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Intercepts in a sentence

I gather all the intercepts are in place now.
He was shocked when he heard about the missed intercepts.
Our operators are presently analyzing the recordings of those intercepts.
The thinnest piece of charcoal intercepts the calorific agent, whatever it may be.
This is another must have free plugin that identifies and intercepts spam comments on.
They could interpret our intercepts as acts of war and launch a full-fledged attack on us.
He didn’t possess night fighters and his day fighters were not trained to do night intercepts.

You’re supposed to have intercepts, phone taps and traces in place on all our phones and internet connections, including that one.
Dictionary attack software intercepts a router packet and runs through all possible combinations to discover the password or passphrase.
In book seven, the band’s saxophonist and back-up singer, Luke Van Duke, intercepts an email from Lorraine Bernard which is sent to his inbox by mistake.
He had certainly not met anyone that Miller had not seen him meet before, and nothing of any relevance had been noted from the telephone and email intercepts.
Most tried to avoid too active service and from the radio intercepts I saw they had a jolly good time with the local girls much to the agro of the proud Angolan men.
No doubt I shall need to ask for discrete phone taps and intercepts, and perhaps a monitoring of e-mail and other internet traffic, all of which no doubt GCHQ will be able to organise.
The bitcoinJ wallet object has an addEventListener member function, and we can create an anonymous class of type EventListener, which intercepts and listens to different events that might happen to a wallet ➊.
All the intercepts are in place now, he told Marsden, and with any luck at all, we should still be able to find out the general area where this call came from, if not the actual number of the phone that was used.
Such intercepts had become routine for Ingrid and for the female pilots of the 99th Wing in the Pacific, but the use of EC-142Es as airborne command posts for intercepting fighters seemed to have been ignored in the European Theatre…until the arrival of Ingrid.
Now, I was thinking that if the wizard’s power is radiated from the stone in a direction that is mostly perpendicular to the surface, there should be a point above the center of a hemispherical impact crater that intercepts most of the radiation, and is therefore analogous to the focus at Focus Mountain at high noon.
She found Max by intercepting some of your mail.
He briefl y considered intercepting Crispin and.
A flock of birds was intercepting them in mid flight.
Nothing had been detected as intercepting or targeting.
California and coast of Mexico in hopes of intercepting.
Give me that, said Caesar, intercepting it in the air.
Silas had to change course to avoid a pigeon intercepting him.
He has a shortwave! He’s intercepting us! I grabbed the mike and warned Kyle.
We have the benefit of intercepting their communications, Learned Maroclo said.
Ellie Mae and Elvira became adept at spotting suspicious cargoes and intercepting them.
Everything depended on her intercepting Galeron before he turned over his copious notes.
Communication is sparse since we are concerned the Unu may be intercepting the messages.
The US1 was 30Km away intercepting the work boat, 5Km west of the boats it had been towing.
Come to the mistress, please, said the footman in his deep bass, intercepting any retreat.
The specters flew around them with the apparent intentions of intercepting and hindering the party.
At a notice that I could do with her no longer intercepting my light, she removed to the hearthstone.
However, intercepting his cellular phone conversations would be problematic and we didn’t bother trying.
Ancor had inquired about intercepting them, but the tower had just assured him that that was not necessary.
In any case he had a consummate amount of cool assurance intercepting people at that hour of the night or morning.
Since the Pftel was not an American vessel, she was allowed to proceed by the intercepting vessel, which gave her.
It was he who had given it a practical shape by suggesting the possibility of intercepting at sea the north-bound steamer.
Of the group, Erika turned out to be the most aggressively effective at intercepting both the missiles and the enemy spacecraft.
He dives for the stroller with all the perfection of a football player intercepting a big play, throwing his body between it and you.
Apparently finding nothing worth dwelling on, his gaze made it back to the coffins, then to Mary's intercepting wolfish eyes that always made him melt a little.
The intercepting city, ancient Melchester, they were obliged to pass through in order to take advantage of the town bridge for crossing a large river that obstructed them.
Two Caucasians, a man in his mid-twenties and an attractive lithe girl, slightly younger, angled quickly across the street in front of Wolf obviously intent on intercepting him.
She turned to me and said, Tyler, what was he talking about? All that business about circuitry to simulate memories, intercepting visual data from the eyes—what was he saying?
Marya Dmitrievna, having found Sonya weeping in the corridor, made her confess everything, and intercepting the note to Natasha she read it and went into Natasha’s room with it in her hand.
Márya Dmítrievna, having found Sónya weeping in the corridor, made her confess everything, and intercepting the note to Natásha she read it and went into Natásha’s room with it in her hand.
Liberty, off the coast of the Sinai, in order to prevent it from intercepting Israeli radio signals during the 1967 Six-Day War, killing 34 of our sailors and wounding another 171 in the process.
Marius glanced at Cosette's charming bare arm, and at the rosy things which were vaguely visible through the lace of her bodice, and Cosette, intercepting Marius' glance, blushed to her very hair.
Only the British Gloster METEOR jet fighters, which are in service in limited numbers and are reserved for the defense of London and of the East Coast, have realistic chances of intercepting them.
Marston saw at once that he could not allow those two ships to simply pass by without intercepting them: if allowed to approach Earth, they could then do some grievous damages to orbital installations…if the ships were armed.
She went on to say that it was this that had caused the rift with her mother well this and the fact that her mother had been intercepting letters from William and not posting hers to him in the hope that they would forget each other.
I knew that Helen still loved me with all of her heart as I did her and that when she went into the Sanatorium Mrs Shaw had been intercepting my letters and hers to make it look like we didn’t care about each other anymore the evil cow.
Such intercepts had become routine for Ingrid and for the female pilots of the 99th Wing in the Pacific, but the use of EC-142Es as airborne command posts for intercepting fighters seemed to have been ignored in the European Theatre…until the arrival of Ingrid.
Doctor Reginald Victor Jones� head snapped up when he heard the horrified exclamation of his superior: ULTRA was the codename for the code-breaking operation in charge of intercepting and decyphering the German high command radio traffic, encoded via Enigma machines.
Stories began appearing in print that could not have been obtained any other way it was said, and the upshot was that a private investigator was arrested, convicted and jailed for conspiring to intercept communications as well as actually intercepting voicemail messages.
They were within fifteen miles of Monte Cristo when the sun began to set behind Corsica, whose mountains appeared against the sky, showing their rugged peaks in bold relief; this mass of rock, like the giant Adamastor, rose dead ahead, a formidable barrier, and intercepting the light that gilded its massive peaks so that the voyagers were in shadow.
It was now for more than the middle span of our allotted years that he had passed through the thousand vicissitudes of existence and, being of a wary ascendancy and self a man of rare forecast, he had enjoined his heart to repress all motions of a rising choler and, by intercepting them with the readiest precaution, foster within his breast that plenitude of sufferance which base minds jeer at, rash judgers scorn and all find tolerable and but tolerable.
So you intercepted the call.
He intercepted her face with his.
Norman intercepted Faith at the gate.
My raiders should have intercepted them.
That’s the first thing I intercepted.
He was accidentally intercepted by.
So you intercepted? Do we have them?
He must have intercepted my phone calls with you.
Kelly intercepted me and volunteered to handle it.
Barbara intercepted him before Rev Schwartz could.
But couldn’t that be blocked or intercepted?
She intercepted the letters and threw them away.
Losira intercepted him as he arrived at the turbolift.
That's why I intercepted the handover, he replied.
We have a text package that was intercepted from Dr.
This is what they found when they intercepted the.
Louis where he had been intercepted on his way to Earth.
There's a reason that I intercepted before you two met.
Lobo could have intercepted him somewhere along the row.
Intercepted their radio calls all the time just for that.
Just before he reached the exit, someone intercepted him.
Before Rykus stepped inside, a technician intercepted him.
I, er … intercepted a small boy with one of your books.
Smith cunningly intercepted Derrick`s path and was able to.
She intercepted a male orderly coming out of the ward then.
Lezura intercepted him and stopped his claws with her knife.
The replacement was intercepted! The young man looked.
I intercepted their conversation by dragging Sharon back to.
When this message was intercepted and passed to Gushri Khan.
Suzy was ahead of her racing feet when Eddie intercepted her.
The pictures come and go – light intercepted by ignorance.
M: Exactly as a shadow appears when light is intercepted by.
Yakov took a cab to the Hilton, and was intercepted in the.
The head of MI5 answered, ‘We intercepted a letter to the.
The sky lit up as the missile volleys intercepted each other.
The Australian chappies intercepted a coded signal last week.
There, he was intercepted by a man who introduced himself as.
Sonny Clemmons intercepted him and touched him on the shoulder.
I told her about the intercepted transmissions, said John.

