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Inconstant in a sentence | inconstant example sentences

  1. It is inconstant.
  2. I told myself that white women were inconstant.
  3. With his fickle and inconstant mind, he can fore-.
  4. An inconstant smile flickered on her quivering face.
  5. Doing away with the causes that make the inconstant and.

  6. So shapes and sizes retained their properties while colours were inconstant.
  7. Well, my friend, fortune is inconstant, as the chaplain of the regiment said.
  8. The upcast reflection of a lamp and shade, an inconstant series of concentric.
  9. Traffic was thin and inconstant, and for long stretches there would not be a car on the road for miles ahead or behind.
  10. She dropped her head before all the eyes in the wide circle formed round the generous, the terrible, the inconstant Capataz de Cargadores, and his Morenita.
  11. And yet despite this towering strength of devotion he was so unstable and inconstant that he permitted a servant girl to tease him into denying his Lord and Master.
  12. I cherished hope, it is true, but it vanished when I beheld my person reflected in water or my shadow in the moonshine, even as that frail image and that inconstant shade.
  13. An Academician would say that the entertainments of the fashionable world are collections of flowers which attract inconstant butterflies, famished bees, and buzzing drones.
  14. All this said and repeat with the purpose to tell you that any God of Time in literature is nothing but the Symbol of Time and personification of Spirit and Soul – inconstant principle of the Universe.
  15. Why did he accept even that hand, when all he wanted to do was die? Surely even he, wastrel and inconstant fool that he was, could sit on a mountain side and wait for the chill winds and sleets of winter to come and take him? He didn’t have to do anything, he thought.

  16. On account of the frequency of the returns, a part, and probably but a small part, perhaps not above a third or a fourth of the capital which at present carries on this great round-about trade, might have been sufficient to carry on all those small direct ones; might have kept inconstant employment an equal quantity of British industry ; and have equally supported the annual produce of the land and labour of Great Britain.
  17. I have abstracted myself from all the sympathies these are calculated to inspire; because, notwithstanding that I feel the utmost confidence in the integrity of intention of the leading characters in this political drama, I cannot forget that they derive their power from a giddy, inconstant multitude; who, unless in the instance under consideration they form an exception to all general rules and experience, will act inconsistently and absurdly.

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