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Incorporeal in a sentence | incorporeal example sentences

  1. What thing? she inquired, squinting her blue incorporeal eyes.
  2. It is important to understand that the unseen, incorporeal world that surrounds us has.
  3. The line of tired witch-hunters wavered, and lesser gens attempted to fight the incorporeal monsters.
  4. Angels are incorporeal beings, though they nevertheless take on human form when appearing to mankind.
  5. I could see Eileen almost spent, faint and withering, unable to even stay afloat in her incorporeal body.

  6. Where could she have learnt this corruption almost incorporeal in the strength of its profanity and dissimulation?
  7. He considered that for a moment, and then said, Just because it works on a spirit doesn’t mean it’ll work on an incorporeal hellhound.
  8. Demonic entities and incorporeal creatures, sir, Jules said, and for the first time I detected a very serious and grave tone in his voice.
  9. If hellhounds can become incorporeal, what would stop one from entering the house, like a spirit, and attacking the dog inside the house, just as it’s leaving its body?
  10. As previously mentioned in “The Clear Proof” Fortress, the word “Garden=Paradise” refers to incorporeal pleasure and hidden bliss that man feels in his depth when seeing something delightful.
  11. Some of them struck me as singularly odd compounds of ardour and flatness; commencing in strong feeling, and concluding in the affected, wordy style that a schoolboy might use to a fancied, incorporeal sweetheart.
  12. Their bodily diseases are only a reason that heals their spirits of their incorporeal ailments and deathly germs so as to be qualified for entering Paradise and enjoying the grace and the boons which their Provider has prepared for them.
  13. Our ancestors rushed to be nations' herdsmen instead of being sheep herdsmen, how? By the true applying of the book of Allah and understanding the religion, not only by apparent acts of worship and leaving the important, essential and incorporeal matters.
  14. With this glimpse of the world of Al-Azal and the first creation[31] (the world of incorporeal spirits) which preceded our coming to this material world, we have seen the Godly Justice manifested among all of creation in the most gorgeous garment of perfection.
  15. In that hour she repeated what the merciful eyes of solitude have looked on for ages in the spiritual struggles of man—she besought hardness and coldness and aching weariness to bring her relief from the mysterious incorporeal might of her anguish: she lay on the bare floor and let the night grow cold around her; while her grand woman's frame was shaken by sobs as if she had been a despairing child.

  16. If they witness this witnessing; that is to say, if a person’s spirit has sensed the greatness of this universe and the sublimity of the Hand which directs all of it in one moment, without any cessation, so that nothing in the earth or in the heavens may leave Its control; that is, if the spirit witnesses this witnessing; that is, if it achieves an incorporeal witnessing that there is no God except Al’lah and feels the Godly magnificence and grandeur in its depth: it will then feel in awe of Al’lah.

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