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Impressions in a sentence

1. The impressions were all there.
2. Life gave her no new impressions.
3. First Impressions – How to win th.
4. Any impressions of Tamil men being.
5. There's such a jumble of impressions.
6. First impressions no longer mattered.
7. Two impressions inevitably stood out.

8. First Impressions – How to win t he.
9. Vague impressions of height and weight.
10. We want her impressions and so forth.
11. CPM stands for cost per 1,000 impressions.
12. However, impressions are often misleading.
13. Always look beyond your first impressions.
14. How about first impressions? I asked.
15. This will subdue negative impressions and.
16. These are called Memory of Sense Impressions.
17. I judged now by my impressions of that time.
18. In contrast, negative impressions could be.
19. Those things that make impressions are more.
20. Such bases are connected with our impressions.
21. Impressions of six feet were left in the mud.
22. The pictures are colorful and the impressions.
23. The impressions are of your actual landing page.
24. But all impressions slid together, defying logic.
25. But his initial impressions ran deeper than that.
26. These are cautions about impressions you receive.
27. But most of these impressions are insignificantly.
28. YUKI GATHERED HER impressions of the long-haired Mr.
29. C) I’d give them a chance, first impressions and.
30. Even one's impressions are hardly formed correctly.
31. Nekhludoff, after the impressions of his stay in St.
32. I just didnt want him to be under false impressions.
33. Content matching is different from search impressions.
34. I watched to catch his impressions in his countenance.
35. He reevaluated his first impressions about Master Joe.
36. This is where mental impressions and habits are stored.
37. Page Impressions or Page Views — The number of times.
38. After the ceremony, Hugo described his impressions in.
39. While the specific scenes and/or impressions had never.
40. Her senses were overwhelmed with horrifying impressions.

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