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    1. Words flooded out of our mouths, and despite the limited range of my experience, I found the ease of the man infectious

    2. infectious or DeLightFULL than a group of giggly, laughing

    3. Daniel started to laugh, and it became an infectious laugh, and they all joined in

    4. when they played infectious smiles

    5. Karen has an unholy grin on her face; it’s infectious

    6. A bent little man opens the door to me, his smile warm and infectious

    7. Again, he grinned to himself, his smile infectious

    8. Madonna gives way to the infectious groove of the dance floor

    9. The look of panic on Jock's face is infectious

    10. ” Harold was confident to a degree that was nearly infectious in both his manner and speech

    11. Titania giggled, “I always thought of my brother as 'really old,' so I guess he was entitled,” her smile was infectious

    12. He had an open, infectious

    13. ’ – again that infectious

    14. infectious think becomes a real thing, there are no

    15. ” Her growing wicked smile of resolution overshadowed any hint of her previous malaise, and it was infectious

    16. I knew that I couldn’t miss recognising him for he was a lad of about nineteen with fair hair and brown eyes and he had an infectious laugh and was good company

    17. His smile was infectious and the laughter wrinkles at the corner of his eyes and mouth told his life story

    18. Somehow the pessimism had become infectious, it was part of that chemical smell: you breathed it and you took the stench of it away on your clothes

    19. ‘You heard my laugh?’ He burst out laughing, that infectious beautiful laugh

    20. They currently forbid anyone with Hansen’s disease (aka, leprosy), AIDS/HIV, any venereal diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis and other infectious diseases

    21. “What’s so funny?” she asked although his mirth was infectious and she too began rollicking

    22. It became infectious and they faced one other, their fingers interlaced, laughing until tears rolled down their cheeks

    23. The harvest was plentiful, much more than it had been two seasons ago, and the gaiety that the overflowing bounty produced was infectious

    24. The shouts of triumph become infectious, and I lift my voice to join in, running toward my teammates

    25. humming sound from within, the noise dull and infectious

    26. putrid air that rose from the heaps of waste infectious to breathe

    27. The infectious cold numbness, acquired from the place had robbed much of the sting of the pain caused by the fall, but I could still feel blood oozing out from the wounds and gashes on my hands and hind limbs

    28. areas affected with infectious body fluids and

    29. Complete silence followed by a minor tremble at the corners of their lips, followed by a hearty, chesty laugh, the kind that’s infectious, and makes the rest of the room want to join in

    30. But ideas have consequences, and radical new thought can be infectious

    31. I smiled back at her; her enthusiasm was always infectious

    32. Before that, there had been people who brought in a whole set of infectious diseases to existing residents

    33. according with the Institute of Infectious Disease ―Matei Bals‖

    34. for lab study of animals infectious diseases and shall send the samples to a lab;

    35. Her humor was so infectious that the mortals present started to laugh along with her, even though they didn’t know what she was laughing about

    36. His infectious grin eked out return smiles and howdys

    37. On the other hand, they might have been murdered or had merely died from an infectious sickness or something similar

    38. These infectious agents were amazingly hardy, but also

    39. all, in fact, contaminated with that slowly infectious and horrible

    40. Nevertheless, Malnutrition and infectious diseases are also the primary health

    41. and fro) and also their families suffer the psychological affects and infectious

    42. Saznack’s laughter was infectious and Bellack allowed himself the occasional chuckle as he forced a Rock-Beast to stomp on a crying woman clinging to her baby

    43. He happened to know that turtles were infectious – many more times than cobras

    44. Johnston built him a doghouse in an infectious appeal to other recruiters

    45. For some time he had been my entire readership and I needed his infectious kind of laughter which carried me over many typos and literary snafus

    46. things animal was infectious

    47. They all crammed into the back so they'd be as far away as possible from Apollo and the rest of us highly infectious males, Bianca sat with them, leaving her little brother to hang in the front with us, which seemed cold to me, but Nico didn't seem to mind

    48. While he was brilliant in diagnosing and treating liver diseases he felt much like a fish out of the water when he had to deal with the far more common, run of the mill internal medicine problems (like anemia, infectious diseases, pulmonary and cardiac problems etc

    49. His smile is completely infectious

    50. Her spirit and sincerity was infectious

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    infectious infective outbreak scourge plague pestilence rash

    "infectious" definitions

    caused by infection or capable of causing infection

    easily spread

    of or relating to infection