over this closely.
It was both a miracle and the most humbling of honors.
When the waiter left, I said, This is really humbling.
The afternoon meditation session is a humbling reversion.
we have been humiliated - meaning that it is a humbling.
It’s humbling, to become the very thing you once mocked.
is because of what I experienced is tremendously humbling.
It was humiliating and humbling, but MY Love is so great.
Let us be a shining ray of hope in their humbling existence.
what heaven is, and it is incredibly humbling to be able to.
Humbling himself to the higher power that the market is and.
His first humbling experience since his Spartan training days.
during one of the most awkward and humbling situations I have.
The lessons I learned about fear from this encounter were humbling.
Humbling for the big fellow, in a turn, he would be back to his old self.
could be more humbling to a person than the inner realization that they are.
Matthews, Sir? James said, humbling himself while approaching the doorway.
One incident during their year of novitiate was a little humbling and unsettling.
it truly humbles me.
when the setback humbles.
4 Therefore whoever humbles.
All should seek that which humbles them.
In all that humbles, sweetens and consoles.
and he who humbles himself shall be raised.
It humbles man, and leaves him no room to boast.
And because she humbles herself for the likes of you, you.
6 Who humbles himself to see the things that are in Heaven, and on the Earth!.
It is amazing how demanding the market is that it humbles such a brilliant mind.
10 He crouches, and humbles himself, so that the poor may fall by his strong ones.
It is hard for humans to humble themselves and to believe that God humbles himself.
11For whosoever exalts himself shall be abased; and he that humbles himself shall be.
12 Whoever exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.
‘…for everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.
11 Laugh no man to scorn in the bitterness of his soul, for there is one which humbles and exalts.
4 Whoever therefore humbles himself as this little child; the same is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Forget not, every one who exalts himself shall be humbled, while he who truly humbles himself shall be exalted.
Pray tell, good men, what Lord is this who humbles me with his good deed? But they, alas, would not to say.
29 See you how Ahab humbles himself before me? because he humbles himself before me, I will not bring the evil in his days, but in.
And whosoever exalts himself, (again, speaking of the flesh of man), will be humbled, and he that humbles himself, (puts away the flesh), shall be exalted.
14 I tell you this man went down to his house justified rather than the other; foreveryone who exalts himself will be humbled but he who humbles himself will be exalted.
' I tell you that the publican went home with God's approval rather than the Pharisee, for every one who exalts himself shall be humbled, but he who humbles himself shall be exalted.
Ah! Marius! Ah! you blackguard! to go and vociferate on the public place! to discuss, to debate, to take measures! They call that measures, just God! Disorder humbles itself and becomes silly.
After you have a $5,000 per $100,000 day, escape any feelings of euphoria by taking the next day off and doing something that humbles you, like playing golf or flying a plane or sparring with a black belt in tai kwon do.
For he who has sinned understands that he acted wickedly in the sight of the Lord and remembers the actions he has done and he repents and no longer acts wickedly but does good munificently and humbles and torments his soul because he has sinned.
19 Bless the Lord your God always and desire of him that your ways may be directed and that all your paths and counsels may prosper for every nation has not counsel; but the Lord himself gives all good things and he humbles whom he will as he will; now therefore my son remember my commandments neither let them be put out of your mind.
Thus neither party 'received His words;’ but between the two they assisted all future ages to comprehend His intention, which was to teach a doctrine that humbles man in the dust of death, and restricts the everlasting life to twice-born and believing souls,—a doctrine which represents the first Adam as coi~ko>v, a 'man of earth,’ and the Second Man alone as a 'life-giving spirit’ (1 Cor.
Luke 14:8-24 When you are asked of any man to a wedding do not sit down in the highest room; in case a more honourable man than you is asked by him; and he who invited you and he comes and says to you give this other man a place; and you begin with shame to take the lowest room; but when you are asked go and sit down in the lowest room; so that when he who asks you to come over he may say to you friend go up higher; then you shall have worship in the presence of those who sit at meals with you; because whoever exalts himself shall be abased; and he who humbles himself shall be exalted; When you make a dinner or a supper do not call your friends nor your brothers neither your relatives nor your rich neighbours; in case they also invite you back again and compensation is made for you but when you make a party or feast call the poor the maimed the lame and the blind; and you shall be blessed; because they cannot recompense you because you shall be recompensed at the resurrection of the just; blessed is he who shall eat bread in the Kingdom of God.
Love is humble.
She was humble,.
You humble me.
Be humble instead.
But a humble man.
and humble with me.
Maybe he is humble.
Grace to the Humble.
in our humble opinion.
the cry of the humble.
From the most humble.
Without a humble but.
of their humble station.
He was more humble and.
I am just a shy humble.
Now he was to humble her.
blame upon your humble us.
Don’t be humble, Liz.
The rag-picker was humble.
Max was a very humble man.
The humble shall see this,.
One that was humble and worn.
he that shall humble himself.
Mike’s were humble origins.
He that is humble ever shall.
He could afford to be humble.
Uncomplicated, humble, brave.
This humble outlook seems to.
He tells how only the humble.
Love is humble and God-giving.

Synonyms for humbled

broken crushed humbled humiliated low