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    1. You've become an unbelievable irritant yourself; 'like a mosquito', which, I believe, is your current simile

    2. The sound of dripping water was a constant irritant

    3. The cayenne pepper acts as an irritant that plumps lips while the Vaseline helps to moisturize them

    4. Animals that have plant allergies may be sensitive to nettle, which may cause allergic dermatitis (aside from the irritant reaction which the fresh herb causes when touched)

    5. Such tactics are an irritant, a slightly costly nuisance

    6. Tony though thought this was more of an irritant and could think of nothing more than having to wait on a bunch of crude harsh people riddled with the after-effects of poverty

    7. He could also be an irritant with the way he

    8. I carefully began to pull up the plants from the root; I didn't want to accidentally let escaping the irritant liquid from the leaves

    9. (*) after the oil, that indicates the oil is a possible irritant and should be used with caution

    10. For John this is not some minor irritant

    11. KK was Mwalimu’s best white friend and now, in retirement, a minor irritant to the Regional Commissioner in the north who could never shut the old man up because he was in permanent favour with all members of the First Family to whom he, KK, had promised to cede a sizeable bit of land on his coffee estate

    12. Although she was a constant irritant to Sam, she had never failed The Organization

    13. The only irritant at this time for him was the unexpected coriacity of a young troublemaker that his MGB secret police seemed incapable of getting rid of

    14. “No, Mister America was just an irritant

    15. We even repeated a series of experiments performed by our colleagues from the capital regarding the inhibition of irritant reactions in cells of the cerebral brain cortex in the state of hypnosis

    16. His lack of focus was becoming an irritant

    17. Normal coughing is due to exhalation of irritant particles such as hot papers in the airways

    18. The questions were beginning to become an irritant

    19. Salt is a stomach and intestinal irritant

    20. The stimulation mode is a strong irritant and a

    21. He wrote that apprehending this irritant

    22. That irritant was taken out two

    23. When an oyster incurs an irritant, like from a piece of sand, it turns it into something beautiful, a pearl

    24. irritant to all parts of the digestive tract, and often influences pathological or diseased states

    25. (dose) — activation reaction; to the action of strong irritant — stress

    26. Stay away from caffeinated beverages when you have a sore throat, since caffeine can be an irritant

    27. When the children were growing up and in the crucial stage of adolescence, the father was like some ugly irritant to their souls

    28. Coming when it did, it was just one more irritant in a time filled with them—our relationship was rapidly going downhill

    29. Coming when it did, it was just one more irritant in a time filled with them—our relationship was rapidly going downhill

    30. Buckthorn had been bitten in the foreleg, and the wound, in the manner of a rat bite, was irritant and painful

    31. Basically his son was no more than an irritant in the scheme of brilliant discoveries which Balder himself was busy making

    32. The sight of his face, old, haggard with remorse, added to her load, and the fact that his mill lost money every week was an extra irritant which she could not voice

    33. But e’en as I thought this, my Lips began to speak without my Will: “Segnius irritant Animos dismissa per Aures,” they said, quoting Horace, “Quam quae sunt Oculis submissa fidelbus!” (Which, translated into good, plain English, means: “What the trusty Eyes behold piques the Mind more than that which issues thro’ the Ears

    34. irritant, the sheer volume of stings Radcliffe endured

    35. Before Brandt, most people in the West thought of the developing world as a sort of irritant, always having disasters and asking for money

    36. Avoid any that are hard and woody or with irritant hairs

    37. Large trees, up to 30m (100ft) high, with buttressed roots and hand-shaped leaves, their fruits consist of pods containing black, peanut-like seeds that can be eaten raw after removing the irritant hairs

    38. Renghas Trees (Gluta) of parts of India east to south-east Asia, which have severely irritant sap

    39. It is most important to remove and wash all contaminated clothing since once the irritant oil is on the clothing it can spread to other parts of the body

    40. They are an irritant, but not a vector

    41. Abrasive, irritant and heavy, its weight can cause roofs to collapse

    42. That the share price can run away from them before they are fully invested is an irritant most are more than willing to accept

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    irritant thorn pest bother annoyance burden aggravation inconvenience

    "irritant" definitions

    something that causes irritation and annoyance