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Inactivation in a sentence

1. Acute inactivation of the BLA pre-.
2. Neither BM- nor TTX-induced inactivation of the IL alters footshock-.
3. TTX- or BM-induced inactivation of the OFC fails to attenuate cocaine-.
4. In contrast, BM-induced inactivation of the lateral OFC, which is the putative.
5. Consistent with this, TTX-induced inactivation of the lateral OFC impairs foot-.
6. TTX inactivation of the IL fails to alter reinstatement elicited by a previously.
7. McLaughlin J, See RE (2003) Selective inactivation of the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex and.

8. Consistent with this, IL inactivation achieved through TTX or lidocaine infusions fails to alter.

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