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  1. I found it necessary to change horses frequently to avoid jading them.
  2. We each took three horses so we could move quickly without jading the horses we would need in battle.
  3. But time has a way of jading romance,.

  1. You seem to be jaded.
  2. If you are the most jaded.
  3. Perhaps he was jaded with all.
  4. Hell, maybe I was a little jaded too.
  5. You have fought with the Jaded Hand of the.
  6. At Ponsonby's corner a jaded white flagon H.
  7. You have become jaded by your engaging in the.
  8. My opinion of the hotel is becoming slightly jaded.
  9. She looked so young he suddenly felt old and jaded by.
  10. I was jaded by the pointless quality of it so to speak.
  11. Then it was spices used for the jaded palates of the rich.
  12. It was not Wei Qi or the Jaded Hand of the Positive Nirvana.
  13. The brands were household names but the products were jaded.
  14. Even the most jaded were impressed by the genius of the concept.
  15. While not exactly jaded by the prospect, he decided against it.
  16. Even the most jaded animals were impressed by the genius of the.
  17. Six years after the disaster her office looked jaded and well worn.
  18. But over time, she’d begun to grow jaded about the entire process.
  19. She is a bit jaded with the usual macho types that hang around bars.
  20. I think your knowledge of the implementation of heaven has jaded you.
  21. But the more Jason looked at it, the more the conclusions seemed jaded.
  22. Zhongnan Sect who was known as the Jaded Hand of the Positive Nirvana! But.
  23. He felt lonely in those days and hoped on the way to renew his jaded energies.
  24. The prevailing mood on both sides was somewhere between jaded and self-important.
  25. There were still times, though, when I was struck by his softer, less jaded side.
  26. I guess after a lifetime of commanding sailors, she’s got an unfairly jaded view.
  27. After all, he was still a kid, and no matter how jaded he was, he was still just a kid.
  28. I was tempted to ask him where we were going, but it was late and I was tired and jaded.
  29. What is it? I said, looking into his jaded cynical eyes with my jaded cynical eyes.
  30. So the only reaction by the masses to publicly exposed scandal: is bored, jaded cynicism.
  31. Tell me the fifties werent more innocent and less jaded than the two decades that followed.
  32. They hope to encourage the jaded appetites of the urbanites with their large peasant bottoms.
  33. As jaded as Mattie was toward the law firm, she was still surprised at Samantha’s discovery.
  34. Some Men sigh for Heiresses with Doweries, and some for the Appeasement of their jaded Lusts.
  35. The dispassionate pit bull eyed the tiny blink-blink-blink like a jaded housewife watching TV.
  36. A little rest for the jaded animal being desirable, he did not hasten his search for landmarks.
  37. In the end, some jaded old general, some vague relation of Raumesys’s, would end up in power.
  38. It is a custom in my family to spend some formative years in the north to prevent becoming jaded.
  39. To the fray! Best kicked behind Johnny, who in turn gave the jaded old horse a consoling gee up.
  40. A powerful combination to a jaded womanizer, he thought as his eyes sharpened on her pretty, green eyes.
  41. Indeed every member of the force looked terribly jaded and ill, many being only just able to keep about at all.
  42. The only one there would be some jaded funeral home employees and an assistant deputy coroner signing zee papers.
  43. Sandy Potter, a rotund, balding, rather jaded fifty-something, known as Santa when not in earshot, was holding forth.
  44. For flowers fade; chrysanthemums are the worst; perfect over night; yellow and jaded next morning--not fit to be seen.
  45. It was as if too much had gone on; the results of a jaded life, only surviving; just barely alive in a harsh environment.
  46. Bellars was passionate in Pursuit, yet I doubted not that he should grow bor’d and jaded once he had me in his Keeping.
  47. There's another two, the trooper said, seemed like a waste to chuck them, but its more than this jaded sod can carry.
  48. She would be careful not to suggest there was anything jaded or prurient in her son’s fixation with this quaint Lithuanian.
  49. But that was then and long ago, the stuff of fairytales by now, a sacred past bedimmed by time and by a jaded sense of self.
  50. Indeed, I kept him guessing Week by Week, and this piqued his Passion as a Cordial before Dinner piques the most jaded Appetite.
  51. He had parted from them worn with care, and jaded with fatigue; he now saw them refreshed and blooming, though timid and anxious.
  52. Early in the forenoon parties of jaded men began to straggle into the village, but the strongest of the citizens continued searching.
  53. Unlike those of us that had been jaded by the likes of Fritz, he had not yet learned to veil his teaching in the role of a sneak teacher.
  54. Immortal, jaded, void of anything that passes as passion, Fae royalty is incapable of emotion, but they can experience it through a human vessel.
