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Indiana in a sentence

Bonnie went to Indiana U.
Probably closer to Indiana, too.
We continued east towards Indiana.
Division of the Indiana Territory.
Indiana Jones would have been impressed.
Just two states west of Indiana, was Missouri.
We headed northeast, towards Indiana of course.

He founded ―New Harmony‖, Indiana in 1824.
I hid in the great woods of Indiana, near Gary.
Michael Jackson was born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana.
I had to close first on sale of my home in Indiana.
I know you can’t go back to Indiana, I understand.
The dog was called Indiana and the beauty was Jewel.
Louie told of his days at USC; Phil spoke of Indiana.
To the right of this state was Indiana, our objective.
Cecy, desperate for information, felt isolated in Indiana.
Indiana while providing for his family by selling insurance.
Franklin, Indiana; where the Western Safe Point used to.
This position is restricted to Kentucky and Indiana residents.
I was so upset that I crossed northern Indiana in the darkness.
To get to Indiana, we would have to overcome a total of six states.
She demonstrated her craft artfully with a Congressman from Indiana.
Wilson was born in Bloomington, Indiana during the blizzard of '78.
Phil fantasized about getting back to Indiana, maybe to teach school.
West Lafayette, Indiana the previous month on theft and fraud charges.
He wasn’t Indiana Jones, but he sure as shit could walk into town.
The secondary formation of the state of Indiana is abundantly evident.
Up and down Indiana Avenue, volunteers circulated with the free roses.
They crossed the border into Indiana with the clock nearing twelve noon.
Shawunogi—an Algonquian tribe (Shawnee) that I place in Central Indiana.
Born in Greencastle, Indiana, in 1916, Phillips had just turned twenty-six.
She lives in Indiana with her daughter and their cats, Pugsley and Isabelle.
We continued through the state of Indiana for a while just searching until we.
They wound up in central Indiana, where his father worked for a cattle farmer.
Villard’s coal came from Indiana, but Hill obtained his from Iowa and saved $2.
Authorities are also looking for a man named Michael Colton Wayne, from Indiana.
Two air National Guard reserve units, one in Indiana and another here in New Mexico.
Andy was basically a nice person from Indiana who’d spent too much time in New York.
Employees will save more than $8 million and Indiana will save $20 million in 2010 and.
On the evening of Friday, June 4, 1943, Phil’s mother, Kelsey, was in Princeton, Indiana.

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