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Inlet in a sentence

1. At the far end of the Inlet.
2. A place called Thunder Inlet.
3. This is Thunder Inlet calling anyone.
4. There was a small town situated on an inlet.
5. Ferry across the Sannich inlet to the Malahat.
6. Gaspar sunk in the entrance to Thunder Inlet.
7. The air! There had to be some inlet, and he.
8. For the wingback for the cold water feed inlet.
9. Paul’s Bay they stopped briefly at an inlet and.
10. The faint sound of rotor wash echoed over the inlet.
11. Thunder Inlet, the community -- everything was dead.
12. They stood staring into the darkness of Thunder Inlet.
13. Maria raised the cooler in the direction of the inlet.
14. The jungle canopy closed in as the inlet became smaller.
15. Travis stared along the mountains flanking Thunder Inlet.
16. The boat turned, away from the inlet toward more islands.
17. There's a ship -- a wrecked ship -- just inside the inlet.
18. Ed Babcock, out at our Inlet Valley farm, Sunnygables.
19. Once through the inlet, we turned west and followed the coast.
20. Rocks over the years have blocked the Inlet, except at high tide.
21. There's no possible way that a submarine can get into the inlet.
22. They were soon at the inlet to the tiny lagoon on her old property.
23. We pass through a small chokepoint of stones that guard the inlet.
24. For him it was the most sheltered inlet in the cove of his old age.
25. Ron transmogrified the hall and now the inlet turned prominent to them.
26. The mountains flanking an inlet or fiord showed clearly on the screen.
27. Next he connected three full tanks to the air inlet valves on the site.
28. That would explain a green Army helicopter sniffing around Thunder Inlet.
29. Orlov told of how they entered Thunder Inlet and reconnoitred the region.
30. In the end, the Duma banished my parents to this place -- Thunder Inlet.
31. Even had we not so carefully closed the inlet or house-side of the traps.
32. There was a narrow inlet on Buskados, guarded by steep crags on both sides.
33. These are typically located at the inlet to each pressure reducing station.
34. He became the proud man who once was the best salmon fisherman on this inlet.
35. The wind had just started, and it had already blown them almost past the inlet.
36. As we pass beyond the inlet, the hills and mountains around the bay encircle us.
37. There it is, the police boat, it must have come from the station in the inlet.
38. Then the men left the inlet and went up the low cliff towards the ruined castle.
39. Miroslav suggested blocking the entrance to the inlet and creating a natural reef.
40. After two kilometres, the guide took a sharp turn and headed the junk up a small inlet.
41. At Drake's Inlet, tied to a buoy, we were nourished, listened to, and doused with sympathy.
42. Crawling along for about another one and a half kilometres he finally arrives at the inlet.
43. With as much compassion as the sea allowed, we were guided to safe harbour at Drake's Inlet.
44. The cold air, touched by the mountain snows, swept out of the Inlet and chilled Travis' face.
45. We continued walking along the top of the earthen dam until we were near the overflow pipe inlet.
46. They were all in an eastern sector of a fiord named -- her finger checked the map -- Thunder Inlet.
47. As they searched for the hidden inlet, she noticed a plank-up on the beach that wasn't here before.
48. Jay pointed down the inlet to the ramshackle two-story barge, surrounded by acres of underwater pens.
49. This is Thunder Inlet calling anyone in any major Canadian city to provide a phone patch to Toronto.
50. He had pulled up as the tide stopped its flow, in a few hours it would start its ebb from this inlet.
51. Minutes later, LP turned hard to port into a mangrove covered inlet that only a few locals knew about.
52. This is Thunder Inlet calling anyone in -- something, something -- to provide a phone patch to Toronto.
53. There was no lake on the island, so he must have been washed up Out There, perhaps in some cove or inlet.
54. Nested in one of the world’s most showy natural inlet, Hobart is a modern city settled as a town in 1803.
55. He could get help -- Mainwaring, the Canadian Armed Forces, the police within hours of leaving Thunder Inlet.
56. This incident made us a bit nervous and we both found ourselves looking up the inlet and up the creek frequently.
57. But, if a similar piston is introduced on the inlet side, one piston could be squeezing as the other is returning.
58. Travis was confident he could steal a horse and get to John-Pau1’s place at Thunder Inlet without too much trouble.
59. He considered racing a horse down the canyon to John-Paul's place at Thunder Inlet and forcibly taking the gillnetter.
60. The boat slid into the inlet, and at once stopped rocking, for here the water was like glass, and had hardly a wrinkle.
61. Suddenly a small building, several buildings, in fact, clustered together at the eastern end of the Inlet caught her eye.
62. Just as the sky was lightening, we shoved off and headed for the inlet that would take us from the lagoon to the open sea.
63. It was late afternoon and we'd passed through Oregon Inlet and were steaming north-northwest, fifteen miles east of Corolla.
64. He stressed this many times over, and when finally they arrived at an inlet next to a rocky slope and a jetty, he took command.
65. At the top of the cliff stood an elegant building with wide windows overlooking the inlet on one side and the ocean on the other.
66. Sightseers from the places all around came to see it, and the fishermen managed to find the little inlet and land the people there.
67. Scenario: Fuitloopmum and family hire a cruise boat for the day to explore the watery wonders of the beautiful inlet that we live on.
