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Insubordination in a sentence

Insubordination will not help.
Gross insubordination, fourth.
insubordination spattering the air.
Correct insubordination and don't.
It was insubordination in the highest form.
Insubordination, at least twice now! A big mouth.
his gang to punish the upstart for insubordination.

I could call that insubordination if I wanted to.
Gross insubordination, fifth and final offence, Shaw.
I will not tolerate insubordination, Gowron said.
Cases of escape or insubordination will be dealt with,.
and given the option of having their sins of insubordination.
The woman and I were both shocked at this rank insubordination.
This child has bypassed insubordination and become a subversive.
punishment for the latest bit of insubordination made her bite.
� In the dominator model, it's insubordination in most contexts.
� Children don't mean insubordination any more than Eve and Adam.
He was finally fired by Lincoln for his failures and insubordination.
"Gross insubordination, third offence," Jensen was saying, while adding.
My insubordination was provoked by an attack, Carol said incredulously.
Insubordination? she said the word like she’d never heard it before.
� To refuse to accept her authority would amount to insubordination, Colonel.
written up for insubordination, and threatened repeatedly that if her course of.
"Listen, you," she warned, grinning, "I'm not going to tolerate any insubordination.
He wouldn’t tolerate insubordination, especially not from officials in his court.
the penalty for minor insubordination was an oral reprimand for the first offence ;.
And indeed Brundage later wrote that Holm had been removed partly for insubordination.
It means that your insubordination is going to be documented and placed into your file.
They volunteered and paid with their lives for insubordination and the whole troop will know it.

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Synonyms for insubordination

insubordination rebelliousness