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Intercepts in a sentence

I gather all the intercepts are in place now.
He was shocked when he heard about the missed intercepts.
Our operators are presently analyzing the recordings of those intercepts.
experience with the characteristic line, and that extreme Y intercepts point to less.
This is another must have free plugin that identifies and intercepts spam comments on.
They could interpret our intercepts as acts of war and launch a full-fledged attack on us.
He didn’t possess night fighters and his day fighters were not trained to do night intercepts.

� Wing Commander, I want you to especially watch for any intercepts from Colditz Castle, where Laplante is being supposedly held.
You’re supposed to have intercepts, phone taps and traces in place on all our phones and internet connections, including that one.
Dictionary attack software intercepts a router packet and runs through all possible combinations to discover the password or passphrase.
would be like a modern general going into battle without consulting his electronic intelligence: his satellites, radio intercepts, and the like.
In book seven, the band’s saxophonist and back-up singer, Luke Van Duke, intercepts an email from Lorraine Bernard which is sent to his inbox by mistake.
He had certainly not met anyone that Miller had not seen him meet before, and nothing of any relevance had been noted from the telephone and email intercepts.
Most tried to avoid too active service and from the radio intercepts I saw they had a jolly good time with the local girls much to the agro of the proud Angolan men.
No doubt I shall need to ask for discrete phone taps and intercepts, and perhaps a monitoring of e-mail and other internet traffic, all of which no doubt GCHQ will be able to organise.
The bitcoinJ wallet object has an addEventListener member function, and we can create an anonymous class of type EventListener, which intercepts and listens to different events that might happen to a wallet ➊.
All the intercepts are in place now, he told Marsden, and with any luck at all, we should still be able to find out the general area where this call came from, if not the actual number of the phone that was used.
Such intercepts had become routine for Ingrid and for the female pilots of the 99th Wing in the Pacific, but the use of EC-142Es as airborne command posts for intercepting fighters seemed to have been ignored in the European Theatre…until the arrival of Ingrid.
Now, I was thinking that if the wizard’s power is radiated from the stone in a direction that is mostly perpendicular to the surface, there should be a point above the center of a hemispherical impact crater that intercepts most of the radiation, and is therefore analogous to the focus at Focus Mountain at high noon.
effective they are in intercepting UV rays.
and makes it appear to move by intercepting it.
'There's no chance of intercepting him, then?'.
She found Max by intercepting some of your mail.
He briefl y considered intercepting Crispin and.
A flock of birds was intercepting them in mid flight.
Nothing had been detected as intercepting or targeting.
California and coast of Mexico in hopes of intercepting.
Give me that, said Caesar, intercepting it in the air.
Silas had to change course to avoid a pigeon intercepting him.
importantly, how would she prevent Tobias from intercepting the.
positioning at least one warship there and perhaps intercepting.
main road, thought Tom – with the clear intent of intercepting.
into this country without the British Harrier jets intercepting it.
agents on the Burnt Stove road with an ultimate view of intercepting the.
‘’We may want to ask Ian to try intercepting that communication if he can, Erik.
We have the benefit of intercepting their communications, Learned Maroclo said.
He has a shortwave! He’s intercepting us! I grabbed the mike and warned Kyle.
Ellie Mae and Elvira became adept at spotting suspicious cargoes and intercepting them.
Everything depended on her intercepting Galeron before he turned over his copious notes.
Communication is sparse since we are concerned the Unu may be intercepting the messages.
The US1 was 30Km away intercepting the work boat, 5Km west of the boats it had been towing.
‘Come to the mistress, please,’ said the footman in his deep bass, intercepting any retreat.
The specters flew around them with the apparent intentions of intercepting and hindering the party.
himself, lightsaber swirling around his body intercepting the blades of his opponents at all angles.
At a notice that I could do with her no longer intercepting my light, she removed to the hearthstone.
However, intercepting his cellular phone conversations would be problematic and we didn’t bother trying.
Ancor had inquired about intercepting them, but the tower had just assured him that that was not necessary.
In any case he had a consummate amount of cool assurance intercepting people at that hour of the night or morning.
It was intercepted.
Some were intercepted.
He was intercepted by.
A waitress intercepted.
―Where we intercepted it.
So you intercepted the call.
intercepted in Amman, Jordan.
He intercepted her face with his.
whaling vessel intercepted at sea.
Norman intercepted Faith at the gate.
He intercepted, feigning innocence.
Replacement intercepted! What are.
That’s the first thing I intercepted.
He was accidentally intercepted by.
My raiders should have intercepted them.
hands intercepted the old man’s fingers.
So you intercepted? Do we have them?.
‘He intercepted me one day in the Rue du Pain.
Kelly intercepted me and volunteered to handle it.
He must have intercepted my phone calls with you.
Barbara intercepted him before Rev Schwartz could.
There were some complaints; she intercepted them.
But couldn’t that be blocked or intercepted?.
She intercepted the letters and threw them away.
move in and intercept.
The intercept is also.
Could I intercept him?.
intercept course with us.
I was going to intercept.
Dave hurried to intercept her.
On intercept course above Mars.
Do not intercept at this point.
Should I intercept her?’’.
Enemy ships moving to intercept.
He had said intercept, not shoot.
course to intercept the rock field.
You are to intercept and identify.
Beck thrust on an intercept course.
A is called the Y intercept.
intercept the Romulan’s torpedoes.
But Stenarch moved to intercept her.
Plot an intercept course, please.
I’ll intercept her with my message.
intercept the goods wherever they like.
clearance and direct intercept vectors.
search for and intercept the Shenandoah.
tried to intercept the unwelcome visitor.
The problem is the intercept velocity.
He mentioned how Frank could intercept calls.
intercept all queries addressed to the editor.
air controller for an intercept over Bristol.
This man leaped forward to intercept the blow.
As Clara came upstairs, he would intercept her.
the convoy and steamed rapidly over to intercept.

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