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Impoverished in a sentence

Haiti is impoverished.
Mom as impoverished as his.
impoverished society - a nation of beggars.
It is machinery that has impoverished India.
20 He who is so impoverished that he has no.
Each time the Romans came back: they were impoverished.

Even the bread had run out of their impoverished houses.
Robber Baron Mafioso, and an impoverished powerless mass.
This evil institution has impoverished the people of the.
Even the bread had run out from their impoverished houses.
But he will be overwhelmed by terror and impoverished under.
Impoverished, homeless, living in a poor house for bachelors.
extinction event, which left the Earth impoverished; it would.
declare that their city is impoverished and that it will never.
the impoverished state of the existing shareholder PAG Holdings.
Her childhood was unstable and impoverished, and her teen years.
Why are these planets impoverished? What’s the problem?.
Some writers depict Christians and the impoverished during that.
and income for many, even in the impoverished days of the Twenties.
It changed from an impoverished neighborhood into Food Forest Farm.
returned from a tour of festivals in the Aegean, he was impoverished.
Undead bird spirits seeped into empty, dead, impoverished human souls.
only impoverished the reality of the individual; it has also narrowed the.
to helping others in such an impoverished country, think of al that we as.
From this spring two results, the land impoverished, and the water tainted.
Loss of the yeoman class: With the loss of small holdings, newly impoverished.
Like most impoverished Russians, the only hope of a better life was to emigrate.
He had been to the impoverished country before so he knew people in power there.
An example of selfish and impoverished leadership can be seen in the hearts of the.
It enriches those who receive it without impoverishing.
You cannot be wealthier without in some way impoverishing others.
pretending that they are doing nothing wrong they are actually impoverishing entire nations and.
Will the 500 million this charity compensate for the western banks of the world impoverishing the 3rd world nations down to starvation levels? No.
The list goes on and on… from Mexico, to Japan, to the Philippines, to Brazil, to Korea: as banks try desperately to stabilize economies that are run by criminals who are oppressing and impoverishing the poor, ignorant powerless masses who can barely manage to make enough money to get by.
In fact he hated his country, and he hated everybody in it, and devised as many ways of systematically impoverishing, terrorizing, killing, starving, and brainwashing his people as possible… while finding as many ways of raping and despoiling the land that he was supposed to have ‘loved’ so much.
Therefore, ultimately, this impoverishes the.
And that it is He who enriches and impoverishes.
damages the superorganism that is hosting them, and hence how it impoverishes them too.
In terms of the underlying oneness, this lack of integrity necessarily impoverishes the.
international financial and banking system that imposes usury on the entire world and impoverishes.
� The core condition that limits and impoverishes us comes in the denial of unconditional positive regard.
This kind of debt will impoverish you.
Change bad habits that impoverish, learn the.
approach of everyone for themselves, the more its partisans impoverish their milieu as they.
Any parent who loved their family and did not want to impoverish their own loved ones would not see the wisdom in this idea.
Sensing how that would impoverish the community further, and to forestall that fate, they evolved a bizarre custom but of practical wisdom.
Here we go, here comes Pedro's speech on how buying stocks was just another form of gambling, a game that would impoverish losers and make winners rich with the money others had lost.
Whether, by the continual exportation of those metals, a trade of this kind is likely to impoverish the country from which it is carried on in any other way, I shall have occasion to examine at great length hereafter.
If the prodigality of some were not compensated by the frugality of others, the conduct of every prodigal, by feeding the idle with the bread of the industrious, would tend not only to beggar himself, but to impoverish his country.
Have historians bothered to lay at his feet these crimes? how many hundreds of virgins did he rape in his lifetime? How many millions of Chinese did he starve and torture and degrade and impoverish and terrorize during his evil reign?.
National govts and empires most definitely do not protect the people they tax and feed off; they use them and cannibalize them and impoverish them and brainwash them and terrorize them into becoming abject brainwashed obedient subjects.
The parties concerned have replied, that their trade by this continual exportation of silver, might indeed tend to impoverish Europe in general, but not the particular country from which it was carried on ; because, by the exportation of a part of the returns to other European countries, it annually brought home a much greater quantity of that metal than it carried out.

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broken impoverished destitute indigent necessitous needy

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