  55. We just worry that movies are becoming too violent for the younger generation to see because their children are not jaded, deadened, and inured to it yet.
  56. The scene, the people, the events of the story are new, the plot is ingenious, and the action rapid and exciting enough to please the most jaded novel reader.
  57. Raul listened with a jaded ear, seriously doubting Truman’s sincerity, while simultaneously praying that there was, at least, some truth to his stated intentions.
  58. Critics paid homage to every change of bill, anxious to chronicle success, and looking with glad eyes at the possible advent of a new impetus to the jaded theatrical machine.
  59. He would have become disenchanted with the ways of the media and, ironically, teach these same ways to undergrads with the added spin of his wizened experience and jaded wit.
  60. In Rome the people still believe in something more than celebrity, their minds are not jaded by the government’s propaganda, and they exist in a pure world, free of prejudice and hatred.
  61. I think you should seriously reevaluate whatever decision-making process that has led you to this point and find yourself a younger man that is not so jaded and has more life left in him than I do.
  62. He lay watching the wooden planks of his ceiling morph and warp, and, like some jaded ex-hippy struck with the repercussions of his ergotism, his fancy cast the planks into the shape of his nightmare quarry.
  63. This happens more often with those who have lived long lives, for it is easy to become jaded after many centuries, and with those who have not found love, for being in love keeps the simplest lovemaking fresh and exciting.
  64. Thompson and Dundy, newcomers among the jaded and throttled amusement purveyors of the big city, were responsible for all this, and the greatest credit is due to their nerve as well as to their astonishing executive ability.
  65. It succeeded in enforcing submission from the jaded man this morning: his empoisoned system at this moment quailed before Bulstrode's cold, resolute bearing, and he was taken off quietly in the carriage before the family breakfast time.
  66. Fortunately, the Harrises had committed several mistakes along the way: They’d made following them too easy; they’d been careless and unconcerned; and too romantic, at least in his jaded opinion, for a couple married twenty years, even one on holiday in Venice.
  67. She recalled how she, in a low-cut, wine-bespattered, red silk dress, with a red bow in her dishevelled hair, weak, jaded and tipsy, after dancing attendance upon the guest, had seated herself, at two in the morning, near the thin, bony, pimpled girl-pianist and complained of her hard life.
  68. I saw that John2 also learned that he would have become a writer in either probability, but through a different path: He would have become disenchanted with the ways of the media and, ironically, teach these same ways to undergrads with the added spin of his wizened experience and jaded wit.
  69. But, most of those who only enjoy giving or receiving pain in a purely sexual context are good hearted folk, they have simply become jaded and bored with milder sexual activities, and they would never dream of sharing painful sexuality with another unless their partner was willing and eager for the experience.
  70. The hounds of that ardent young sportsman Rostov had not merely reached hard winter condition, but were so jaded that at a meeting of the huntsmen it was decided to give them a three days’ rest and then, on the sixteenth of September, to go on a distant expedition, starting from the oak grove where there was an undisturbed litter of wolf cubs.
  71. The hounds of that ardent young sportsman Rostóv had not merely reached hard winter condition, but were so jaded that at a meeting of the huntsmen it was decided to give them a three days’ rest and then, on the sixteenth of September, to go on a distant expedition, starting from the oak grove where there was an undisturbed litter of wolf cubs.
  72. Yes, sir, after having for years attempted to drive us by menace into war with England, when he has seen us fairly embarked in it, and the champions of human rights bleeding in his cause, the Ruler of France has turned with contempt from your reclamations; he has left your Minister, who was charged with those reclamations, to follow him in his Russian campaign, to whip up his jaded Pegasus, and, travelling at his heels, to overtake him if he can.
  73. At scarce thirty he had already reduced his strength of appetite down to a wretched dependance on forced provocatives, very little seconded by the natural power of a body jaded, and racked off to the less by constant repeated over draughts of pleasure, which had done the work of sixty winters on his springs of live: leaving him at the same time all the fire and head of youth in his imagination, which served at once to torment and spur him down the precipice.
  1. Just the knowledge that Jades body lay a cou-.
  2. Deborah to remind the mourners of Jades reunion.
  3. The jades are very charming, their poison which bewitched me would intoxicate Monsieur Orfila.
  4. Then he lashed his perspiring jades afresh, but indifferent to their jolting, running up against things here and there, not caring if he did, demoralised, and almost weeping with thirst, fatigue, and depression.
  5. People vociferate, shout, howl, there they break forth and writhe with enjoyment; gayety roars; sarcasm flames forth, joviality is flaunted like a red flag; two jades there drag farce blossomed forth into an apotheosis; it is the triumphal car of laughter.

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1. Jade was out of con-.