68. They came to the shore of an inlet which is still called Trestraou, but which now, I believe, harbors a casino or something of the sort.
69. A severe winter storm swept through Thunder Inlet during the night and everywhere was now covered with a thick mantle of soft white snow.
70. Instinctively, to avoid the main current, he turned the boat to a course that paralleled the steep, inhospitable shores of Thunder Inlet.
71. Somewhere out there at the western extreme of the inlet, hidden by the cold, murky water and countless tonnes of rock was the grave of the S.
72. I explained about shot-peening all the surfaces of the rods, the balancing of the crankshaft, roller tappets, bigger inlet and exhaust valves.
73. Maria turned, watching them retreat toward the inlet and the ocean beyond, wondering what had brought them to this place in this exact moment.
74. The neck of water leading into the Inlet which a few minutes before had been a seething, violent waterway, was now a quiet channel, completely calm.
75. Felicity Aston (UK) arrived at the Hercules Inlet on the Ronne ice shelf on 23 January 2012 after a 1,744-km (1,084-mile) journey lasting 59 days.
76. Will showed his ingenuity with theft of services from cable companies by splitting the basement inlet to provide him a cable connection for PC and TV.
77. On the small mountain plateau overlooking the valley and Thunder Inlet, Nadya and Harry Travis stood by two horses packed with their meagre belongings.
78. I’d be careful, Lads, says Bonny, ’twas not far from there that Blackbeard himself was fell’d in the shallow Shoals of Ocacock Inlet….
79. By the time we weighed anchor a few minutes after noon, and headed for Oregon Inlet and the deeper waters of the Atlantic, the day was already a solid 8.
80. Her research showed at least sixty-three people, maybe more over the years, drowned at Thunder Inlet narrows, simply because they miscalculated the tide.
81. The Alliford Bay lurched forward as Travis and Curran stood at Reed's side watching the spectacle of the white gillnetter enter the Thunder Inlet narrows.
82. At that point, high above the dam, the lookouts manning the tower could watch for any intruders coming up the valley and the canyon between Thunder Inlet and Stavka.
83. It had been selected because it was well fortified, and boasted a Keep that sat high on top a rocky inlet overlooking the town and provided private access to the sea.
84. Mister Travis, what makes you think there is gold in Thunder Inlet? The terrain is not conducive to gold exploration, and John-Paul operates a small cooperative store.
85. There were cracks of gunfire from the promontory on the other side of the inlet and I stared across, stunned, and then … did I mention I was a birdwatcher?
86. The Colonel told how the Alliford Bay successfully negotiated the rapids into Thunder Inlet and had been destroyed by the Point Detachment guards on the mountain above.
87. Hannah McKeand (UK) skied to the South Pole from the Hercules Inlet at the edge of the Antarctic continent in 39 days 9 hr 33 min, from 19 November to 28 December 2006.
88. After our band of men rounded the Gulf of Issus, a large inlet that stretched some fifty or sixty miles into the mountainous region of Cappadocia, we again stopped for the night.
89. After we received our Golf Gti’s a rumour started that a small hole drilled in the inlet manifold (or something) would increase the air mixture of the fuel injection and thus more performance.
90. He started at the Axel Heiberg glacier on 26 November, reached the Pole on 18 December and ended his trek – which was wind-supported and assisted – at the Hercules Inlet on 12 January 2012.
91. But it was now time for this man to journey again north, but this time farther north, probably around the horn inlet of the Great Sea, but stopping at Capernaum to see my wife before going further.
92. She hopped into the boat, he wanted to be out of the inlet before the tide got low, as it was, he was in time for a nice early rip that he rode out, accelerating into the distance as Jorma watched.
93. Buduani took over manual control once again and took them over an ancient track along the coastline, with small settlements of a few families at each inlet, so close together the entire ground was covered.
94. It was certainly not very large, but it really was exciting, with its rocky little coast, its quiet inlet where their boat was, the ruined castle, the circling parrots, and the scampering rabbits everywhere.
95. Crossing the various navigable tributaries and canals along the encroaching Mediterranean, heavy artillery positions, the turrets of buried tanks and anti aircraft positions could be seen to either side of each inlet.
96. He set off on the 1,150-km (715-mile) adventure on 20 December 2010 and opted for the Hercules Inlet route, covering an average of 47 km (29 miles) per day – although on his last day, he managed to ski 90 km (56 miles).
97. Great Britain, with a canvas that whitens every sea, her revenue boats always in motion, and tide waters at every inlet or avenue, has not been able to prevent the smuggling in of about one-half the tea consumed in that Kingdom.
98. Swimming further along the inlet, he neglected to estimate the power of the tide returning to the sea through the narrows and for several minutes he battled for his life against a multitude of cross-currents, whirlpools and the massive power of rushing water.
99. As for the inlet or outlet of Walden, I have not discovered any but rain and snow and evaporation, though perhaps, with a thermometer and a line, such places may be found, for where the water flows into the pond it will probably be coldest in summer and warmest in winter.
100. For his own part he said to himself that he loved her as tenderly as ever, and could make up his mind to her negations; but— well! Lydgate was much worried, and conscious of new elements in his life as noxious to him as an inlet of mud to a creature that has been used.

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