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    1. Ricci tops the steps of the platform, looks back fearfully at the jeering, taunting crowd below

    2. A little banter, some gentle jeering and friendly swearing as they danced

    3. started by jeering as she was led into the square…’

    4. ” As we rowed closer we could hear jeering and shouting from some of the boats but as the shore neared dramatically these stopped to be replaced by the cries and pain of men who were being wounded and dying in the boats

    5. At times we would have to stop to let the cavalry leap-frog us on their way forward and we would show what we thought of them by jeering as we stood beside the road trying to ease the aches and pains in our arms and legs

    6. And the poor, sticky, stinking ape, unable to borrow a coat, had to streak down the street to retrieve them, followed by a jeering, hooting, mob of drunken mates

    7. So are their troops the raiders said the trenches were packed with German soldiers jeering and calling them

    8. Was he just being paranoid, or were more and more people turning to face him? Some were jeering and smirking as they spoke, some looked shocked and watched him closely, analysing his every move

    9. endorsements, playing up to fans but not for the fans, not really, and highlight reels that burnish self-serving credentials, begs the question, how about the love for the game for its own sake that has (seemingly) become secondary to self-centered attitudes and inflated egos; where gamesmanship has superseded sportsmanship? Bizarre behavior, taunting and jeering an opponent, especially common in higher profiled sports, has (sadly) provided the modern athlete with a receptive audience

    10. This swat was accompanied by a lot of jeering from the crowd

    11. jeering, teetered on the edge, and, with arms waving in despera-

    12. He could be in jail, tortured in some unspeakable manner, even dead, and it was her obsession about Mike Henderson that was to blame! Now she was doomed to spend the remainder of her life in solitude, haunted by his horrid face and the jeering laughter of his friends

    13. Tobias straightens and stiffens, like someone is training a gun at his chest instead of jeering at him

    14. The volume rose noticeably when Gonzalo rode past and changed to jeering and curses for Guerri only to return to cheers as the knights passed

    15. A condemned man walked up the steps of the gallows and peered out at the twisted and jeering faces

    16. Levi noticed me watching him, and took my surprised confusion for jeering, automatically embarrassing at what he had just let out while reddening in the cheeks from blushing

    17. Her lips puckered into a jeering pout

    18. They jammed the edge, jeering and calling misleading advice, and the boy repeated his successful trick

    19. 6 And if any other person among the jeering crowd had experienced the birth of faith within his soul and had appealed to the mercy of Jesus, he would have been received with the same loving consideration that was displayed toward the believing brigand

    20. tank, cheering and jeering as they

    21. Cheering me on and jeering at Reverend Channing

    22. They seemed to take the shapes of men now, hungering, laughing, and jeering

    23. Other passersby then joined in on the jeering and taunting

    24. Three of them circled Grunt-mate, jeering at her and poking at her with their swords

    25. They had to sell their wares to survive, and this task had to take precedence over jeering at the

    26. jeering behind his back caused him a great deal of intolerant

    27. Every time the average Joe Alien starts up his space-cruiser his brain flashes on the very real possibility that he might suddenly vanish from his proper dimension and reappear inside a Maze surrounded by jeering spectators and Plutonian nuclear-eels

    28. He then found himself being chased by a pack of flying dragons, all laughing at him, jeering as he ran across the fields in desperation

    29. All Star’, she said jeering at him

    30. Irfan came and tied a band around my forehead to keep my hair out of my eyes, with Val giving my left shoulder a sudden massage, and my heart starting to pound because they were jeering me up

    31. The high spirits and cheering, the loud jeering and taunts for the defeated arch enemy continued 75

    32. If people did not have egos, if they did not have a need to feel that they were better than others, if they could empathize with other people’s misfortune instead of jeering and laughing at it… how much of this kind of one-sided humor would still be considered funny? Humor is only healthy when it is balanced, or helps balance imbalanced human conditions

    33. Every wailing birth is a baby screaming in horror at all the unfeeling, jeering humans around them… who laugh at their pain, and jeer at their suffering

    34. A crowd has gathered round, jeering and cheering

    35. "Then we can call it even then?" he chuckled, jeering him

    36. If she heard laughter or jeering in the crowd, she would rush at once at the scoffers and begin squabbling with them

    37. I fell to jeering in the coarsest way at all such propaganda and efforts to convert me; Parasha came on to the scene again, and not she alone; in fact there was a tremendous to-do

    38. He noticed this, and began jeering at the Yonville ladies and their dresses; then he apologised for the negligence of his own

    39. The saviour, the former hero, was flying like a mangy, unkempt sheep-dog at his lackey, and the lackey was jeering at him! And I shall never forgive you for the tears I could not help shedding before you just now, like some silly woman put to shame! And for what I am confessing to you now, I shall never forgive you either! Yes--you must answer for it all because you turned up like this, because I am a blackguard, because I am the nastiest, stupidest, absurdest and most envious of all the worms on earth, who are not a bit better than I am, but, the devil knows why, are never put to confusion; while I shall always be insulted by every louse, that is my doom! And what is it to me that you don't understand a word of this! And what do I care, what do I care about you, and whether you go to ruin there or not? Do you understand? How I shall hate you now after saying this, for having been here and listening

    40. went to the palace, crying: "New lamps for old!" followed by a jeering crowd

    41. She looked at his handsome, caring face, blinked and saw his face up close to hers, jeering, “Not good enough,” before he slammed her head against the wall

    42. yer?' continued Crass in a jeering tone

    43. `Nor nobody else neither,' said Crass with a jeering laugh

    44. At mealtimes the story of the broken window was repeatedly told amid jeering laughter

    45. —Afraid he'll bite you? says the citizen, jeering

    46. Hunter kept his eyes fixed straight ahead and affected not to see him, but Crass could not resist the temptation to indulge in a jeering smile, which so enraged Snatchum that he shouted out:

    47. Why, then, had he come hither? Was it but the mockery of penitence? A mockery, indeed, but in which his soul trifled with itself! A mockery at which angels blushed and wept, while fiends rejoiced, with jeering laughter! He had been driven hither by the impulse of that Remorse which dogged him everywhere, and whose own sister and closely linked companion was that Cowardice which invariably drew him back, with her tremulous gripe, just when the other impulse had hurried him to the verge of a disclosure

    48. In moments the Genoese were out of range, and the English held their fire, laughing at their unexpected triumph and jeering at the enemy

    49. "In that moment, while King Darzin and his soldiers were still jeering down the The fields seemed full of huge rabbits with red eyes, stalking among the thistles

    50. Indeed, for almost any utterance that a rabbit in this dreadful situation of jeering rejoinders

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    Synonyms for "jeering"

    jeer jeering mockery scoff scoffing derisive gibelike mocking taunting

    "jeering" definitions

    showing your contempt by derision

    abusing vocally; expressing contempt or ridicule