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Indiana in a sentence

1. Bonnie went to Indiana U.
2. Probably closer to Indiana, too.
3. We continued east towards Indiana.
4. Division of the Indiana Territory.
5. Indiana Jones would have been impressed.
6. Just two states west of Indiana, was Missouri.
7. We headed northeast, towards Indiana of course.

8. He founded ―New Harmony‖, Indiana in 1824.
9. I hid in the great woods of Indiana, near Gary.
10. Michael Jackson was born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana.
11. I had to close first on sale of my home in Indiana.
12. I know you can’t go back to Indiana, I understand.
13. The dog was called Indiana and the beauty was Jewel.
14. Louie told of his days at USC; Phil spoke of Indiana.
15. To the right of this state was Indiana, our objective.
16. Cecy, desperate for information, felt isolated in Indiana.
17. Indiana while providing for his family by selling insurance.
18. Franklin, Indiana; where the Western Safe Point used to.
19. This position is restricted to Kentucky and Indiana residents.
20. I was so upset that I crossed northern Indiana in the darkness.
21. To get to Indiana, we would have to overcome a total of six states.
22. Wilson was born in Bloomington, Indiana during the blizzard of '78.
23. She demonstrated her craft artfully with a Congressman from Indiana.
24. The secondary formation of the state of Indiana is abundantly evident.
25. West Lafayette, Indiana the previous month on theft and fraud charges.
26. Phil fantasized about getting back to Indiana, maybe to teach school.
27. He wasn’t Indiana Jones, but he sure as shit could walk into town.
28. Up and down Indiana Avenue, volunteers circulated with the free roses.
29. They crossed the border into Indiana with the clock nearing twelve noon.
30. Shawunogi—an Algonquian tribe (Shawnee) that I place in Central Indiana.
31. Born in Greencastle, Indiana, in 1916, Phillips had just turned twenty-six.
32. She lives in Indiana with her daughter and their cats, Pugsley and Isabelle.
33. They wound up in central Indiana, where his father worked for a cattle farmer.
34. We continued through the state of Indiana for a while just searching until we.
35. Villard’s coal came from Indiana, but Hill obtained his from Iowa and saved $2.
36. Authorities are also looking for a man named Michael Colton Wayne, from Indiana.
37. Two air National Guard reserve units, one in Indiana and another here in New Mexico.
38. Andy was basically a nice person from Indiana who’d spent too much time in New York.
39. Employees will save more than $8 million and Indiana will save $20 million in 2010 and.
40. On the evening of Friday, June 4, 1943, Phil’s mother, Kelsey, was in Princeton, Indiana.
41. I have employed a short period of leisure in passing over a portion of the state of Indiana.
42. No snow on him this time, as it was, especially by Indiana standards, a beautiful winter day.
43. How long had it been since I left Indiana and started my walk along the river? Only six months.
44. Chatterbox Lounge in Seaside Heights, they posed as missionaries from Indiana, collecting funds.
45. Here in the pornographic palace, he was a long way from his minister father’s house in Indiana.
46. Tyre had traded in his Dick Tracey fedora for a weather beaten hat straight out of Indiana Jones.
47. Indiana is in the heart of the red states so the following I had then was not all that supporting.
48. If Tammany Hall could furnish New York, then Indiana, or Connecticut and New Jersey, would suffice.
49. Articles about Hilbert reported lavish parties in his 23,000-square-foot mansion in Carmel, Indiana.
50. The gas is the product of ages, which has been accumulated in the porous limestone of Ohio and Indiana.
51. Joe, the pilot from South Carolina, and Bill from Idaho and Allan from Indiana and Abner from California.
52. However, by the time sophomore year at Indiana rolled around, Weyland decided he wasn’t being challenged.
53. Here are your facts for the state: Being the nineteenth state, Indiana gained statehood on December 11, 1816.
54. Her long, graceful fingers flexed at the edges of the paper as she read the letterhead: City of Morton, Indiana.
55. Wayne is believed to be traveling alone in a 2005 dark blue Ford Expedition with Indiana license plates 79b7290.
56. I blinked as he started shamelessly humming the Indiana Jones theme song, completely and utterly proud of himself.
57. He had grown up in a profoundly religious home in La Porte, Indiana, where his father had been a Methodist pastor.
58. Besides that, the interior was stained in the blood of the filthy redneck perverts they’d had to kill back in Indiana.
59. At five minutes to nine that morning, Sampson and I headed for a back entrance into the Federal Building on Indiana Avenue.
60. We asked this person for his identification, which in the State of Indiana, is required to be on the person when in public.
61. On 18 March 1925, a tornado travelled at least 352 km (218 miles) through the US states of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.
62. Allen’s father was at Camp Pickett in Virginia; his mother, Kelsey, rattled around in her empty house in Princeton, Indiana.
63. He was literally richer than God, had recently emigrated from Indiana, where he had made own fortune as an industrialist.
64. The Mexicans were countered by the Mississippi Rifles, who were later reinforced by the Indiana Hoosiers under the command of.
65. So Weyland dropped out of Indiana and decided to travel around the country in his car, visiting national parks and pondering life.
66. I became impatient, stuck to a huge toll road that strings the northern border of Indiana, bypassed Elkhart and South Bend and Gary.
67. He said four hundred thousand people in Northwestern Ohio and Central Indiana alone depended upon natural-gas for fuel and illumination.
68. Four teachers in Indiana all quit their jobs within a few months of each other because they wanted to stay home with their young children.
