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Inactivity in a sentence

Another key problem is inactivity.
Deep sleep is not a state of inactivity.
After lunch he felt the drowsiness of inactivity.
Q: Why do the Indian teachers advocate inactivity?
All of a sudden, the inactivity was killing him, he.
Older women must be warned against sexual inactivity.
The buccaneers were penniless from their long inactivity.

Jimmy could hear the silence of inactivity along the line.
The prostrated inactivity of two mornings was stifling him.
This of course will cause obesity along with physical inactivity.
What is a resurrection? It is a revival from inactivity and disuse.
They spoke of it simply as a place of silence, darkness, and inactivity.
Inactivity does not suit you, and coarseness does not suit a prince consort.
He was plagued with attacks of cramps brought on by his enforced inactivity.
We could do nothing but wait in aching inactivity during those two weary days.
Another reason that television is linked to obesity is because it promotes inactivity.
They were in their own little world of inactivity and didn’t acknowledge his presence.
Forced inactivity produces boredom not just children, it creates boredom in all humans:.
I can only assume that the Veiled were unable to locate this ship due to its utter inactivity.
It is important to avoid the harmful effects of inactivity on muscles and the respiratory and.
Taking advantage of their inactivity, the creature seized Takina, and raised her above his head.
Are you very active physical wise? Physical inactivity can play a huge role in high blood pressure.
The feeling of boredom which is the distress of mind due to inactivity is the key to spiritual growth.
Cold weather may cause higher reading of blood pressure probably of winter inactivity and weight gain.
The unit could well be damaged by a sudden surge of current after years of hard frost and inactivity.
Media Vision was a hot-growth, new technology company that nearly scared shorts into prolonged inactivity.
As long as we've made good decisions and our investment cases are intact, that creates a bias for inactivity.
Since this is speaking of the dead bodies of Truth and Justice, it refers to their absence and inactivity as.
What is boredom? Boredom is a mental state of inactivity of the inner life in the absence of external stimuli.
Not in slothful inactivity, Neither stupid nor lazy, right up in Heaven, having all the pleasure God has promised.
Sleep is the only proper situation for inactivity; the state of Awakeness is one in which laziness should have no place.
After a slow re-orientation, she was back and comfortable in his world, his recently-assumed world of leisure and inactivity.
It was during this period of inactivity that Michael developed his interest in the Internet; he often sat in front of his monitor.
But keep in mind that this very inactivity over the next month that we are rooting for will necessarily weigh on longer-term options.
Ruthie and Winfield tried to play for a while, and then they too relapsed into sullen inactivity, and the rain drummed down on the roof.
It was not until another month had gone by that Doris, really in need of a hot cock, decided she could stand sexual inactivity no longer.
It is during our times of inactivity, and especially our times of sound sleep, that allow our bodies to maintain proper balance and health.
There are periods of inactivity but there are also quite a lot of physical benefits that make this activity good for those who are less athletic.
And Nicholas, who had vainly suffered all the dread that precedes a battle and had spent that happy day in inactivity, was all the more depressed.
But after two days of forced inactivity she had become used to—even to like—the patter lulling her to sleep at night or to nap during the day.

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