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Humbleness in a sentence

Pride is a psyche decision against humbleness.
humbleness in the glory of the man who now stood over her.
And there’s a humbleness inherent with being the lowest.
still waving here and there, nodding with humbleness au fait.
thus spoke to Krishn with folded hands and reverent humbleness.
Alternatively, shaving your head represents humbleness and humility.

Elliot Segall accepted the honor with a faint attempt at humbleness.
a humbleness people can see and often respond to in a pleased manner.
To wear a sackcloth in your dream represents humility and humbleness.
who is equipped with knowledge and humbleness is closer to his goal whereas a.
humbleness as he talked about being in Indonesia with his single mom and her waking.
enormous sense of smallness and fragility, humbleness, and mortality that washes over you.
You could say that he had removed himself from the humbleness of his beginnings as far as one could.
He wanted much more of humbleness before he could bring himself to lift her on to his knee, forgiven.
She remembered interviewing Winslow and being impressed with his passion, and also his unexpected humbleness.
In that humbleness, we are able to rely on the deity to reply to the challenges and confrontations that menace our vulnerability.
I need you to do something else for me, Feltus said with a touch of authority rather than humbleness at asking for assistance.
Thus shall the oppressors be rewarded; thus, any one in all of creation that says, I do, I make will end up in ignominy and humbleness.
As he relaxed in his chair, the humbleness that was very becoming of him returned to his demeanour, restoring his faith and own emotional stability.
He was perhaps the greatest warrior in the whole world, but as strong as he was she had to admit his greatest strength was his humbleness and belief in his Creator.
This was to bring a jealousy from John, but instead John responded with humbleness knowing He was just a friend of the bridegroom and know that the bridegroom was here.
"Oh, Jim, what is the right thing? I only seem to know the wrong ones," piteously cried Audrey, reduced as completely to humbleness as before she had been roused to rage.
The humbleness of the action seemed fitting in this moment in time, as I was humbled beyond measure that such men would trust their souls to be guided by me of all people.
And deep in rawboned bodies a secret fear juice ran like a spring thaw, and their resolute calmness and belief and easy humbleness was gnawed and eaten by that juice and melted away in a torrent! Someone screamed.
And deep in rawboned bodies a secret fear-juice ran like a spring thaw, and their resolute calmness and belief and easy humbleness was gnawed and eaten by that juice and melted away in a torrent! Someone screamed.
He was, of course, a gentleman who was not ashamed by his power or his family’s wealth that dictated his civility, but there was a touch of humbleness in him that enabled him to relate to even those far less fortunate than he.
It seems to me that a seaman's duty may be an unconscious compound of these three, something perhaps smaller than either, but something much more definite for the simple mind and more adapted to the humbleness of the seaman's task.
It’s unbearable, do you understand me! He released his fists and forced his hands flat on the table as he opened his eyes slowly to reveal the tears that overrode that blank, horrified look he now assumed and to add humbleness to his usually authoritative, stern personality.
Though it was widely considered primitive and lacked the embellishments of the grand monuments of the social elite that would last ages, the simplicity of this serene, removed setting evoked a humbleness, a humility that was far more powerful and overwhelming than the statues and fountains that served as a lasting memorial to those who now were merely dust, consumed by time and relegated to memories of the living.

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Synonyms for humbleness

humbleness lowliness obscureness unimportance humility