69. Back in Indiana, and across the breadbasket of the former United States, community farms have begun replanting food that people can actually eat.
70. June Haver competes with a pair of prizewinning mules for the affections of farmboy Lon McCallister in rural Indiana, all dressed up in Technicolor.
71. When news of the Trumbull story reached Indiana, Kelsey Phillips’s telephone began ringing, and friends and reporters flocked onto her front porch.
72. When Steve returned from his lunch, he had several maps and a list of plane rental agencies in Maryland and Virginia, and also in Illinois and Indiana.
73. His name was Jack, he drove a Henry J which he had bought from the Sears catalogue; now he was a student on his way back home to somewhere in Indiana.
74. Jonathan Jennings, returned to serve as a Delegate from the Territory of Indiana, appeared, produced his credentials, was qualified, and took his seat.
75. His home included a full-size replica of Indiana University’s Assembly Hall, and he and his friends wore Hoosier uniforms when they played basketball.
76. The buzz surrounding this story from Poseyville, Indiana, has generated tremendous excitement and anticipation from the crowds gathering at these events.
77. Our next door neighbor in the building away from the Clays was Art Becker, 6’8 forward for the old ABA Indiana Pacers, who was finishing his degree.
78. In this disposition is included a force, consisting of regulars and militia, embodied in the Indiana Territory, and marched towards our Northwestern frontier.
79. Resolved, That a committee be appointed to inquire into the expediency of dividing the Indiana Territory; and that they have leave to report by bill or otherwise.
80. If I had anywhere close to the weight that I carried at the start of my walkabout back in Indiana, there would have been no way that I could have matched his pace.
81. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed the identity of Bob Windowmaker through analysis of the video imaging received from the Poseyville, Indiana police.
82. Two men from totally different walks of life, a country boy from Texas and a city kid from Indiana, became lifelong friends and brothers, and our families became family.
83. I had a feeling he was going to be ready for my thoughts, but I had listened to all that theological philosophy driving back to Indiana, and I intended to put it to use.
84. Want to be a global heavyweight in the telecommunications game? Better buy that small wireless company in Indiana to expand your footprint and fill in your service area.
85. Jud Brewer, a compact thirty-eight-year-old with short brown hair, perfect teeth, and an ebullient manner that reflects both his earnest Indiana roots and Ivy League pedigree.
86. According to the Washington Post of June 6, 1996, Harry Numnutz, 19, and an alleged accomplice, were arrested in West Lafayette, Indiana the previous month on theft and fraud charges.
87. Thomas, the delegate from the Indiana Territory, returned to serve in the room of Benjamin Parke, who hath resigned his seat, appeared, was qualified, and took his seat in the House.
88. An Indiana outdoor company bought the three companies at a bargain price and eventually sold the entire major market for what was probably a handsome profit to another outdoor company.
89. Tarkington went to the Indiana legislature to get material for short stories, or whether he has written these because of his experience as an assemblyman, is not a matter of literary interest.
90. Thomas, from the same committee, presented a bill for dividing the Indiana Territory into two separate governments; which was read twice and committed to a Committee of the Whole on Monday next.
91. Another ban shortly passed, the Northwest Ordinance, which banned slavery from all territory north of the Ohio River, what would become the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
92. It was followed by a phone call from her sister, who delivered a message from Allen that had passed from person to person from Rokuroshi to Yokohama to San Francisco to New Jersey to Indiana: He was free.
93. Thomas, the resolutions of the House of Representatives of the Indiana Territory, which were read and ordered to lie on the table on the fourteenth ultimo, were referred to the select committee last appointed.
94. Lane, of Indiana, a member of the Board of Indian Commissioners when it was first constituted, were attentive and interested listeners, and took an active part in the pleasant informal conversation that ensued.
95. That same year, 1947, Fox exchanged bucolic Indiana for the Wyoming countryside and a pair of mules for a wild white stallion in Green Grass of Wyoming, with Marilyn again uncredited as an extra at a square dance.
96. The Northwest Ordinance, influenced by his bill, passed a year later and three years after banned all slavery in new states above the Ohio River, what would become Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
97. Shortly after this, the Shawanees assembled a large body in arms in the Indiana Territory, under the Prophet, and committed the assault on the troops of Governor Harrison, though they have paid for their temerity.
98. Kinsey (1894–1956), a biologist at Indiana University and the founder of its Institute for Sex Research, published the studies Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953).
99. After a brief stint running a plastics business in Albuquerque, he and Cecy moved to his boyhood hometown, La Porte, Indiana, where they eventually took jobs at a junior high, Allen teaching science, Cecy teaching English.
100. Thomas, from the committee appointed on the thirteenth instant, to inquire into the expediency of dividing the Indiana Territory, made a report thereon; which was read, and committed to a Committee of the Whole on Monday next.

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