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Impregnation in a sentence | impregnation example sentences

  1. Illustrations of the Impregnation of Plants, 318.
  2. Impregnation of the activated charcoal with elementary.
  3. Marriage creates more impregnation of unconsicous with conscious to yield harmful impulses growing under marriage.
  4. The actual impregnation process was over quickly and she was given an injection to make sure that she stayed asleep.
  5. From this chart, I would also say that they are probably hermaphrodites, with sexual organs for both impregnation and gestation.

  6. But so effectual is this process in promoting impregnation, that I have obtained strong muriatic acid in the central jar, without producing any sensible acidity in the outside one.
  7. This impregnation is brought about by means of tubes (POLLEN-TUBES) which issue from the pollen-grains adhering to the stigma, and penetrate through the tissues until they reach the ovary.
  8. Biological resistance and hard combustibility of the materials on their basis of mineral binders is provided by impregnation wood aggregates by mineralizers and their subsequent mixing with mineral binders.
  9. But after all, the cause more probably lies in some imperfection in the original act of impregnation, causing the embryo to be imperfectly developed, rather than in the conditions to which it is subsequently exposed.
  10. A Stereo-Form represents the whole totality of individual rotation Cycles of duvuyllerrt groups of Stereo-Types whose frequency Configurations are closely interrelated among themselves in one Time Flow by such objective factors as the same time of impregnation, the same time of birth, the same parents (the same DNA composition).

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