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Interface in a sentence

Show me an interface point.
The interface console did not.
The interface must be abandoned.
Gerrid donned the interface band.
Good user interface that all can.
Visit the statistics interface for.
The interface was … less than seamless.

With it’s rather simplistic interface.
Ark and then Owen turned on the interface.
Yes, more must be added to the interface.
So he told his suit to make an interface.
The user interface should always be real-.
There is no interface jack, Seven said.
That was at the personification interface.
There’s a remote interface in the corridor.
The Japanese language interface is called IME.
These functions provide the interface between.
Drain: was the sewer the water-human interface?
He poked around with his interface a little more.
Consider these aspects of the customer interface:.
Bionic is the interface of biology and electronics.
A storyboard can be used to plan the interface and.
That was all the user interface training she needed.
Now I understand more about how your interface works.
Some hot shot that knows a few user interface tricks.
The captain soon requested interface, but so did Delos.
Ava told her that was the helmet interface to the system.
Since a loopback interface is logical, there's nothing.
It casts the created instance to the Greeting interface.
He went to the nearest command computer interface screen.
National does this automatically without human interface.
One of these devices may be the network interface adapter.
Use an object that implements IRouteConstraint interface.
The most visible change was a new full-color user interface.
A higher definition, larger, wide-screen interface appeared.
The interface looks a lot like iMovie, but it has much more.
These are the people who interface with customers most often.
As a custodian of the high school, he has to interface with.
The coordinates have been sent to your neural interface array.
Since the interface between the market and the company is the.
Did you have any problems interfacing my software with yours?
Some of these are the result of social causes interfacing with cultural effects.
The most impressive accomplishment of all was interfacing to the planet's data system.
The compartment now also has a hyper-undulating device that makes interfacing with Devi.
I want you to know… that wherever this leads, it’s not about interfacing with City Hall.
They walked in silence not out of a desire to hear the latest interfacing techvention, but because 1113.
With Gameducation as our social matrix for interfacing relationships, all infotainment and gameployment, i.
Most unusual for that hour, the Sister charged with interfacing between the monastic enclosure and the world came to her.
Oh there was plenty of work left to do, but most of it was Heymon's job and she would just have to check up on how he was interfacing a couple times a day.
And – without Gerrid – who would have to find that answer? Central Council was strictly opposed to any of it's members or subjects interfacing with the human-interacting E.
These charges are then interpreted by Self, consciousness and awareness with a point of reference to present and past, and deduced and induced information (spirit-energy) by interfacing with the vehicle of the brain’s billions of neural inter-connections (atom-energy).
Conspiracies of emergence organically arise from the interfacing of society and culture as ideas of Mynd: a reframing of cultural perspective of social events or institutions in conflict and competition with the prevailing ideology and practice of how we think and feel about what we will and do.
One of the screens was responding to his voice command, the second screen was responding to the movement of his right hand, as if he were interfacing a holographic display that only he could see, and the third was being controlled simply by thought, while the fourth one was responding to his pacing.
Brains - fuelled by the atom-energy of glucose converted from the atom-energy of carbohydrates and proteins, which with the bio-chemical structure and function of hormones and neurotransmitters create electrical impulses that travel through trillions of neural inter-connections and pathways interfacing with the non-atom spirit- energy Self.
He then interfaced with the suit.
If the work cannot be gamed, it cannot be interfaced, i.
We have interfaced with the recording device through the.
Holographic technology interfaced with a voice activated computer.
We have interfaced these controls with the normal pedals such as ‘brakes’ and a ‘gas’ pedal.
They spent some time trying to introduce her to the theory of how they interfaced the physical world.
His mind interfaced with the living rock just as easily as it could to a computer using his neural implant.
After the fireworks display on the fourth, Jimmy and Kit interfaced, all the computers located in different houses with the big house.
He explained how they had interfaced a computer to it and the way it had been answering some of their questions and refusing to answer others.
There was a stack of interfaced doorway facades leaned against the north wall of the stage, like the sills and doors through which Roy and I had plunged the day before.
