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Instructive in a sentence

She's an instructive woman.
A most instructive discussion.
This is instructive at the same time.
children a genuinely instructive treat.
It is instructive that at the time Drs.
It was a very rewarding and instructive.
The parables of Christ are instructive here.

The history of this business is instructive.
The following table should prove instructive:.
for this wisdom and the most instructive example.
Her high school dances proved less than instructive.
"This is most interesting and instructive," said he.
It is instructive to study the moves of Skyline Corp.
Perhaps it can be instructive in the development of a.
apprenticeship with her must have been very instructive.
of his instructive will placed upon those whom know not.
model multiple aspects of our reality in instructive ways.
I sensed he was being instructive, and didn’t want to.
It is also instructive to note that the stars are member.
Try to have the program instructive as well as entertaining.
The following scripture is highly instructive and provides.
Sometimes the parallels are both overwhelming and instructive.
reservation, it is instructive to see some of the conclusions.
I hope you found this information interesting and instructive.
He did evil - This phrase is misleading but very instructive.
Instead, focus on creating useful, instructive "how-to" videos.
Phils approach may not be revolutionary, but it is instructive.
Given the many calls upon his time, filming new and instructive.

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informative instructive