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  1. We were warned of a Teriz incursion the week past and.
  2. News of an unusually large and recent incursion by the Sea.
  3. As they swung past Glencairn Bridge more signs of incursion.
  4. Pharaoh's vizier has reason to believe that this incursion.
  5. These soldiers were turned loose wherever there was in incursion.
  6. It was the young warrior who had aided Rayne during the Scather incursion.
  7. All along the projected flight path of the Gorn incursion, nuclear weapons flared.
  8. You should have responded immediately to the incursion and not come to seek my.
  9. The General says to pack full gear for alien territory incursion, two weeks minimum.
  10. It was the young man who had fought at Rayne’s side during the incursion, Tarak noted.
  11. Scather incursion, stay with Mistress Sera, he shouted as he and Kai ran to the stairs.
  12. I think they were honestly just looking for a way to defend ourselves against another Borg incursion.
  13. Dimensional incursion!? What the hell does that mean? replied Chris, staring at the laptop screen.
  14. Alan had timed his incursion well: all the nuns and novices were in the cathedral for the service of Sext.
  15. An incursion, my aunt said briefly, setting a container of pink Himalayan salt next to the white candles.
  16. You should have responded immediately to the incursion and not come to seek my permission before you acted!.
  17. It was too remote from the population of the country for the militia to act, in repelling and chastising Spanish incursion.
  18. Father Scheil makes an incursion into Assyriology by his publication of some of the Tel el-Amarna tablets, and in this connection M.
  19. Fleet that I’m in conference with the Romulan Empress Nelvana and that their incursion into Federation space is being handled appropriately.
  20. Upon which she announced the fulfillment of her promise to give Cyrus his fill of blood for his incursion of their land and killing of her son.
  21. If underground streams are present, however, water incursion in the mine can quickly become a serious problem, as was the case at McArthur River.
  22. As for the army, the gunners of the coastal forts had suffered severely, even though they had made the enemy pay a heavy price for their incursion.
  23. Yet to others it represented an incursion into their determination to remain masters of their houses and homes and other discomfited intrusiveness.
  24. We know that many reputable Historians are concerned that this little incursion into our past could change Altgeld history in some very significant way.
  25. The stunned Orlandian fleet had no time to think, as they tried to react to the sudden incursion of the strangers that were taking them out left and right.
  26. Finding the book would be much easier with him since he had a lot of experience in the search of the sacred books and that was scarcely my first incursion into the field.
  27. In fact, HMS Defiant of the Royal Dohlaran Navy had once been HMS Dancer, of the Imperial Charisian Navy, the flagship of the heretical admiral who’d led that incursion.
  28. If the enemy attacks our territory while we’re doing this, we’ll break off the operation just long enough to deal with the incursion, then return to what we were doing.
  29. This difficult decision was made in light of evidence that the guerrilla incursion into the Federation and recent terrorist attacks were planned, organized and carried out by the Alliance.
  30. People were intrigued by the new details that came every day, but they seemed angrier at the American incursion than at the fact that the world’s biggest terrorist had been living on our soil.
  31. How long we might have remained in this ridiculous position it is impossible to say, but for the incursion of three thriving farmers—laid on by the waiter, I think—who came into the coffee-room.
  32. This appears to have been a reversion to anciently old ways as archaeological and historical accounts place a Semitic incursion into Mesopotamia from Arabian lands to the south, either during or somewhat after the time of Sumer.
  33. There was also a civil war in Ingalaterra over the succession, but the current king, Eduardo the Fourth (Edward IV), had staged a little incursion against Frantzia in conjunction with Ardangori until the king of Frantzia, Luis the Eleventh, bought him off.
  34. These various escapades again so terrorized the blacks that, had it not been for the monthly respite between Tarzan's visits, in which they had opportunity to renew hope that each fresh incursion would prove the last, they soon would have abandoned their new village.
  35. They found themselves altogether unprepared to stop or resist the incursion of Hyder Ali; and in consequence of those disorders, the company is now (1784) in greater distress than ever ; and, in order to prevent immediate bankruptcy, is once more reduced to supplicate the assistance of government.
  36. That clause however is not restricted to attacking Arab forces: Jewish forces will also have to refrain from attacking legitimate Arab territories, while any third party trying to militarily support any incursion or invasion of parts or all of Palestine may be subject to a lethal response from us.
  37. The extensive response told of events, all too close to what he had long suspected, to be doubted: the American CIA, he said, had employed him, Gordon Edward, and others as cocaine smugglers to finance their incursion into Nicaragua the same as had been done in Vietnam to finance certain ‘secret war’ activities only, in that case, the drug had been heroine.
  38. In the disorderly state of England under the Plantagenets, who governed it from about the middle of the twelfth till towards the end of the fifteenth century, one district might be in plenty, while another, at no great distance, by having its crop destroyed, either by some accident of the seasons, or by the incursion of some neighbouring baron, might be suffering all the horrors of a famine; and yet if the lands of some hostile lord were interposed between them, the one might not be able to give the least assistance to the other.
  39. If these proceedings are not all a sham, the territory in question is now in the possession of a people claiming to be sovereign and independent; and is it supposable that this people can behave so dastardly as to submit, without a struggle, to the incursion of a hostile army, whose avowed object is the conquest of the country and the subversion of its constitution and independence? And here permit me to remark, that the style and tenor of the letter from the Secretary of State of the 15th of November, 1810, to Governor Holmes, in answer to the letter of the President of the convention praying the recognition and protection of the United States, are not admirably calculated to give a welcome reception to the American Army.

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