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Impale in a sentence | impale example sentences

  1. He raised his javelin to impale me.
  2. Before I could have the soldiers impale him.
  3. As he prepared to impale the worm on the hook, Astray jumped up next to him.
  4. My father’s every word hit me like a sharp arrow that impale my heart; forced me to think again and again about you and your identity.
  5. They grabbed each infant by the ankles, flinging the poor newborn into the air, running to impale the child on the tips of their swords.

  6. Her next move was a vertical chopping swing with her nagemaki that cut off the tips of two lances that were about to impale two of her comrade archers.
  7. The tentacles pressed down on Max, trying to impale him on the tip of the beak, but he straddled it and slipped down outside it, into the root of the tentacles.
  8. Where can you see the evil of the unseen? Where do undead bird auras show their hand? In murder: the act of a bird: pecking-stabbing with its dead beak to impale a living thing.
  9. Oh, that’s okay, inspector, don’t you worry, I’ve got it all under control, he assured them, rolling his head over more than ninety degrees to impale Maintenon with a confident look.
  10. I held my breath in fear that to breathe I would impale my throat on the sharped stone point held pressed to my throat by one warrior of but several which had appeared seemingly out of nowhere.
  11. Without some kind of ice ax training, there wasn’t any question that I was far more likely to impale myself with it than I was to use it to prevent myself from sliding off the side of a mountain.
  12. The Devata youth was tempted to impale him on his spear but something inexplicable occurred: the elder’s balding head started to crack like an egg and luminous fissures showed up on other parts of his frail body.
  13. Desert air is hot, dry and enervating – I was very tired and would have preferred to impale myself on the chauffeur’s dagger than struggle to converse in my increasingly inadequate French and his six words of English.
  14. They hang, behead, and impale their criminals in the most agreeable possible manner; but some of these, like clever rogues, have contrived to escape human justice, and succeed in their fraudulent enterprises by cunning stratagems.
  15. He had of course already 'trued' the wheels on several occasions during the trip, impressively managing to make them so square that we felt like a couple of clowns on a circus bike (which we were rapidly coming to the conclusion, was how the rest of the world viewed us) or so over-tightened that we feared at any moment they would explode in a shower of pointy metal and impale us like a couple of kebabs - quite appropriate really.

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