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  1. There’s no incremental cost to.
  2. Another incremental test, we think.
  3. But how it all works is incremental.
  4. The Value of Incremental Information.
  5. How? Simply by selective incremental focus.

  6. Incremental problem solving solves nothing.
  7. Good in human society is token, and incremental.
  8. All forms of charity are incremental and segmential.
  9. Your success will be incremental and ephemeral at first.
  10. Subsequent advances have been comparatively incremental.
  11. Therefore, when moving forward with incremental baby steps.
  12. Incremental change has never been effective and never will.
  13. But it is all an incremental accumulation that is selective.
  14. This results in small incremental releases with each release.
  15. That is in planning, and setting incremental baby steps forward.

  16. If he had: his slight incremental reform would never have happened.
  17. Every change you make should be viewed as an incremental improvement.
  18. Therefore when tiny, almost unnoticeable incremental steps are made, i.
  19. Man did it once through a small incremental gift that suddenly multiplied.
  20. As a result, all human change-growth-healing is segmentive and incremental.
  21. No human wants to face the truth about this kind of incremental improvement.
  22. This pursuit of incremental growth is exactly what management should be doing.
  23. The definition of the incremental equity improvement is the amount of equity to.
  24. He only succeeded because his criticism was incremental in scope and perspective.
  25. Once we accept the proposition that the incremental value of a firm is equal to the.

