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Irate in a sentence | irate example sentences

  1. I'm irate that the East Earl.
  2. Ken had been the irate Siemens.
  3. An irate crowd is moving towards them.
  4. About what? she asked, still irate.
  5. Alvin was still irate that he had been cheated on.

  6. Rhone stared over his moustache at the irate player.
  7. The more irate, not very often, maybe once a month.
  8. She quashed the emotion and stared at the irate Commodore.
  9. The irate Ironstar rode up with a pair of his barons in tow.
  10. The husband was extremely irate when he discovered she was.
  11. An irate chubby woman broke up my conversation with the den-.
  12. I lost my brother because of you! yelled the irate dwarf.
  13. Feeling somewhat irate at my being told these things in such a.
  14. This story of bad behavior from an irate customer comes from an.
  15. Ethan countered the doctor’s irate mood with a radiating smile.

  16. He rang off from the last irate and frantic call to head over to.
  17. Because I’m not Japanese! I said in an irate tone of voice.
  18. If you had an irate customer that wanted their money back would you.
  19. Scot was about to unload on me when Clive firmly removed irate gentleman.
  20. In the past, I would have felt irate and annoyed with the establishment.
  21. The paramedics, despite years of dealing with irate patients, slowed down.
  22. Tadeo had to curb his tears; he felt despondent and at the same time irate.
  23. Irate, Scott continued, Everyone in this room knows that it takes time to.
  24. He did not feel any particular sympathy for irate keepers of boarding schools.
  25. Junya was so irate at this point, he was fully turned around, looking at the two.

