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    1. Now, moving on, your assignment will be to infiltrate the structure

    2. Any attempts to infiltrate the group have ended in tragedy: a dead reporter, blood drained and clean-shaven

    3. If they had agents who were able to infiltrate his ship using instruments they weren’t even supposed to have, they certainly had agents that could infiltrate the charity wards where his mother was kept

    4. It was either done so that the villagers could use it when we had gone or a small section of enemy could infiltrate behind our lines and ambush us from behind

    5. “They infiltrate our trench lines and then call the name of a soldier when the person goes to find out who wants him he gets a knife or bayonet in the guts and then the Turks scarper back to their own lines

    6. ‘There is someone who will help me infiltrate the network

    7. Monique had volunteered to infiltrate the compound, although she expected the refusal

    8. Moreover, the B'tari – if the CC allowed them – always had a means to infiltrate the network

    9. There they could tie up the boat and rest until they were ready to infiltrate the army that would doubtless be along soon

    10. “Is that what you were hoping to do before you decided to take up your current, uhm, profession? Or—” a new idea struck her, “—was that a part of your training for your current profession? Like for spying? You could infiltrate an enemy stronghold and map the terrain and layout for your employer

    11. They fought in those two countries (in an insurgency role) and at the same time tried to infiltrate South Africa proper to cause internal unrest and urban terrorism

    12. Consequently the terrorists started to infiltrate more and more and building up arms caches and attacking white farmers where they could

    13. If Brokin could infiltrate the sett and kill the Preceptor while his main force was fighting at the front, then the headless snake would quickly wither and die

    14. When the Army withdrew from Angola after operation Savannah it was realised that the terrorists would and did establish quite large bases to train and equip their men who would then infiltrate into Owamboland or cross Africa to the east and bother the Rhodesians

    15. Hence they always tried to infiltrate into the townships (black parts of cities, not always slums)

    16. “Number Twenty-seven: Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with

    17. “Number Thirty-seven: Infiltrate and gain control of big business

    18. The recruits were teased about the noise they had made the first day, but it was clear they were accepted since they had finally caught up and learned to infiltrate

    19. “Shinra’s trying to infiltrate what’s left of the rebel group,

    20. Infiltrate his ranks and wait for my command

    21. The others, you shall infiltrate in the ranks of other kingdoms and wait for my command

    22. They were not many, probably 7 or 8 who were sent as spies to infiltrate in the Underworld

    23. Since he could see that they had much heavy cavalry, Gonzalo waited until nightfall, then had his men infiltrate along both banks of the river to the bridge uniting the two parts of the town

    24. Mehmet: How would we be able to infiltrate there? They have far too many of their own there

    25. He sent small groups of titans of no more than four or five to infiltrate the crucial points

    26. I panicked, how did Adrinius know, was he in my head? Only vampires highly skilled could infiltrate the heads of others, partaking and changing their dreams, and in extreme cases their physical actions

    27. They now joined the Democratic Party, to infiltrate and use the Democratic Party as a platform for their social agendas

    28. Although New Deal agencies were relatively easy to infiltrate, the old-line agencies, such as the State Department were more difficult

    29. The Soviets considered this arrangement a great opportunity to infiltrate American

    30. When they were sent to infiltrate our camps, hidden by the best detection-prevention spells the human mages had, planting explosives, and despoiling our food and water with magic poisons, we still did not routinely kill human children

    31. It eased its way through the memories he’d allowed to infiltrate him—Iffenia’s memories—and contained their wild energy where it pulsed against his bones

    32. and I infiltrate the camp

    33. We've tried to infiltrate indige teams with radios, rations, and medical supplies around the hot spots where the AAA is bad up North and along the Trail through Steel Tiger in Laos

    34. Haven’t you wondered why that is, Simon? You tell us the story of how you met him because, even as far away as they still are, the enemy is allowing him to infiltrate your thoughts

    35. This is the only way our kind can successfully infiltrate humans

    36. should find people, they will have been trained to infiltrate the

    37. having a hard time imagining how a person could infiltrate

    38. infiltrate and sterilize’ a surviving community

    39. Isn’t it interesting and significant that there is no push for the reverse, that is, to infiltrate Socialism by stealth and “permeation” to change it little by little and bit-by-bit until everyone possesses property

    40. he tried, he couldn't help but let the words infiltrate his mind

    41. Anyone and their team would require a protected greyhound to infiltrate the new security system

    42. “I would have to infiltrate the city and citizens to be sure

    43. We have managed to infiltrate these sects

    44. Al I wanted was to infiltrate the most dangerous part of the Duat, steal

    45. The great legions of Lykanthros and the Hive Builders will infiltrate and conquer Mystic Down and the neighboring regions

    46. My mercenary associates, Liege Lord Taliesin and the Baroness Sharon, succeeded in closing the spatial breach that the Dire Queen used to infiltrate our villages