  26. The scariest part was the first incremental bank which angled thirty degrees upwards.
  27. The student/investor must keep in mind that the model is a rendition of the incremental.
  28. Though, what happens when the incremental baby steps become repetitive, even monotonous?
  29. In the case of a low-return business requiring incremental funds, growth hurts the investor.
  30. All selective intelligence is incremental: that is why it is so limited, stupid and so blind.
  31. But because most effects of profit are incremental, and passed on: it is not examined closely.
  32. Bollinger recommends making small incremental adjustments to the standard deviation multiplier.
  33. As Tony is already applying incremental baby steps any resistance he experiences is minimal.
  34. No Incremental Change can stop this Accumulation of garbage from creating More Disease and Sickness.
  35. This is the filter that backup software products use to perform incremental and differential backups.
  36. Yet people are stupid enough to waste their time trying to help other people on an incremental basis.
  37. This tiny, teeny incremental improvement in their humanity created and produced huge positive results.
  38. In maintaining incremental baby steps forward will further fuel, propel, and maintain self-motivation.
  39. We can integrate Royal’s ships into our convoys for a suitable fee at no incremental cost to ourselves.
  40. For a particular US retail client, the incremental gross margin impact was estimated to be 2 to 3% of sales.
  41. Both variables had incremental information about future absolute EARET in the presence of the other variable.
  42. The purpose of these additional assets is to earn incremental returns that will add to the company's profits.
  43. Alone, these incremental changes seem insignificant, but over time, you can be surprised with how much has changed.
  44. So now is a good time to set your own staff some small targets and goals, outlining the incremental baby step process.
  45. But with each incremental increase in performance comes a lowering of the efficiency of converting the fuel to motion.
  46. This was less than the cumulative costs of caring for incremental melanoma patients who died, cataracts, and crop loss.
  47. Returns on incremental capital invested in these geographic areas will create little or no value for existing shareholders.
  48. Incremental algorithms à process the input elements one-by-one and maintain the solution for the elements processed so far.
  49. As a stock’s prices expand, the incremental spaces are broadened so that all of the trading activity will fit on the chart.
  50. No incremental change of Billions more humans being born can stop the Rotting of Billions of more tons of Accumulated Garbage.
  51. Fifty-eight hundred years ago for that last incremental change would imply that, as the article said, we are still evolving.
  52. There are industry specific nuisance that should be taken care of while designing a solution to get true incremental advantage.
  53. Any environmental disturbance that disrupted this stability would erase in a generation any incremental size advantage so gained.
  54. They are doing it very, very, slightly… in selective, exclusive, incremental ways… in blind, uncoordinated, unconnected ways.
  55. Because civilization is segmentive and incremental in nature, all human forms of healing are segmentive and incremental in nature.
  56. This will happen only if the capital retained produces incremental earnings equal to, or above, those generally available to investors.
  57. For an increase in profits to be evaluated properly, it must be compared with the incremental capital investment required to produce it.
  58. One key source of opportunity is when companies are building new assets that will generate incremental revenues, prof- its and cash flows.
  59. At some point, with increasing risk, the party is over—the rising losses and risks of bankruptcy start to outpace any incremental gains.
  60. And finally we’ll assume that the stock closes at 71 each day as we’re trying to isolate the incremental selling pressure on the shares.
  61. One way to assess the value of a Knowledge Management initiative is to look at the incremental value of information along the KM life cycle.
  62. For this reason, it is not accurate to compare a long session for one security to that of another whose incremental pricing is different.
  63. If the old, dead ones are too much trouble to bother with because the ensuing changes are so minimal and incremental as to not be worth the effort.
  64. A typical backup strategy for a network consists of a full backup job that is repeated every week with daily incremental or differential jobs in between.
  65. John had to drop out of college because he couldn’t afford the tuition, but even as a young man, he recognized the incremental power of compounded savings.
  66. At issue is how to reward the mentors and other knowledge-able employees for the incremental value they create in the company through sharing their knowledge.
  67. The calculation can get pretty technical, but, essentially, elasticity quantifies how much supply and demand will change for every incremental change in price.
  68. However small and incremental progress might be, Moore argued, the new therapies were worthwhile and should be part of Catholic social justice and pastoral care.
  69. In an interview to the media watchdog website, The Hoot, AAP leader Yogendra Yadav complained that the incessant coverage of Modi did give him an incremental vote.
  70. The incremental approach to all human problems and suffering, the crisis-oriented, band-aid approach to all human problems do little to change the basic situation.
  71. In most cases, the incremental and differential backup options are built into the software, so you don’t have to use filters to manipulate the Archive attributes.
  72. Any alleviation of inequity has always been incremental; and has always been drowned under the unending accumulation of newer and worse inequities and inequalities.
  73. Indeed, the demographic shift in UP’s population—with a large and influential chunk of young voters—would eventually give the BJP an important incremental vote.
  74. Environmental activist groups are one of the few incremental organizations that try to look at what effect civilization has on the Earth, but they do it incrementally.
  75. No incremental change in the basic Universal Dynamics of: Accumulation, Rot, Pressure, and Degradation can stop 7 billion humans from accumulating into 15 Billion humans.
  76. The incremental value of a firm who has no debt is less than zero, because there will always be a minimum level of bankruptcy costs that would be derived from operational.
  77. What we needed was the plus vote, the incremental vote that can make all the difference in an election,’ is how the strategy was explained to me by a Modi adviser.
  78. The advantage of performing incremental jobs is that you use the absolute minimum amount of time and storage capacity because you never back up any files that haven’t changed.
  79. ALL of what they are inside is poisoning them… can humans finally understand that to change a system; you have to change ALL of it: not just one tiny incremental teeny bit of it.
  80. Robinson—both of which operate in fragmented industries—add tremendous intrinsic value because cash can be reinvested in the core business at a very high incremental rate of return.
  81. The sacredness of personal selfishness, or ‘Capitalism’… has been excused and ritualized, and normalized in so many ways; that even the idea of incremental aid is a pathetic sick joke.
  82. Their starting point was so far behind ours that it’s a much greater incremental increase in their combat power than fielding an improved version of rocket artillery’s going to be for us.
  83. At the extreme, a business with an incremental return of 24 percent, a cost of capital of 8 percent, and growth of 6 percent a year is worth three times as much as the business without growth.
  84. This is because each of the incremental jobs may contain files that don’t exist on the other incrementals and because they might contain newer versions of files on the previous incrementals.
  85. To flesh this out, if the return on incremental capital is 12 percent and the cost of capital is 8 percent, a business that grows 2 percent a year is worth 11 percent more than one with no growth.
  86. While we have accomplished a great deal during the past several months, the Select Comfort team continues to pursue incremental ways to reduce costs, sustain and build our brand, and preserve cash.
  87. Archiving, modification, and implementing user authentication and other methods of providing restricted access to the information generally provide significantly less incremental value to the information.
  88. Environmentalists are a tiny minority who are so fragmented, so unorganized, so incremental in their approach to the environment, that as a result they are almost completely ignored by the rest of society.
  89. The first is the profitability of the incremental capital employed; the greater the amount by which incremental returns exceed the cost of capital, the greater will be the value created by each dollar invested.
  90. Though these will be smaller than the ones it has enjoyed in the heart of its core region, they may still be enough to allow it to earn returns from its incremental investments that are more than the cost of capital.
  91. No incremental change in Accumulation, Rot, Pressure, and Degradation; can stop the accumulated overpopulation Pressure of Billions of more Humans from the Degradation of the Earth, and the Degradation of their own lives.
  92. Growth benefits investors only when the business in point can invest at incremental returns that are enticing-in other words, only when each dollar used to finance the growth creates over a dollar of long-term market value.
  93. The new weapons would undoubtedly be useful to the ICA, yet they’d represent no more than an incremental increase in the power of its existing artillery while they’d confer a whole new order of capability upon the Church.
  94. Also significant is the translation and repurposing phase of the life cycle, in that the incremental value of translating information can result in an increase in value similar to that of the original creation and acquisition phase.
  95. Our most important focus is on understanding a business' return on invested capital and, perhaps more importantly, its return on incremental invested capital [ROIC], which I've learned to appreciate more and more over the past 25 years.
  96. In judging whether managers should retain earnings, shareholders should not simply compare total incremental earnings in recent years to total incremental capital because that relationship may be distorted by what is going on in a core business.
  97. They look at some incremental effects it has in some incremental areas, on some incremental species by taking increment samples… or samples in increments… or incremental sampling of the incremental environment they are incrementally studying.
  98. During an inflationary period, companies with a core business characterized by extraordinary economics can use small amounts of incremental capital in that business at very high rates of return (as was discussed in last year's section on Goodwill).
  99. In order for the incremental yield gained from taking risks to regularly exceed the losses incurred as a result of defaults, individual holdings have to be small enough so that a single default won’t dissipate a large amount of the portfolio’s capital.
  100. We also know that he will have a small advantage, compared to trader A, on every trade because of better trade location, and the key question is whether that incremental gain is enough to more than compensate for the missed profits from the remaining two trades.

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