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Indie in a sentence

1. BV - Pricing is key for any new Indie author.
2. Bright Line is an indie studio, I said.
3. Workers, a finalist in the Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards.
4. Thanks again for reading and taking the chance on an Indie Author.
5. They went back to the roots of the Indie rock tradition and started over again.
6. She had put on some indie band I had never heard of, light-hearted and agreeable.
7. They were a husband-and-wife indie act who wrote infectious pop songs about suburban angst.

8. I’m enjoying the sweet absurdity of a grandmother having memorized the words to an indie rock song.
9. Jenny Highland bombed with her dance and juggling routine with some bizarre Indie music in the background.
10. At last, Rajan was the only hope who encouraged her to do acting in her video album and then to his indie movie.
11. Personally, I’m publishing both traditionally and through indie ebook sources, and I love having a hand in each.
12. It’s such a widespread opinion that it seems like the premise to every indie movie is Workaholic mom comes home to find that her entire family hates her.
13. Jeff Blogs weekly at The Writing Bomb, is the founder of The Kindle Book Review and is also the author of the recently released, The Indie Author's Guide to the Universe.
14. He indicated that the authentic cookbook guy on occasion has tagged his book covers with some type of award sticker, not unlike the Indie Excellence Finalist Award on a few of my books.
15. It was an indie that had somehow avoided takeover by the oil conglomerates, a rustic place with a galvanized-steel canopy over the tanks and a hand-lettered sign over the office door: Man in the Moon Garage.

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