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Incredulity in a sentence | incredulity example sentences

  1. Saul looked at him with incredulity.
  2. She shook her head with incredulity.
  3. Raven looked at her with incredulity.
  4. I warn you of incredulity beforehand.
  5. Robert's face was a mask of incredulity.

  6. Not out of mirth, but out of incredulity.
  7. He gawked at her, eyes wide with incredulity.
  8. He remembered vividly his incredulity when.
  9. Incredulity seeped from Amonas’ every word.
  10. Marc turned to me with a look of incredulity.
  11. He couldn't help the incredulity in his voice.
  12. Shock, incredulity, betrayal then finally rage.
  13. The incredulity on Hives' face was plain to see.
  14. Trying, but failing, to hide my incredulity, I.
  15. Therese jumped up off the bed full of incredulity.

  16. The looks on their faces were looks of incredulity.
  17. Jeff read with increasing interest and incredulity.
  18. Carter looked at him with incredulity and shook his.
  19. The coin collector’s countenance showed incredulity.
  20. The comment earned her a look of incredulity from her.
  21. Milo was surprised that no one spoke out in incredulity.
  22. The teenager looked at her with incredulity on hearing that.
  23. The history of this company pushes the bounds of incredulity.
  24. Bart hoped his grin looked like incredulity rather than relief.
  25. Henry drew his hand away, staring at her with angry incredulity.

