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Inlet in a sentence

At the far end of the Inlet.
A place called Thunder Inlet.
This is Thunder Inlet calling anyone.
There was a small town situated on an inlet.
Gaspar sunk in the entrance to Thunder Inlet.
The air! There had to be some inlet, and he.
Ferry across the Sannich inlet to the Malahat.

For the wingback for the cold water feed inlet.
The faint sound of rotor wash echoed over the inlet.
Paul’s Bay they stopped briefly at an inlet and.
Thunder Inlet, the community -- everything was dead.
Maria raised the cooler in the direction of the inlet.
They stood staring into the darkness of Thunder Inlet.
Travis stared along the mountains flanking Thunder Inlet.
The jungle canopy closed in as the inlet became smaller.
The boat turned, away from the inlet toward more islands.
There's a ship -- a wrecked ship -- just inside the inlet.
Ed Babcock, out at our Inlet Valley farm, Sunnygables.
Once through the inlet, we turned west and followed the coast.
Rocks over the years have blocked the Inlet, except at high tide.
There's no possible way that a submarine can get into the inlet.
We pass through a small chokepoint of stones that guard the inlet.
They were soon at the inlet to the tiny lagoon on her old property.
For him it was the most sheltered inlet in the cove of his old age.
Ron transmogrified the hall and now the inlet turned prominent to them.
The mountains flanking an inlet or fiord showed clearly on the screen.
In the end, the Duma banished my parents to this place -- Thunder Inlet.
That would explain a green Army helicopter sniffing around Thunder Inlet.
Orlov told of how they entered Thunder Inlet and reconnoitred the region.
Next he connected three full tanks to the air inlet valves on the site.
Even had we not so carefully closed the inlet or house-side of the traps.
There was a narrow inlet on Buskados, guarded by steep crags on both sides.
These are typically located at the inlet to each pressure reducing station.
He became the proud man who once was the best salmon fisherman on this inlet.
The wind had just started, and it had already blown them almost past the inlet.
As we pass beyond the inlet, the hills and mountains around the bay encircle us.
There it is, the police boat, it must have come from the station in the inlet.
Then the men left the inlet and went up the low cliff towards the ruined castle.
Miroslav suggested blocking the entrance to the inlet and creating a natural reef.
After two kilometres, the guide took a sharp turn and headed the junk up a small inlet.

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