    47. Just as Thoth once rose to infiltrate the Gorgon Plane and Gaea, so appeared Knights of the Etherium

    48. She prays that someday she’ll be able to infiltrate the dome and kill whatever it is that’s inside

    49. ―However, there is documented evidence that suggests that the spores can infiltrate ships,

    50. Now, the anxiety swelling in his gut changed into a cold sense of dread that would infiltrate his nervous system

    1. " He looked at Griffiths, who seemed almost reluctant to accept the horrible truth, that a snitch really had infiltrated his ranks

    2. There was always the possibility that something, or rather one of the aliens, had infiltrated the ship and killed the passengers

    3. networks around the world were infiltrated, all

    4. The more computers Dan infiltrated, the bigger

    5. He must have infiltrated the business class and wooed Larocka into giving him a voice with Forge

    6. Undeniably they had many temporary bases as they infiltrated south for they had to sleep somewhere

    7. The Castigator, with tears in his eyes had insisted that there was no better way to avenge the Arch-minister’s memory other than to bring those heathen scum that had infiltrated their society to their knees, grind them into oblivion and spread their ashes in the oceans

    8. “I’m saying that agents of the Mythological Institute have infiltrated the Simulator Corporation and steered the research into a very special end

    9. Because they have been allowed that entrance, much of what is modernly known having to do with angelic description and disposition, may have innocently infiltrated into the larger community of knowledge

    10. His team had been infiltrated with

    11. active Communists, improperly vetted and moved from venue to venue, had infiltrated

    12. We sprint side by side down the hallway—this one is not as crowded as the others, but I can see that whoever infiltrated the building has been here already

    13. “The castle,” he said, nonchalantly, “has been infiltrated

    14. Japanese spies and saboteurs had infiltrated the Western states in substantial numbers

    15. The sorcerers wield great power, and have already infiltrated our highest ranks with their spies

    16. of the Sector1 Reactor they had infiltrated only nine days before

    17. The groups which infiltrated built traps which they learned from the masters of the Land of the Sharp Edges and they started to catch the enemies inside of those, but they were ordered not to kill any of them as the enemies they were catching were actually titans who once were loyal to the Three and who were now no more than puppets with only half a spirit

    18. I have searched the world over, spending many years in your beloved country India, your father’s land of Transylvania, and throughout Europe only to land here in the Americas for the object that has occupied, infiltrated my mind, vampire heart and soul ever since I was turned, for the last one hundred years”

    19. "Just imagine having to clean up the mess of mud and debris that has infiltrated every little crack in the buildings and houses along the path of the flooding," said Monica

    20. Meanwhile, the State infiltrated the schools and the academia,

    21. subsidiary fronts that are infiltrated into every phase of the various nation’s affairs

    22. outlawed by his government and it was Jefferson who infiltrated

    23. all Masonic leaders in America that the Illuminati had infiltrated into their lodges and on July 19, 1789, David Papen, President of

    24. infiltrated by the few non-Jews in the spy rings

    25. ” It infiltrated mid-level positions in the Roosevelt administration

    26. The antiwar movement was infiltrated with Communists and fellow-travelers

    27. Even though the company had enough money to make the acquisition, he told my mother that Erie was a bad place to do business, was infiltrated by organized crime and that expanding into that area would be dangerous

    28. The warmth of it infiltrated his skin and he felt his thoughts sparking with its nearness

    29. We went through a time when traitors had infiltrated the

    30. The prime guy in the pictures was the same guy who infiltrated my organization

    31. That would mess with all of you, and meanwhile, we could get other agents infiltrated into La tempête secrète during all the public attention Karla's fall would create,” he sang like a

    32. the Philippines and other areas which had been infiltrated by Al Qaeda or other terrorists

    33. They were surprised by a group of Vietcong soldiers that had infiltrated the area during the night and surrounded the position

    34. During the time that Michael was on trial and on Death row, the American legal system was corrupted and infiltrated by Le Bush Bastarde's hacks

    35. They banded with the Stalactite Orcs and enthusiastic Goblins of Mount Crow as they infiltrated the woods beyond the looming castle

    36. A group of aquatic hunters, calling themselves the Nozroth, has infiltrated the major schools of fish

    37. So the idiots have infiltrated the dome

    38. ―But the organism appeared to have infiltrated Cole‘s suit

    39. infiltrated his helmet and infected his respiratory system

    40. issues that have infiltrated into the present life and needs to

    41. exploited by the many wolves in sheep's clothing, who have infiltrated the spiritual fold of Christ

    42. “Alliance commandos have infiltrated the capital

    43. Now there was a contact, an institution that could be infiltrated and information secured

    44. rave on about how our country is being infiltrated by

    45. “The Space Force Academy has been infiltrated with agents who

    46. Bretton Woods was to have been infiltrated by them

    47. The recent meetings in San Francisco for the United Nations were infiltrated and altered at very primary levels

    48. It wasn't long after that he found out Starla and her pimp were infiltrated and given a chance to regain their freedom by luring in would-be customers