  26. Noelene looked at him with a mixture of incredulity and amazement.
  27. In Simon’s he saw a mixture of incredulity, excitement and fear.
  28. I expressed my astonishment and observed the elder with incredulity.
  29. But miracles which are simply heard of are provocatives to incredulity.
  30. What are you doing? Ben asked with a voice filled with incredulity.
  31. Incredulity kept encompassing her as she bleakly stared at his small face.
  32. Have you offended someone? he asked, with a flicker of incredulity.
  33. I had three immediate reactions: incredulity, disappointment, and sadness.
  34. Shocked by Vandenberg’s reaction, Ingrid stared at him with incredulity.
  35. Shooter's head snapped round as he looked at his superior with incredulity.
  36. Instead, caught up in his immediate incredulity, the words could not form.
  37. Peter stopped speaking and looked around the table into faces of incredulity.
  38. Tatiana was nearly contemptuous as she looked with total incredulity at Nancy.
  39. I distinctly remember his set smile, in which there was incredulity and wonder.
  40. What is that father? I gasped in incredulity, the way children normally do.
  41. An odd look came over Charles’ face, incredulity and shame struggling with love.
  42. Are you the one I should see? The visitor asked with a tinge of incredulity.
  43. Nathan stood and watched this scene with incredulity, unable to tear himself away.
  44. Bob Simpson's reaction to the furore in the media was initially one of incredulity.
  45. My incredulity annoyed Armitage so that he turned and left me with some abruptness.
  46. The samurai kashira also eyed the carnage with incredulity before nodding to Saburo.
  47. Parmayan nodded and smiled, not so much out of comprehension as an ironic incredulity.
  48. The interrogator’s face first reflected incredulity as he listened to the newcomer.
  49. The others looked with incredulity at the empty church, but the earl showed no surprise.
  50. Ingrid didn’t miss the incredulity in his tone when pronouncing the word ‘General’.
  51. You were going in by yourself? Michael could not hide the incredulity in his voice.
  52. I must say that I expected more, uh, incredulity when I told your guards about my story.
  53. Why wouldn’t I be? Locke responded, hoping Hiss heard the incredulity in his voice.
  54. MacArthur, like all the other officers present except for Ken, looked at her with incredulity.
  55. He looked with some confusion and incredulity at the image of an old sea-going ship at night.
  56. The interrogator could only watch that with a mix of incredulity and horror, unable to react.
  57. He managed to ask the Patriarch, his voice rippling with waves of incredulity and disbelief:.
  58. That’s novel,’ said Sir Peter with more than a hint of sarcastic incredulity in his voice.
  59. While Nancy hid her surprise as best she could, the ICE agent eyed Dean with utter incredulity.
  60. Incredulity, worry and amazement were what could be seen on the faces of all the present titans.
  61. Sir Robin Algar recognised exactly his own incredulity when Weaver had first suggested this to him.
  62. In the meantime, Nancy turned around to face the girl, who had watched the fight with incredulity.
  63. The response of some to this perspective is one of incredulity and scorn - these critics claim that.
  64. Her answer took him completely by surprise and he eyed her with both incredulity and incomprehension.
  65. The teenager, who had seen her confrontation with her first follower, looked at her with incredulity.
  66. On my remarking that I was constantly in the habit of doing the same thing you expressed incredulity.
  67. Why would you want to? the incredulity in professor’s voice was so pure that it made Michael.
  68. I will not hold your incredulity against you, Senator Flavius, as it was an understandable reaction.
  69. The woman continued to react with incredulity, her face crinkling up and her head shaking momentarily.
  70. Both Kido and Kimi looked at the technician with utter incredulity, with Kido objecting nearly at once.
  71. Hades, with eyes wide open, filled with incredulity toward what he was seeing: No, this cannot happen!.
  72. Mackie, who looked up at him with a mixture of what Harry perceived to be mild contempt and incredulity.
  73. The men around her were silent for a long moment, staring at her with a mix of incredulity and wonderment.
  74. Many guests laughed with Jeanne at Mélanie’s remark, while Thomas Evans shook his head with incredulity.
  75. It was received with incredulity at first, but as a matter that required the most deep and serious thought.
  76. Henry ‘Hap’ Arnold raised his nose from the report he was reading and looked at Ingrid with incredulity.
  77. As for Prime Minister Attlee, he was looking at Ingrid’s picture with a mix of incredulity and admiration.
  78. Before Scott could think of a good way to express his incredulity a figure in a white suit popped into existence.
  79. He stared for a moment with a look of utter incredulity at the contemptible little woman who had ended his life.
  80. The young woman looked with incredulity at the twenty dollars Ken put in her hands, then smiled at him, overjoyed.
  81. She saw the expression of incredulity on the Elf's face and heard clearly the raging thoughts pouring through her mind.
  82. And Levin had been struck by the passive, weary incredulity with which the children heard what their mother said to them.
  83. Occasionally, Tara, an apparently enquiring look on her face, would interject to reinforce the atmosphere of incredulity.
  84. A muffed thud, Michael had fainted, screams of incredulity and pain, then crying, a door banging, men with guns shouting.
  85. Could it be that he had a wife? And two children? Caris looked at Merthin and saw that his face was a mask of incredulity.
  86. Miura, a young and very pretty woman that was the understudy of Takashi, eyed with incredulity the crushed and burned out car.
  87. Whole in what? jammed the screen from seventeen thousand BASer's simultaneously texting their incredulity and desperation.
  88. The assembled academics and historians looked at each other with incredulity and surprise before one of them protested to Arnold.
  89. Now, tears of incredulity sprang into his eyes, nearly blinding him, but he was closer, and the older man spoke again, to him!.
  90. But, of course, we ran at once to the crocodile's tank, and with equal reverence and incredulity listened to the unhappy captive.
  91. Well, are you going to answer my question? Though she wanted to sound irritated, incredulity deflated it to a mere whining plea.
  92. The nobles around him clearly saw Charles’ face gradually reflect incredulity first, then utter consternation as he read the letter.
  93. Are you really serious about all this stuff, I mean, is this for really for real for you? Al asked, a tone of incredulity in his voice.
  94. After expressing incredulity that this was possible, Stripehead made an undertaking to the group that he would be ready to go at that time.
  95. You’re a cop? Truman asked with incredulity of the man squatted across the deck while struggling to loosen the bindings on his wrists.
  96. He could still scarcely get over his incredulity; he still fancied that Ivan knew everything and was trying to throw it all on him to his face.
  97. Their stupor quickly turned into incredulity when Ingrid, using her full strength as a Chosen, made the chair she was tied to break into splinters.
  98. She had gathered from Angel sufficient of the incredulity of modern thought to despise flash enthusiasm; but, as a woman, she was somewhat appalled.
  99. From Spaceguard command compound General Simmonds watched the entire event, relayed from a sky camera, with a combination of incredulity and fascination.
  100. She marched her incredulity in security sweeps across her desolate reign, trying to uncover the rumored gift, the only package she must have left unopened.

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