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    1. that its negative force is ineffectual or absent

    2. Spelman in a sigh of both relief that it wasn't more serious, and of irritation that the house staff had been ineffectual

    3. Justice raised an eyebrow for a second and smirked as the ineffectual blasts struck him

    4. And, in both cases, the law seems to have been equally ineffectual, and

    5. religious houses, after some other ineffectual attempts for their relief, it was enacted, by the

    6. The restrictions, however, with which this liberty was granted, joined to the high price of sugar in Great Britain, have rendered it in a great measure ineffectual

    7. 2: ‘So Jerand and his gang are pretty much ineffectual at this stage?’

    8. I also believe that legalization sends a clear message to (potential) law-breakers that whenever law enforcement is perceived as ineffectual, its legalization, whatever the social consequences, is right around the corner

    9. Some consider it crude, ineffectual, a poor choice of style

    10. The Continental Congress had fallen into bickering, and was ineffectual for national defense

    11. ineffectual and for the most times, art and part of the animal abuses

    12. denominations ineffectual for the kingdom of God, but

    13. Emptying my untouched beer into a massive glass ashtray with Australia House emblazoned on the underside in gold, I snuck downstairs where a darkly handsome Spaniard was using his boot in an ineffectual attempt to wake another young man snoring on the doorstep

    14. A small group of kids, supposedly on an ecological survey of the waste area beside the fence, had gathered to observe, ignoring the ineffectual bleating and arm waving of Miss Koutt who was desperately trying to herd her charges to a safe distance

    15. He had been responsible for promoting Brian Bell to his desk job, and away from the front line where he was thought to be ineffectual

    16. His mother seemed ineffectual but not unkind

    17. “No problem, first a quick description of the Wilson strong box, it weighs approximately a hundred and ten kilo’s plus contents so it needs two men to carry it, the reason it needs two men is not only the weight factor, the slightest jar will activate the combination alarm, it also has a global positional alarm, move it away from it’s setting by as little as fifty centimetres and the contents are rendered unusable by a printers dye spray, the combination lock on the lid is a work of art, it allows for no tolerance whatsoever, one wrong number and you‘ll be neck deep in trigger happy cops before you can turn around, as for your observation that it has never been done before, when I open this one it will be the second time that it has been done, Wilson Brothers do not like to advertise the fact that their box is less than burglar proof, I estimate that I can render the alarm systems ineffectual in two and a half to three hours, we can then remove it to another location to open at our leisure, once the alarms are deactivated its only a matter of cutting it open, this should take approximately ten hours, then we help ourselves to the contents

    18. that other countries would see them as weak, and ineffectual – unable to protect even their own

    19. If he wanted to remain unnoticed, he could soften the expression and appear slow-witted, kindly and ineffectual, totally unimportant, a grey man, the sort of unnoticed body that makes up a crowd

    20. It had to be politically devastating, portraying the government and security organizations as ineffectual, powerless and incompetent to the mourning public

    21. In hindsight, it may be easy to dismiss the behaviour of the First Sea Lord as ineffectual and puzzling

    22. they’ve been told not to: a final bit of ineffectual defiance

    23. I took my face-wipe, and gave the table-top an ineffectual dab

    24. leapt to his feet, puffing and panting with ineffectual indignation, and –with all the dignity he

    25. spell after ineffectual spell, but all to no effect

    26. Of course such a safeguard as this might often be ineffectual

    27. Seneca grunted as he reached down and unsteadily picked up the rope that still lay beside his feet and gave it an ineffectual tug

    28. The two then began to circle each other, taking a moment to test each other's skill with ineffectual swipes that landed blade against blade

    29. The creature turned and instead of a face Ceri saw only an endless abyss, and in that darkness saw a reflection of herself, as others saw her, puny, ineffectual with powers that were of no use to anyone, erratic, awkward, useless

    30. Chew me out, tell me what an incompetent, ineffectual, over-paid bastard I am, but don’t feel sorry for me

    31. I never knew about Coleridge's opium, or that to Carlyle he appeared as a helpless Psyche over spun with Church of England cobwebs, as a weak, diffusive, weltering, ineffectual man

    32. How gladly would I write them? How gladly would I see you in untroubled waters, forging straight ahead toward a full and fruitful life? But I am a foolish, ineffectual woman, and write you waspish letters when I might, if I had more insight, have found out what those words are that would set you tingling with the joy of life

    33. So while the arsenal of the Leaf Children looked impressive at first glance a longer more critical examination revealed it to be plentiful but generally ineffectual

    34. The government was constantly labelled a lame duck and the Legislative Council was often seen to be ineffectual and internally divided

    35. “Girl, please step out from behind that flimsy screen panel, it is rather ineffectual against Devata eyes

    36. Emasculated means to be feeble, ineffectual and helpless

    37. But their small, weak efforts are very ineffectual compared to the seven billion human souls infested with sick undead human filth raping and corrupting them at every chance, every second, sleeping and waking… on subconscious levels so faint, and untraceable and unnoticeable; that these brutalized masses of living humans are not even aware that such a thing as demon-possession actually exists, and that human spirits actually survive after the physical body dies

    38. Until they succeed in weakening them enough to make their efforts ineffectual

    39. Do you think 70 years of subconscious subliminal messages repeated endlessly ad nauseum, wishing you to become a senile, pliant mindless baby… by senile, weak, pliant, evil, cunning, undead filth: does not have an affect on you while you are alive? Do you think 70 years of your subconscious aura being violated and destroyed and ripped to shreds all your life, does not result in you developing a weak ineffectual aura? So when you die and meet them in their realm, you are no threat to them? Why do you think the older people get the more senile they become? Why do you think the older they get, the less they sleep? Because they stop dreaming

    40. All his fucking life he had blustered and paraded around in his fucking military uniforms, and his military pomp and splendor: but when the crunch came, he suddenly became a timid little ineffectual mouse, and was brushed aside by his generals

    41. The Royal govt of the Tsar was so incompetent, so weak, so ineffectual, it was a benign entity, similar to the weak foppish French Royalty just before the French Revolution

    42. On the other side were their official speeches and government policies: where they were only ineffectual figure heads who were largely ignored in the actual running and policy decisions of each European major power

    43. You are this ineffectual force

    44. preparations which provide only smal and ineffectual quantities of the vitamins, and have

    45. This does not mean that you should "fall" for the widely advertised but ineffectual and even

    46. She still screamed and sobbed lustily, kicked her two brothers for offering to touch her, and all their united soothings were ineffectual till Lady Middleton luckily remembering that in a scene of similar distress last week, some apricot marmalade had been successfully applied for a bruised temple, the same remedy was eagerly proposed for this unfortunate scratch, and a slight intermission of screams in the young lady on hearing it, gave them reason to hope that it would not be rejected

    47. The latter would be ineffectual

    48. It was six o'clock in the morning, the dawn was just breaking, and its feeble ray came into the dungeon, and paled the ineffectual light of the lamp

    49. The warrior in the oak had maintained a quick, though ineffectual fire, from the moment of his discovery

    50. The sight of so many dark bodies, glancing before their eyes at the same instant, drew a hasty and consequently an ineffectual fire from the Hurons

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    Synonyms for "ineffectual"

    ineffective ineffectual uneffective unable futile meaningless otiose unavailing feeble powerless forceless impotent spineless boneless useless fruitless unproductive pointless purposeless

    "ineffectual" definitions

    not producing an intended effect

    producing no result or effect

    lacking in power or forcefulness