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Interstellar in a sentence

I may have started an interstellar war!.
Welcome to Stellar Interstellar Headquarters, Miss Stoll.
What about Interstellar? Do they have any background?
I just plot microchanges in interstellar transit point locations.
No interstellar coordinates, planetary descriptions or letters home.
The hideous, behemoth-sized containers allowed for interstellar travel.
The Interstellar Animal Rescue League is involved with several projects.

Out here in interstellar space it was unwise to leave the bridge unmanned.
I learned that the president of Stellar Interstellar was on the command ship.
He renounced his claim as heir to the management of Stellar Interstellar Freight.
Best not to know if civet's orb or interstellar space gaped behind the smoked panes.
I would have thought otherwise, the way she writes about you on the Interstellar.
Modern Modular split its space capable division off to form Interstellar Compact Homes.
The simple truth is that interstellar distances will not fit into the human imagination.
That decoy would need a fusion drive the size of hers and an interstellar microwave link.
Of course it was the initial curiosity about her interstellar origin and life in silicon.
As a sun I believe, collapsing interstellar hydrogen until it undergoes nuclear reactions.
Captain Solomon-Cohen, welcome to the headquarters of Stellar Interstellar Corporation.
The Staff Allocation Department at Stellar Interstellar had worked overtime to build her crew.
There was no way to break it, but it needed to be broken or interstellar travel would be impossible.
They often commented at the irony of riding horses to go teach the mechanics of interstellar travel.
Wren’s uncle Timothy, chairman of the family council that ran Stellar Interstellar, sat at the head.
Current location ensures that discovery will only occur after the development of interstellar travel.
At the moment they were both fully occupied fighting interstellar battles with computer-generated aliens.
Stellar Interstellar prided itself on the confidentiality with which it conducted its clients’ business.
I'd hate to think what this means if some organization that pervades interstellar space should target us.
Your own KOSTROMA, while not having an interstellar drive, is a very impressive ship by Koorivar standards.
The connection to Stellar Interstellar did not become apparent until after the battle at Stonebridge was over.
Yes, Hartle was glad to be off the interstellar cruise ship, which should have been fascinating, but it wasn’t.
The average man or alien in the street here was simply unable to give the secret of interstellar spaceflight away.
Headquarters Complex of Stellar Interstellar Freight would roll over and surrender to a force merely double its size.
The closest we came to an interstellar drive was a small glider that I declared unholy after my son was killed on it.
Stellar Interstellar Corporation’s headquarters and shipyard was built on a moon orbiting a planet the size of Earth.
The ship rested on the boundary between interstellar space and Ioitan space, as described by their sun’s solar wind.
Plan Orion says we find the nearest Stellar Interstellar Freight depot and hope that they recognize Tracker and Huntress.
The Federation Space Force Interstellar Logistics Command commandeered the depot and set up a garrisoned frontier trading post.
He had further refined his programming skills when he took over the interstellar cargo ship that would later be known as Peter.
Saul and his people had driven at slightly over one G to arrive at this point on the interstellar grid ahead of Warren’s ship.
Saturn Industries has a new passenger liner that they are building to specifications provided by Royal Interstellar Cruise Lines.
Humans were efficiently slaughtered, processed, packaged, and shipped off to a faraway lizard world for interstellar consumption.

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