    49. The ‘underground’ was infiltrated by the RCMP and the

    50. Bogey’s thugs have infiltrated every sphere of the

    1. As we will see in the chapter entitled Anschluss, the Jewish Left infiltrates American society by using “cofactors

    2. lead from Parliament and infiltrates South African society, not only as an

    3. Silence infiltrates the mind to hide the truth from tears

    4. When a hero investigates a crime in progress or infiltrates a vil ain’s lair he wil often be looking for clues

    1. At any rate, they ranted on about 'the youth' as if the youth in question were some foreign agency infiltrating their kingdom, and not actually their own sons and daughters

    2. the world as a fulfillment of Psalm 110, infiltrating the world

    3. Trojan Horses bearing Ecclesiastical Heretics have been quietly infiltrating our religious institutions and subverting traditional church 29

    4. Based on the British system called Special Branch they used the normal methods as any other secret police by infiltrating and disrupting the terrorists wherever they could

    5. The militia movement was founded by white supremacists with the intention of infiltrating and recruiting gun rights activists, especially conspiracy theorists who imagined Clinton was going to take away privately owned guns

    6. The Socialists have done this over the years, slowly but surely, by infiltrating our school systems as teachers or instructors be it at the kindergarten level or the University level

    7. What was the truth behind the emeralds Ralph had been carrying? Were they another ancient artefact like the mind-cane, or were they even more powerful than that? He could feel something pressing in his head, almost as strongly as he could feel the iciness of the day infiltrating his skin or the way the pebbles pushed against his feet

    8. Then at the edge of thought, already infiltrating his mind’s frail barrier, the executioner’s triumphant cry

    9. The emphasis of this book is to present the origin, goals, and the thus-far successes of the infiltrating Socialism in this country

    10. We must continue with our original plan of infiltrating the farm and locating Bryony

    11. We succeeded in infiltrating the Gorgon Plane and destroying the Dire Queen

    12. The CNN article goes on to introduce the MVP (Mentors in Violence Prevention) approach as a new means for infiltrating long-lasting social hierarchies that unwittingly foster the, “a man’s home is his castle” ideologies

    13. and assimilates all known life forms, infiltrating and mutating everything in its path on the

    14. spores that began infiltrating their way back into our systems

    15. His men were active throughout the battlefields, tracing enemy spies, preventing them from infiltrating our units

    16. Worse, he had heard that a squad of Amber’s commandos were infiltrating their way into Khafra

    17. The group sat in awe as Travis related Komadze's life-story, and told of how, as a young soldier he had fought with the Polish underground, been awarded the gold star -- A Hero of the Soviet Union -- and had then been trained as an intelligence officer and worked in most areas of the world, dispensing disinformation, establishing intelligence networks, infiltrating security covers and arranging high level assassinations

    18. To stave off this infiltrating insanity

    19. They're all spies, infiltrating all

    20. We have been pounding the enemy with our mortars and howitzers but, with the thick jungle foliage and the cover of the night, the situation is confused as hell right now and the Japanese have started infiltrating our lines by small groups, both to the East and West of Edson’s Ridge

    21. and he left on his mission to dispose of the radioactive waste that had been infiltrating our men’s room

    22. Undoubtedly the government had people infiltrating the cause but the comical thing about that was there never was any, what you could call a cause

    23. We need to open an investigation to find out who’s been infiltrating the E

    24. communism was infiltrating America

    25. Their fraternity evokes fear of unimaginable magnitude mostly because of their heartless brutality and dexterity in infiltrating all segments of the world, including religious institutions

    26. The air was always full of powdery particles clearly visible in the streams of sunlight infiltrating through the carefully arranged skylights on the roof of the factory

    27. Their ambitions did not end there; they had a political agenda too with the aim of infiltrating and controlling as many national governments as possible

    28. Infiltrating tiny south american nations with cia operatives

    29. Infiltrating an alien culture and destroying it by using its own weaknesses, and its own destructive Myths against them

    30. The McCarthy era of the Red menace infiltrating American society… the reverse was true: it was the Americans who infiltrated Bolshevik Russia at the inception of their rise to power; not the other way around

    31. If what his sister told him was true, then Luanna had taken a huge risk, magic or no magic; infiltrating a police station--a police station in the progressive region, of all places--was tantamount to an act of madness

    32. Even if they weren’t, I’m inclined to doubt the Inquisition would have come up with something this … bizarre as a means of infiltrating us

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    Synonyms for "infiltrate"

    infiltrate pass through penetrate filter permeate pervade saturate percolate

    "infiltrate" definitions

    cause (a liquid) to enter by penetrating the interstices

    enter a group or organization in order to spy on the members

    pass into or through by filtering or permeating

    pass through an enemy line; in a military conflict