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    in opposition

    1. The low price of corn, from 1741 to 1750, both inclusive, may very well be set in opposition to its high price during these last eight or ten years

    2. These twenty years preceding 1750 may very well be set in opposition to the twenty preceding 1770

    3. we learn about God in opposition with idols

    4. Upon a subsequent occasion, in 1750, when a proposal was made to parliament for putting the trade under the management of a regulated company, and thereby laying it in some measure open, the East India company, in opposition to this proposal, represented, in very strong terms, what had been, at this time, the miserable effects, as they thought them, of this competition

    5. His interest is, in this case, set as directly in opposition to his duty as it is possible to set it

    6. What are called metaphysics, or pnemnatics, were set in opposition to physics, and were cultivated not only as the more sublime, but, for the purposes of a particular profession, as the more useful science of the two

    7. Kennedy did play a minor role, but in opposition to Algerian independence, refusing to support it at the UN

    8. Were they mutually exclusive? How was I to chose? Do I run away? What was I, what should I be? The possibilities all lined up about me, in opposition, suggesting that I do each other and themselves, an impossible array of options

    9. Any and all protestations to the opposite were declared heretical and the works of those in opposition were consigned to the pit called Apocrypha

    10. The Asean members voted in opposition 84

    11. “Bad: Not good…Not valid or sound…Having an injurious or unfavorable tendency or effect…Depraved, corrupt, base, sinful, criminal, Bad is the broadest and simplest term” (implying anything that stands in opposition to that which is good)

    12. 1 For a certain man named Simon, who was in opposition to Onias, who once held the high priesthood for life, and was an

    13. To them the thesis was the set of economic arrangements that was Capitalism, in opposition, or antithesis, was Socialism; between thesis and antithesis, would evolve into a higher stage of synthesis, communism

    14. In opposition to some, at the Heritage Foundation, Christian

    15. In opposition to the Constitution without a Bill of Rights:

    16. of this or that piece of New Deal legislation were of the same stripe as the witnesses who appeared in opposition to the court-packing

    17. meaning in opposition to real Perfect perceptions—but where does the idea of a real perception

    18. or merely constructed in opposition to something more important

    19. Then we might say that all presence is an appearance that is constructed in opposition to ab-

    20. Now the familiar august tones of the displaced Pharaonic servant, with an added shrillness, rose in opposition

    21. “I couldn’t give such a well-deserved beating to three billion Serminakis at once without some help, but the fact is that The Just Alliance is absolutely united in opposition to you and anyone who fights for you

    22. They were the listening post on the only part of the encampment where the Egyptians had not posted their army in opposition

    23. 16 therefore setting up reasoning in opposition to his desire he poured out the draught to God

    24. 1 For a certain man named Simon who was in opposition to Onias who once held the high priesthood for life and was an honourable and good man after that by slandering him in every way he could not injure him with the people went away as an exile with the intention of betraying his country

    25. “We stand ready to join you in friendship, and in opposition to the demons, if you will fulfill our condition

    26. 6 7 you have heard that it was said Eye for eye and tooth for tooth: but I say to you Stand not in opposition to the evil; but whoever strikes you on your right 8 cheek turn to him also the other; And he who would sue you and take your tunic 9 leave to him also your wrapper; And whoever compells you one mite go with him twain; And he who asks you give to him and he who would borrow of you prevent him not; And prosecute not him that takes your substance; And as you desire that men should do to you so do you also to them

    27. Every one who is not in opposition to you is with you

    28. the only part of the encampment where the Egyptians had not posted their army in opposition

    29. They, who believed in opposition to civil authority and thus became imbued with supporting the unsavory falsehoods of collectivism in their youth, now in colleges, have succeeded in the fateful and one-sided indoctrination of a large percentage of our younger citizenry

    30. 21 Up to this point I have been describing the two systems in opposition to each other in this country

    31. “Most of the people in opposition

    32. They both will always have to remain in opposition!

    33. of being continually in opposition, as has happened since the time of

    34. often the former is in opposition to the latter and keeps it from doing its

    35. Olivia sensed that it was not so much in defense of Conan that the Corinthian took his stand, but in opposition to Aratus

    36. Mars is still in opposition to Uranus this month, so review our discussion of this last month

    37. Since Mars has been in opposition to Uranus more or less all year, the love life now becomes a bit more stable too

    38. His presence in Jerusalem at the feast of tabernacles, even in opposition to the advice of his followers, sufficed forever to put an end to all whisperings about fear and cowardice

    39. Nothing in this article is to be considered as an attempt to advance any theory in opposition to accepted history

    40. We have seen many good men enter politics and seemingly change into hardened individuals who would compromise basic principles and act in opposition to their own political promises

    41. They will assume the story line that is in opposition because they can offer a rebuttal that they have prepared

    42. that the organization had set itself up in opposition to Stallman

    43. Only Senators Asle Gronna, Harry Lane, George Norris, William Stone and James Vardaman joined Bob in opposition to it

    44. Anticipating this, both men stepped back and once again rushed the door, though their efforts were unsuccessful as the door stayed firmly in opposition to their entrance

    45. folly nor persuaded to act in opposition of this forthcoming

    46. Some said – at the expense of being shouted down - that it was in opposition to some of the

    47. who’d been making more and more appearances in opposition to Barron

    48. Anyway, when the group again came together, I went also to stand in opposition to the forming of godliness, and knowing that the power will not be within it, for sooner or later they will deny the Power thereof

    49. nations may be inclined to join in opposition

    50. My advice therefore is, if you agree, that the main opposition party should be handed the documentary evidence of this appalling act, and be left to make of it what they will, when they judge the timing to be right

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