And everyone at EvEvolution's Development seemed quite eager to follow her advice, especially since all software interfaced with her own ceased to function after twenty hours of use in any seven day period.
Complicating matters further, ever since the retreat of the glaciers the southern end of the British Isles had been tilting downward while the north end rose—there was no certainty where land and sea had interfaced in the past.
Using the simulation of her modified HIV1 template from VICi’s database, Donna interfaced the template, with her electron microscope and started isolating and collecting mRNA, from the active HIV1 virus, to be used for reverse transcription.
It could be then that the individual person with cognitions, emotions, attitudes and beliefs etcetera, that exist interfaced within the body/brain, and through acts of meta-cognition which can be observed and communicated, will at ‘physical’ death no longer exist as an interface.
Operating income interfaces.
First, let's answer what incompatible interfaces really mean.
A system with two or more interfaces is said to be multihomed.
Are there interfaces or interface capabilities that would need to be.
And spirit-energy interfaces with the structures of atom-energy on earth.
Split horizon is on by default on all interfaces running RIP, IGRP, and EIGRP.
Usually one of the two incompatible interfaces is either foreign or old/legacy.
You’re probably familiar with loopback interfaces on a PC, and may even know.
We know as much about those helmet interfaces as the people that designed them.
What isn't as immediately apparent is why we use loopback interfaces on routers and.
In unit testing the basic fields, low level interfaces, unit boundaries are checked.
When you're learning all about the different physical interfaces for your CCNA exam -.
We use the Adapter pattern for making two (or more) incompatible interfaces compatible.
IP addresses do not represent computers per se; rather, they represent network interfaces.
Knowing how to configure and troubleshoot directly connected serial interfaces is a vital.
The PLC/OIT system shall include interfaces with the Operator that ensures easy, safe, and.
Adapter is a structural design pattern that helps us make two incompatible interfaces compatible.
Promiscuous mode means that the interfaces receive all of the packets transmitted on the connected segments.
Cheron space is capable of much more interesting arrangements than the standard user interfaces can program.
Whilst we are alive we have numerous constant interfaces with the soup upon which we are completely dependent.
The doors were huge, so they might have been giants, but looking up didn’t reveal any control interfaces either.
Even Loric was somewhat mystified by the elaborate interfaces that look deceptively simple, but probably weren’t.
They will have a horrible amateur look and feel to them, with cartoonish interfaces and low-quality graphics output.
Many meanings dovetail into the higher truth of love, yet love is simply the interfaces of the complexity of sharing.
At best, these interfaces between trends and trading ranges are periods of great uncertainty and potential volatility.
He said the Chief, herself was alright, but the neural interfaces where she’d been hooked up to Tipperary were damaged.
There are three critical areas of market structure to consider: trends, trading ranges, and the interfaces between the two.
OptionsOracle - This is free software that you can use to build out potential trades, and it interfaces with Interactive Brokers.
Essentially, the table says send traffic to network x; use interface y where y is one of the router’s own network interfaces.
But beneath the slicker interfaces and occasionally gimmicky features, some fundamental differences between Bitcoin wallet programs exist.
The next chapter begins with Adapter, a structural design pattern that can be used to make two incompatible software interfaces compatible.
The use of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) is emphasized in this book to further cut down and bend the famous learning curve in learning R.
In such cases, we can write an extra layer that makes all the required modifications for enabling the communication between the two interfaces.
In a typical enterprise network containing an SAN, the servers have interfaces to both the data network (the LAN) and the storage network (the SAN).
IP addresses are an efficient means of identifying networks and hosts, but when it comes to user interfaces, they are difficult to use and remember.
While fundamentally true, the missing link is not considering the adoption of social tools as a means to transform operations, culture and customer interfaces.
If the interfaces connect the computer to different networks and the system is configured to pass traffic between the networks, the system is said to function as a router.
A bridge has two or more network interfaces (complete with their own MAC addresses) with their ports connected to different cable segments and operating in promiscuous mode.
Here, I’ll get and set up Health Mate, Calorie Counter (by MyFitnessPal), MyChart, and AskMD as examples, not as recommendations (only AskMD interfaces with the Health app).
Well, the interfaces of course, but could you work through the basics, you know, the physics, things like persistence of motion as it relates to spacecraft in combat, that sort of thing.

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