  26. Anyway, this man ran the irate contractor off and I had to find another contractor.
  27. Dunhill, and she was rather irate about something that happened at my school today.
  28. It was in a parish hall and the parish priest who was irate witnessed the aftermath.
  29. The subject was the position of the Reverend Marks, who seemed very irate with Jack.
  30. As José spoke his voice was drowned by a loud, irate reply that seemed very near indeed.
  31. One cannot help but conclude that blacks equals crime Tweeted another irate Londoner.
  32. Now this guy was shouting at her and there was a long line of irate customers behind him.
  33. Matt, agitated by the unexpected intruder, asked in an irate voice, Do you live around.
  34. It took two removals and replacements of the tongue and a lot of irate travelers to get thru.
  35. Sounds to me like Terry Sanders had a very legitimate reason to be irate, Jason concluded.
  36. Find her! The speakers mounted in the plaza start vibrating with The One’s irate voice.
  37. He hurriedly took off the skates and scrambled towards his house observed by a now irate Bridget.
  38. She couldn't prove this theory though, because I never express how irate I was over this whole thing.
  39. She crept slowly in the right lane, almost hugging the shoulder, while irate drivers went around her.
  40. He was clearly irate; gone was any trace of the friendly grandfather that clients were accustomed to.
  41. The irate drivers had become tired of honking their horns and shouting at him to get out of the fast lane.
  42. The Americans believed it, causing an irate Eisenhower to be confined to his headquarters for several weeks.
  43. Then, as Rincewind had fled the carnage, he had run into a glade in which a number of irate wolves were milling about.
  44. Hobbs, meanwhile, was cursing and gesturing to all the irate drivers who had got stuck behind him on the busy motorway.
  45. There is some left in the cauldron, I was about to clean it, Mary passed a huge black bowl over to the irate master.
  46. I don’t know but I’m about to find out said an irate Stu as he backed his pick up into a parking space and they both got out.
  47. Mary told Matthew that when Bridget was young her fitness stood to her when she had to leap a farmer’s gate with an irate bull in chase.
  48. Did you expect a present, Miss Eyre? Are you fond of presents? and he searched my face with eyes that I saw were dark, irate, and piercing.
  49. The irate mob gawks upward at you for over seventy years in an instant, each individual screaming for a different death, but there can be only one.
  50. Normally, this would have made me a little irate, but I couldn't recall her ever being up there before, so maybe she needed some further training.
  51. Five minutes later, as the train was roaring through the various railway tunnels of Waverley Station an irate inspector asked Stuart for his ticket.
  52. Like the rest of the Earth base, this was designed by 21st century terrorists to protect incoming shuttles from land attacks by irate Earth survivors.
  53. An irate Hitler retaliated; Britain, despite her hopeless situation, and still showing no willingness to come to terms, would be invaded and subjugated.
  54. When I brought his robbery of Tarrant County taxpayers to his addled attention he became irate and seemed to be on the verge of some sort of cardiac event.
  55. The cacophony of irate shouting and hissing radiator steam slid gently away as the blessed quiet of the side road enveloped him like a cool but soft blanket.
  56. The waiter who was busy with a party of engineers dining in the dining hall, came several times with an irate countenance in answer to her summons, and could not.
  57. He could sense the panic in Detroit; his thoughts were wandering to how irate this would make Rancor after he told him and how he would lash out at him in his anger.
  58. Now, with a quick patter of little running feet, a small Mexican boy, with half a pie, burst in from the kitchen, followed closely by the irate cook, who was also his mother.
  59. The riot squad baton charged the irate patrons, and once you hear the sound of horse’s hooves on cobbles, you can pretty much be certain that things are not going to end well.
  60. Moslem called Abdel Rahman, who earned his nickname when, after a particularly inept job on a client, an irate Raymond told him, My goodness, Abdou, you really dont belong here.
  61. He spoke Trade Common in a rich baritone with a strange accent, and he managed to not sound as angry as he looked, instead he held his tone to seeming sternly irate as he continued.
  62. Today there would be no irate resident charging down the driveway instructing him to move as had happened times before; no three hundred pounds of ox threatening to tear the doors off his car.
  63. At that, Gladys became even more irate, asking if the man “owned” Los Angeles and demanding to know “is this your air I’m breathing, too?” Grace listened as Gladys’s voice trailed off.
  64. She then thought of how she had to convince the irate man that she wasn’t stalking him, and after he gave her a few choice words and a warning, he let her leave with a bit of her dignity still intact.
  65. However, the last time I spoke to Gladys—when she heard that Marilyn was in the hospital and was trying to track her down—she became very irate and accused me of not passing her message on to her daughter.
  66. But from all the media he had watched, the woman was supposed to be irate with him for even looking at another woman, using the exact same words, 'love me for the person I am,' to mean exactly the opposite thing.
  67. If we had known each other in other circumstances, would you show the same irate treatment that you show me? Or, on the contrary, you would treat me with the warmth and the affable fellowship saved for a few friends.
  68. When irate bankers were shouting at me about another computer crash, I would just throw a few Reiki symbols at them leaving the odd crystal hidden behind their monitors, transmuting the negative vibes into positive ones.
  69. It jolted him back into the deep memory of a well-mannered childhood for only a tiny moment and the accented yet quite clear voice served to reattach his awareness into the current state of affairs and a very irate woman:.
  70. At more than one ‘Nukkad Sabha’ that Priyanka addressed, she would have to listen to irate villagers speaking out: ‘Priyankaji, dus saal ho gaye, Rahulji ke aane se kuch nahin badla’ (Ten years have passed, nothing has changed with Rahulji coming here).
  71. As he looked quickly around, he saw he was in a sea of them, some in business suits, some with children's bodies, some carrying shopping bags, others pushing prams – but all staring at him with the same porcine eyes set in the same corporate manager's irate face.
  72. She stood at the foot of Philip's cross encouraging him to proclaim the glad tidings even to his murderers, and when his strength failed, she began the recital of the story of salvation by faith in Jesus and was silenced only when the irate Jews rushed upon her and stoned her to death.
  73. A phone number and contact details scrolled along the bottom of the screen as the presenter went on to describe the bird sanctuary, giving a potted history of the Arlosh Warbler and interviewing the obviously irate chairman of the sanctuary committee who waffled on about desecration of protected sites and the like.
  74. When Annie tried to explain to the irate woman, that the person she needed to speak to was out of town, the thoroughly peeved and indignant lady had then thrust the box of pups into Annie’s arms, stating unequivocally that since it was Kathy’s dog who’d defiled her precious little princess, then it was Kathy who’d have to take care of the result of Snowy’s and Neo’s misalliance.
  75. I can’t help but be a mite suspect of the character of those who unswervingly defend the eternal torture doctrine…I personally believe that these people who staunchly support eternal torture – these folks who almost seem to relish the idea of human beings consciously roasting in agony for all eternity and who become ridiculously irate when a fellow Christian rejects such a ghastly view (even though based upon a thorough biblical analysis) – I believe that such people have given reign to their flesh in this one area.
  76. He stepped up behind the irate husband and, tapping him gently on the shoulder, said: "My friend, may I speak with you in private for a moment?" The angry man was nonplused by such an approach and, after a moment of embarrassing hesitation, stammered out -- "er -- why -- yes, what do you want with me?" When Jesus had led him to one side, he said: "My friend, I perceive that something terrible must have happened to you; I very much desire that you tell me what could happen to such a strong man to lead him to attack his wife, the mother of his children, and that right out here before all eyes.

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