2. The Isles Of Jade And.
3. Yet, I thought of Jade.
4. I woke to Jade stirring.
5. It is not fair to Jade.
6. No, Jade would hate it.
7. Jade stuck her head out.
8. Jade should do the same.
9. It was actually a jade box.
10. But Jade was always gorgeous.
11. We need a way to move Jade.
12. Jade tensed and hauled me up.
13. No Jade! She had been coming.
14. Jade looked at me for a moment.
15. Jade needed him more than ever.
16. Jade had held me, truly held me.
17. Jade wore many furs and a sword.
18. Locke fixed his thoughts on Jade.
19. Jade breathed slowly but firmly.
20. Jade had rocketed out of bed too.
21. He stepped in front of Jade then.
22. I'm sorry, Jade said softly.
23. Jade and Argyl were still sleeping.
24. It means, ‘she of the jade skirt.
25. And on the other side of him, Jade.
26. Jade placed the envelope on the bed.
27. You are a remarkable person, Jade.
28. Jade stopped and looked back at him.
29. Jade was not in attendance when he.
30. Okay, Jade said, surprising him.
31. Emotions could not save him and Jade.
32. In the Mayan language, corn and jade.
33. Argyl and Jade slept on opposite sides.
34. But there was still the problem of Jade.
35. The Jade residents are not magicians.
36. All Jade wanted was more champagne and.
37. Yeah, Jade said, looking at me now.
38. Jade wouldn’t be home for seven hours.
39. Jade was already being loaded into the.
40. Argyl faced outwards, but Jade faced him.
41. I heard Jade stoop out of the small space.
42. Jade was glaring at me, hatred in her eyes.
43. So far only Jade had interfered with the.
44. I’m looking forward to him meeting Jade.
45. I turned carefully so I could not see Jade.
46. Sensations of Jade, of Argyl, dwelt with me.
47. Jade seemed to scramble around in the water.
48. Mistress, Jade, I still do not understand.
49. Dizzy and unthinking I followed Jade inside.
50. And there was nothing of me, or Jade or Argyl.
51. Where is she? Jade? he asked tentatively.
52. Locke compared it to his relationship with Jade.
53. Jade was gone!?! He lay on his narrow bed that.
54. The superbly structured creature that was Jade.
55. They wouldn’t be presentable to Jade, either.
56. Surely Jade wouldn’t leave a message about it.
57. Jade was sprawled on the pure white flokati rug.
58. Jade without a care and he had to stand by and.
59. Shit! That Jade had sunk so low! He had thought.
60. I held Jade to me and rubbed myself against her.
61. Jade seemed warm and I wrapped myself around her.
62. She stopped, dripping jade paint onto the carpet.
63. I thought you were dead, Jade said quietly.
64. Could it be his Jade? Had she given Wayne, her.
65. The thought of children brought Jade to his mind.
66. Jade opened the bathroom door, knotting her robe.
67. Jade sobbed with the power of a caught Offender.
68. Jade was further accompanied by what could only.
69. Besides, she had to see that when Jade walked in.
70. Obviously, you and Jade have a good relationship.
71. Jade was standing in the centre of the room, her.
72. Do you speak for the entire Jade population?
73. Kara! Jade screamed at me, but I ignored her.
74. A column of jade green water rose from the ground.
75. Jade made sounds of struggle behind me for a time.
76. The Jade Bear twitched its nose and turned its head.
77. I should not believe that jade, not for the world.
78. Jade this bond you speak of, Caleb broke it for you.
79. Thinking of Jade, Locke called her with his new phone.
80. It was not only Argyl but Jade as well who came to us.
81. They were tan but not quite the color of Jade either.
82. Jade lay in the middle of the white rug, in her white.
83. When I reached Jade and Argyl they had the goats ready.
84. That is my right as a Jade resident! I demand it!.
85. He suspected Jade would love to strangle it right then.
86. Jade should have been more excited to hear he was home.
87. Jade must be chiseled before it can be considered a gem.
88. He rolled them out and lifted Jade and put her in them.
89. I lay next to Jade and realized she was still breathing.
90. Of Argyl inside me, Jade before me, held inside and out.
91. But, the System, above all, filled Jade with fascination.
92. The OWG gave him and Jade everything for all their lives.
93. The need to see the Symbols eclipsed his missing of Jade.
94. Before Hamilton’s comrades found out Jade was pregnant.
95. All his awkwardness interacting with Jade and I was gone.
96. I took Jade by the hands then, and pulled her to her feet.
97. I thought of Jade as I walked, slow step after slow step.
98. With this jade, in a single day, I can withdraw tens of.
99. He sat breathing hard as Jade reached her arm down for me.
100. She hated Jade with a passion and that would never change.

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