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I was going to intercept.
Do not intercept at this point.
Dave hurried to intercept her.
On intercept course above Mars.
Enemy ships moving to intercept.
He had said intercept, not shoot.
Beck thrust on an intercept course.
You are to intercept and identify.
A is called the Y intercept.
Plot an intercept course, please.
But Stenarch moved to intercept her.
I’ll intercept her with my message.
The problem is the intercept velocity.
He mentioned how Frank could intercept calls.
This man leaped forward to intercept the blow.
As Clara came upstairs, he would intercept her.
Losira tried to intercept Apollo and was blasted.
The estimated intercept in the regression is –0.
Could Sorid have sent him to intercept us?
It’s possible that we could intercept the plane.
He is irritated because they intercept the letters.
But there’s a problem with the intercept velocity.
It was hard to intercept the sudden outburst of joy.
Is this happening often? Should we intercept it?
Neah Bay is the perfect place to intercept millions of.
Devin called and said he was on his way to intercept her.
Damn! At that speed they will be very hard to intercept.
Nurse, meanwhile, hobbled unnoticed to an intercept course.
Max tried to intercept the tall man who was nearest to him.
I moved over to intercept it, notching an arrow as I went.
Rowdizian forces are on an intercept course with our fleet.
The wolves changed direction, determined to intercept them.
Lasers attempted to intercept the multiple warhead missiles.
The Romulan Fleet was making course adjustments to intercept.
The attack was aimed for Darek, but Azura jumped to intercept.
With any luck, we can intercept him before he eludes us again.
They’re turning to intercept, said the flight computer.
I got the men ready and we headed north to intercept the enemy.
We have two military F16 en route to intercept, ATC returned.
They had eight hours in standard drive flight time to intercept.

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